Why have the White Walkers returned after 8,000 Years? | Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory Talk

  • Published: 16 November 2018
  • Game of Thrones Season 8 will not return until April 2019 So in the mean time we will be discussing everything Game of Thrones to get us thru the Long Night! In this 2 part podcasty episode Joe Magician and I have talked about the White Walkers specifically targeting Jon Snow or Bran Stark or a person that looks like a stark!! But in the video We are going to get into Why the White Walkers returned? What they came back for? We will go deep into the History of House Stark and The White Walkers! Thanks for Watching!

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  • Wylie Coyote
    Wylie Coyote  2 months back

    Looks like we learned nothing about the White Walkers in Season 8.

    • Official iHeartLeila
      Official iHeartLeila  4 months back

      What if they want Jon, not because he is half Stark. But, because he is half Dragon. Kraster had Targaryen white hair. I hear he was a Blackfyre... Who is he anyway and how did he come to strike a deal with the "Gods" as he called them? Why would Kraster refer to the Walkers as Gods??? I think they know Jon has the power to kill and create them. He is the song of Ice and Fire. I think they wanted Jon North of the wall and hoped to make a new baby-gift deal. But The Watch Traitors killed Craster and Mormont. Killing any chance of a new deal between the two races. The Walkers are Starks - Kings of Winter. But they need the balance of Fire. And when the fire goes out... The Long Winter Night Begins. And everything must be reset. What if Rhaeghar was supposed to become the new Night King and deliver Stargaryen Babies to the "Gods"? This literally, has to be someone's job... again, how did Craster get the Job??? That is why Craster performed incest. Maybe he has that same Stargaryen blood and it must be THAT particular bloodline, giving babies to the walkers.

      I think Mormont, Aemon, and Benjen all knew that one day Jon Snow would be sent to the wall, to do his duty. His duty is always the same. Keeping the Peace between the North and the South. No matter what or who. THAT is Jon's destiny. They all knew who he was the entire time. I will never believe R+L=J was the greatest secret kept, of all time. The secret was just kept from Robert... who I guess wasn't the best at figuring things out. He was chosen to be King because he was a dumb brute... Jon is TPTWP. But his destiny is not one singular act.
      Its his lifetime duty to be the watcher on the wall and, keep the balance between Ice and Fire.
      Its possible that Rhaeghar knew more and did more politically than we know. He had to have done this. How else could he hide in Dorne? I think they have been at the wall waiting for Jon, the whole time. And Rhaeghar knew his son would save the world from Ice and Fire. And they knew that Dragons would be reborn and destroy the world. What if Rhaeghar knew what his sister would become???? I DIGRESS... my bad.

      Jon didn't kill the Night King. But he was the one that set Arya on her path to becoming a fighter. He negotiated and got Dany and her Dragons to defend the North. He didnt land the final blow, but he set the stage.

      • Nemo7The7Pirate7
        Nemo7The7Pirate7  5 months back

        What if, the guy who wrote them didn't give a fuck about such details. For my headcanon i choose to believe that the white walkers got really really really bored from the peace and tranquility which offers immortality and no insect born retards for thousands of miles. Being an old romantic fucker, Night King decides for the last grand adventure. But first, he wants to kill that guy who saw him fap for 8000 years.

        • DMart
          DMart  6 months back

          Surprise! We learned absolutely nothing because the producers are terrible and they don't care about magic or the real story or historical consistency. We need the books. The prequel sounds cool too as long as D&D are not involved.

          • Legz Diamond
            Legz Diamond  7 months back

            Ok. The MS&T connection: what is the huge misapprehension our heroes are laboring under?? In MS&T it was the swords. The bad guy tricked them into bringing the swords together for him, and it was a big problem. What’s the analogue in ASOIAF? What is in motion already that’s going to play directly into the NK’s hands? I thought it was the Dragons but that card’s been played. There has to be another...

            • Prashanth Bharadwaj
              Prashanth Bharadwaj  7 months back

              This reminds me of matrix .. where Smith is the opposite of neo, like wise the night king and Jon are opposites... So the one is trying to eliminate the only other who could end him.... I think the end will come where both ends up dead

              • Prashanth Bharadwaj
                Prashanth Bharadwaj  7 months back

                What if they are just taking revenge for their creation??? May be the children of the forest are all dead and it's their magic that has kept them away from the living for this long

                • Xack Ryan
                  Xack Ryan  7 months back

                  He’s tied to a Weirwood. Not a rock lol.

                  • Xack Ryan
                    Xack Ryan  7 months back

                    This guy is literally all over the place lol. Here we are talking about northern laws of inheritance and then he tries to bring Dorne and Valyrian custom to the table. Ugh.

