A Picnic Prayer | Midsommar: Director's Cut


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  • Moxen Remon
    Moxen Remon  1 weeks back

    That's a beautiful baritone voice, my god.

    • heyElle
      heyElle  3 weeks back

      I thought it was Rodenstock logo

      • Emily Placke
        Emily Placke  3 weeks back

        I don't think this scene really adds anything to the film... However I love the overhead shot with the maypole shadow 👌💐

        • CATZEistKRIEG
          CATZEistKRIEG  3 weeks back

          Notice the face in that pink Bush? That's Danish mom

        • Carlos Garcia
          Carlos Garcia  3 weeks back

          I've been watching clips from this movie for the last week. And I feel like its ruined it but I still want to watch it

          • Assignment For School
            Assignment For School  3 weeks back

            Does anyone have the translation for lyrics being sung?

            • River Hord
              River Hord  3 weeks back

              Oh my god I wish everything was left in

              • Hired Help X
                Hired Help X  4 weeks back

                So ya just gonna eat strange food from strange people without any questions

                • Loraine Kat
                  Loraine Kat  4 weeks back

                  I dont think it would have been awise idea to go to a place with only white people dressed in white

                  • Lele
                    Lele  1 months back

                    Dani is the only one not “weirded out” and smiling throughout the whole prayer! Very nice touch

                  • Steph Clare
                    Steph Clare  1 months back

                    This is what happens when choir kids grow up and live together on a compound

                    • Elijah Gavin
                      Elijah Gavin  1 months back

                      The cult is just theater kids who have an unlimited supply of psychedelics

                  • Hugo Silva
                    Hugo Silva  1 months back

                    It's the Rihanna capital letter.

                  • Maru
                    Maru  1 months back

                    Excellent movieeeeeeee♥

                    • alexandra wilamowski
                      alexandra wilamowski  1 months back

                      3:00 it bothers me more than it should that there's nothing on that fork.

                      • Jubei Sarutobi
                        Jubei Sarutobi  1 months back

                        Thanks for uploading these. I didn't get a chance to see the director's cut in theaters and it looks like the DVD is only the theatrical version.

                        • warpedpineapple
                          warpedpineapple  1 months back

                          I was taken away by this film. It was very unexpected, I remember seeing the trailer months back and thinking it wasn’t that interesting now I’m kicking myself over not watching it in theaters with other people lol. I mean it’s not the most action packed movie or even the most exciting but man it gets very dark fast and had me breathing heavily in suspense for no reason. Dani is just one of the most relatable characters whether your a girl or boy. Her portrayal as someone dealing with mental anguish at the hands of her closest people in her life including her sister and her boyfriend who both are very important to her but have broken something inside Dani. It’s just so riveting to see the tension and anxiety build. The fact this film isn’t really about the supernatural but instead a totally realistic situation. I’m glad there wasn’t to much gore or none at all really because with the characters death of screen it gives your imagination a lot to play with and question. But it still had enough messed up imagery to keep a horror fan like me satisfied. And that’s another thing this isn’t really a horror in a sense it’s scary it’s just eerie and weird and sad. By the end of it all nine of them really cared about each other anymore especially josh and Christian and Christian and Dani and mark was pretty much fucked when he pissed on that tree. A good film if you give it a chance.

                          • Nicole Kalasuva
                            Nicole Kalasuva  1 months back

                            Does Dani end up with pelle ive always wondered

                            • diramos26
                              diramos26  1 months back

                              Nicole Kalasuva it’s implied in the ending scene when she’s crowned May Queen and he kisses her

                          • Joe West
                            Joe West  1 months back

                            I’m sad that a lot of these really cool scenes weren’t in the movie but I also understand why they were cut, the movie was a bit too long as is. Still one of my favorite movies of all time!

                            • Rimas Union
                              Rimas Union  1 months back

                              In the trailer someone's foot flies, does anyone know what this scene is?

                              • Kymran O'Shea
                                Kymran O'Shea  1 months back

                                @Brooklyn Yes that's right. He was trippin & he kinda thought he was gliding towards her "Glorious ginger pubed minge -a'la- pussy- pussy!!😎🥧 🥃 🐈🐈 🐈 ✨✨

                              • Brooklyn
                                Brooklyn  1 months back

                                It’s the scene right before Christian impregnates maja according to the script but it’s not shown in the movie

                              • Alexis Miller
                                Alexis Miller   1 months back

                                It was cut from the Director's Cut as well.

                            • San Nyan
                              San Nyan  1 months back

                              How can you listen to that and not run away immediately 😂

                              • orbitzz
                                orbitzz  3 weeks back

                                I thought it was nice. The cliff scene on the other hand however.....

                              • Isabelle
                                Isabelle  4 weeks back

                                Have you never been to any religious service?

                              • Pearl Anderson
                                Pearl Anderson  1 months back

                                I’ve seen many people pray like that or in their own translation and I respect them for what they do. I wouldn’t go run off because that’s just plain rude and disrespectful

                              • Daniel santiago
                                Daniel santiago  1 months back

                                Yeahhh OMG imma just have a bad Dream about strange believer or something like that
                                When i woke up, this is in my recommendation

                              • Kymran O'Shea
                                Kymran O'Shea  1 months back

                                @San Nyan Especially when this only happens once every 90 Years... Ho-Haaa! 😎🌻 🥃✨ ✨✨

                            • Tacsense
                              Tacsense  1 months back

                              is pube pie vegan?

                            • Dakota Jones
                              Dakota Jones  1 months back

                              Christian was a good character just the casting choice was bad.

                              • Clamshell686
                                Clamshell686  4 weeks back

                                I think Jack Reyner did a remarkable job. I can't imagine anyone doing better.

                              • Kymran O'Shea
                                Kymran O'Shea  1 months back

                                I agree as I would have played it better & for less money. 😎😉🌻 🐻 🔥 🎶 ❤️

                            • Fedy Tangabali
                              Fedy Tangabali  1 months back


                              • F dL
                                F dL  1 months back

                                Mark really acts like a fool in every scene lol.

                                • Young MC
                                  Young MC  6 days back

                                  The most unbelievable thing about the movie was him being some sort of grad/PhD student

                                • RadioactiveBob
                                  RadioactiveBob  3 weeks back

                                  Did anyone notice his body was burned with a jester hat on at the end?

                                • Chandler Rose Redmond
                                  Chandler Rose Redmond  1 months back

                                  He’s an utter dipshit.

                                • asterisk userrocks123
                                  asterisk userrocks123  1 months back

                                  He's the friend that mess it up for everybody ... Can't take his ass nowhere .... Lol

                                • Feh Silva
                                  Feh Silva  1 months back

                                  Doublediamond92 sorry, english is not my first language. But tky, I learn like this.

                              • Caitlin Dudar
                                Caitlin Dudar  1 months back

                                It’s all so disturbing

                                • CALLIE FINCK
                                  CALLIE FINCK  1 months back

                                  whens the next upload?

                                  • Alexis Miller
                                    Alexis Miller   1 months back

                                    @CALLIE FINCK https://youtu.be/znpDBbGTliQ

                                  • Alexis Miller
                                    Alexis Miller   1 months back

                                    @CALLIE FINCK https://youtu.be/AlTK3MXHWCA

                                  • CALLIE FINCK
                                    CALLIE FINCK  1 months back

                                    @Alexis Miller the scene after mark pisses on the ancestral tree where Dani and Christian talk, the extended conversation between Josh and Christian, and any other extended scene for that matter

                                  • Alexis Miller
                                    Alexis Miller   1 months back

                                    I'm sorry, what'd you want me to upload again? I'm afraid you got lost in a flood of notifications.

                                • Huberman Project
                                  Huberman Project  1 months back

                                  What sort of food did they serve?

                                • Huberman Project
                                  Huberman Project  1 months back

                                  What kind meat was offered for the fire?

                                  • everybodysbud18
                                    everybodysbud18  3 weeks back

                                    @San Nyan you mean the Blood Eagle?

                                  • Huberman Project
                                    Huberman Project  1 months back

                                    @San Nyan yikes!

                                  • Huberman Project
                                    Huberman Project  1 months back

                                    @San Nyan ick!

                                  • San Nyan
                                    San Nyan  1 months back

                                    I'm not sure 😁 but I also think they are involved in cannibalism.

                                  • San Nyan
                                    San Nyan  1 months back

                                    @Huberman Project I think so because in one scene the dude's back was ripped open when Christian ran out after the mating scene. They hanged him like dead meat.

                                • simpliyvonne
                                  simpliyvonne  1 months back

                                  Man I hated Christian when I saw the regular version and the last scene made me dislike him even more 😑 . You can tell Josh wanted to punch him in the face after he jumped on the translation bandwagan. He just comes off as someone who doesn't have his own identity and needs to leech off of others. One of the reasons he wasn't man enough to end things with Dani.

                                  • Paunz296
                                    Paunz296  1 weeks back

                                    @Dakota Jones are you dumb? She literally always tells him to do his shit, he is the one dragging her along bc he has no balls to break up. What movie did you watch?

                                  • Dakota Jones
                                    Dakota Jones  3 weeks back

                                    theIbean I love it it’s my whole weird situation with why I I hated my boy Johnny B doing Shane but then just realized it was honestly the best. My roommates of fan of loving people your supposed to hate I guess to your point it’s done very well. But beyond all that I love how he is set up as a character and I love jack Reynor free fire is his best work to me

                                  • theIbean
                                    theIbean  3 weeks back

                                    @Dakota Jones the actor was great. The whole point of Christian was to be a unlikeable, but also relatable. Ari Aster said this in an interview. If an actor would've played him more charismatic it would've missed the purpose of his role

                                  • Dakota Jones
                                    Dakota Jones  1 months back

                                    wtfkidproductions that’s where I feel a better actor could have came into play

                                  • wtfkidproductions
                                    wtfkidproductions  1 months back

                                    Dakota Jones I guess I feel where you’re coming from. I guess I just really don’t like his personality for the most part and that’s what makes me have a huge bias against him. I feel like Dani tried her best and he could’ve made the whole situation a lot better by being nicer and funnier and just enjoying her company a little more. Communication is key, my man

                                • sjhdfbasndf
                                  sjhdfbasndf  1 months back

                                  This was so damn slow. Huge build up, with nothing to say at the end

                                  • lidwina chastity m y
                                    lidwina chastity m y  1 months back

                                    Is it just me or there’s something about the sitting arrangement? I mean Dani is always sitting between Pelle and Christian ....

                                    • lidwina chastity m y
                                      lidwina chastity m y  1 months back

                                      Evelin Barry or it’s a metaphor that Dani lives in 2 “worlds”.. one side she’s still Christian’s gf and sure they’ll return to NY safely, the other side she begins to feel comfy with the hospitality of the Harga which is represented by Pelle..
                                      There are lot of symbolisms in this movie, as interesting as I found in Harry Potter movies 😆

                                    • Evelin Barry
                                      Evelin Barry  1 months back

                                      it might be an instance of the nonverbal communication used in the film. pelle always arranges it so that he can sit next to dani (and naturally, dani sits next to the only person she's comfortable with, christian).

                                    • Putri Ariffani
                                      Putri Ariffani  1 months back

                                      Iyaaa... harus nonton ulabng keknya .. biar dpt feelnya ada apaa ini ..

                                    • lidwina chastity m y
                                      lidwina chastity m y  1 months back

                                      ilfat isroi nirwani anjay ketahuan wkwkwk

                                    • ilfat isroi nirwani
                                      ilfat isroi nirwani  1 months back

                                      nyampe sini pula dia 😑

                                  • Lee Lorenz
                                    Lee Lorenz  1 months back

                                    Pube Pie anyone?

                                    • The Sad One
                                      The Sad One  1 months back

                                      You forgot period blood, eh.

                                  • CALLIE FINCK
                                    CALLIE FINCK  1 months back

                                    is there an extended version of Christian and his friends at the pizza parlor? Is there also that scene in the trailer with Maja leading someone through the villagers in the extended version?

                                  • Clamshell686
                                    Clamshell686  1 months back

                                    This was the same chant that was featured all the way in the end credits.

                                    • Dakota Jones
                                      Dakota Jones  1 months back

                                      Clamshell686 josh knew what he said. I remember hearing it in the end to me I got that it was just another summoning chant like in hereditary

                                  • Connor
                                    Connor  1 months back

                                    Shows foreshadowing of Pelle's true purpose in bringing them to Sweden lol

                                    • Connor
                                      Connor  1 months back

                                      @warpedpineapple he wasn't responsible for the tragedy within Dani's family. I feel if that were not to happen he would have mentioned to Christian to drag her along.

                                      His masterplan was for her to become May Queen

                                    • warpedpineapple
                                      warpedpineapple  1 months back

                                      Connor I see how fake he is in this scene wow, at the beginning it is strange how he tells Christian to remember about the Swedish woman to convince him about going on the trip. He was planning it all along. Fucking creepy lol

                                    • Connor
                                      Connor  1 months back

                                      @Robot Zombie I'll be a nice guy and help you out a bit (ha)...

                                      At the end of this scene you can tell how annoyed Pelle is getting with the "interrogation of questions" about the cult. Of course yeah, they have no idea of what's to come. You can sense that Pelle is just ready to have them be off'd to the cult and make sweet love with Dani lol

                                    • Robot Zombie
                                      Robot Zombie  1 months back

                                      @Connor i dont speak child rat language😞

                                    • Connor
                                      Connor  1 months back

                                      @Robot Zombie oof?

                                  • Shane B.
                                    Shane B.  1 months back

                                    Do they show what happens to Mark in the Director's Cut?

                                    • rodo pangabean
                                      rodo pangabean  4 weeks back

                                      @robin mouser ni

                                    • robin mouser
                                      robin mouser  1 months back

                                      It plays out the same, but they do foreshadow his death in both versions. The kids play skin the fool in the beginning of the film and later on Mark was yelled out for being an idiot when he peed on the tree. They skinned him, but off screen.

                                    • CALLIE FINCK
                                      CALLIE FINCK  1 months back

                                      he probably did that girl deep in the woods and Ulf probably skinned him alive. He was probably so far away and that's why nobody heard his screams

                                    • unstable Pineapple
                                      unstable Pineapple  1 months back

                                      He was skinned though probably did mate with the girl

                                    • Clamshell686
                                      Clamshell686  1 months back

                                      No. His death plays the same as the theatrical version.

                                  • CALLIE FINCK
                                    CALLIE FINCK  1 months back

                                    is there an extended version of Dani's bad trip. It implied in one of the promos

                                    • Clamshell686
                                      Clamshell686  1 months back

                                      @Rockwell Unless, the director filmed it. However, it plays the same as the theatrical version.

                                    • Rockwell
                                      Rockwell  1 months back

                                      there's more to her trip in the tbe original script that leaked online last year.

                                    • Clamshell686
                                      Clamshell686  1 months back

                                      No. It is the same as the theatrical version. The Director's Cut trailer didn't show any new footage and was rather a teaser. I saw the Director's Cut the first night it appeared. It was the third time I saw the film and noticed most of the differences.

                                  • Lua Brody
                                    Lua Brody  1 months back

                                    thanks for uploading!!!

                                    • cicakgemuk
                                      cicakgemuk  1 months back

                                      what's that innards they show at the beginnning?

                                      • Andrea Reinaldhy
                                        Andrea Reinaldhy  1 months back

                                        Maybe Connie legs

                                      • cicakgemuk
                                        cicakgemuk  1 months back

                                        @CALLIE FINCK i know, why those all just go straight to the fire :(

                                      • CALLIE FINCK
                                        CALLIE FINCK  1 months back

                                        @Clamshell686 noooooo! they're wasting good meat!!

                                      • Clamshell686
                                        Clamshell686  1 months back

                                        Looks like basic meat such as ribs and pork loin.

                                    • fr3@kb!+¢h
                                      [email protected]!+¢h  1 months back

                                      thanks for uploading.. would be cool if the playlist was organized in the order the scenes appear in aster's edit, but i wasn't expecting to see these, so i guess i can't complain.

                                    • CALLIE FINCK
                                      CALLIE FINCK  1 months back

                                      what other extended scenes are there? Can you please add the scene between Dani and Christian after Mark pisses on the ancestral tree?

                                      • Kymran O'Shea
                                        Kymran O'Shea  1 months back

                                        Brilliant.. Mmmmmhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... 🎶🎶🎶

                                        • Kim Rodriguez
                                          Kim Rodriguez  1 months back

                                          Can’t help but appreciate the absolutely fabulous cinematography. Love the overhead shot with everyone seated in the shape of the rune. The long shadow cast by the maypole is striking.

                                          • Conan O'Brien
                                            Conan O'Brien  1 months back

                                            Yes I love that part, didn't get to see it in the theatrical cut