                    • Xack Ryan
                      Xack Ryan  7 months back

                      Who is this guy? lol. Melissandre has been wrong about everything? No. Haha. She was wrong about Stannis being the Prince who was promised. That’s it. Her vision in the flames about death marching on the Wall was correct. Her vision about having a child with Stannis that would kill Renly was correct. Her vision of standing on the battlements of Winterfell and the Bolton banners laying on the ground were correct. So...yeah ☺️

                      • Mali Rabbit
                        Mali Rabbit  7 months back

                        April 2019!

                        • Sri Block
                          Sri Block  7 months back

                          I think Bran n Night King are working together towards a common goal... Just saying

                          • Brett Silva
                            Brett Silva  7 months back

                            About wether or not Kings blood is special or not. How about when Melisandre used Gendrys blood to birth the shadow demon? That leads me to believe there is something special about kings blood other wise she could’ve used anyone’s blood.

                            • L J
                              L J  7 months back

                              Perhaps...they want to kill bran..to kill the magic.And they want John to live because he is the only king who doesn't give a shit about ruling..and has the purest intentions for all people.The Night King might want the future to be without magic/curses etc ...and not ruled by a king.Rather the people decide their own natural futures.

                              • Maz Terbate
                                Maz Terbate  7 months back

                                He wants John and Danys soon to be Son or Daughter that will be born during this war and Dany will die from Child Birth.
                                I also believe the Night king will raze her as well and make her his Queen.
                                The Night King has been looking into the future to know exactly when, where and how to attack them to set up a certain set of events leading to him getting the baby but its up to Bran to figure this out in time to alter the future the N.K saw.
                                John is Azor Ahai, Dany is Nissa Nissa and there baby is Lightbringer.

                                • Maz Terbate
                                  Maz Terbate  7 months back

                                  What about every fight with the White Generals? They were definetly trying to kill him.

                                  • Dominic Bonavitacola
                                    Dominic Bonavitacola  7 months back

                                    Jon is the prince that was promised...promised to the night king. That never happened, and now the night king has come for what was promised him

                                    • soldr3968
                                      soldr3968  7 months back

                                      Bran is no longer Bran, he is The Three-Eyed-Raven who is barely human, so he cannot be the Night King.  Not to mention Bran cannot walk.  The Night King is interested in John b/c he has the blood of both Fire (Targaryen) & Ice (Stark), which allows him to balance the Powers given to the Night King by the Old Gods (Rh'hor & The Great Other).  Without the balance, the Night King would either lose his ability to control the Wights and the Walkers and prevent them from going South OR become Evil, forgetting the responsibility of keeping the Dead, north of the Wall.  A Stark volunteers to become the Night King with the promise of a Stark Prince, who will replace him after a period of time.  This Stark Family has forgotten their promise, so the Night King comes to Winterfell for the Prince that was Promised, and to take his place in the Crypts of Winterfell with his ancestors.  John will father a child with Danaerys, who will sit on the Iron Throne, but will choose to be the new Night King with the duty of keeping all of humanity safe from the 'dead' and he will also be a Dragon-rider, leading the wights back north.  Also John's character has always chosen the More Honorable Action at every opportunity.  He chose The Night's Watch rather than sit back and live the life of a rich Stark-bastard, and he would have NEVER left the Night's Watch, had he not died. That is the reason the Lord Of Light brought him back to life, to free him from his vow.  He accepted being King of the North ONLY to protect the North, but gave it up when he believed Dany would be the Queen on the Iron Throne everyone needed.  Even now knowing he is the rightful heir to the throne, when presented with the TRUTH & a choice, he will choose to release the Night King from his duty, forgotten by all, and be the new Night King instead of sitting on the Iron Throne.  The slanted-irony of George Martin's Don't you just hate George Martin?  This is just what I think.

                                      • Antonio Barone
                                        Antonio Barone  7 months back

                                        If they need a stark, John is not the right guy. John is a Targaryen. Bran is the only Stark man left. In the world of ice and fire fathers blood(last name) over rules the mother.

                                        • Kentucky Daisy
                                          Kentucky Daisy  7 months back

                                          I think jon stopped them from getting babies when he burned down crastor so they need more babies, they start moving when there are no longer starks in winter fell because theon ended the world choosing grey joy over stark. jon will have to do the same stark or taryaran or somehow realize he is both for the greater good to solve this mess and bring peace. it's important otherwise this wouldn't have been said.

                                          • Kentucky Daisy
                                            Kentucky Daisy  7 months back

                                            I think the reason they are called the others is because people fear the other, de humanize the enemy, also here the difference here so grr martin wrote this story where a bunch of misfits are the heros are cripples basterds, broken things dwarfs, women, people we generally don't see at all or as such, jon has to get power by merit not inheritance because he was a basterds until about 5 minutes ago

                                            • Fred Noonan
                                              Fred Noonan  7 months back

                                              Maybe the Night King just lent the Starks his snow blower years ago and just wants it back? Why does everyone asume the white walkers are bad? It's their snowblower!

                                              • Samantha Fisher
                                                Samantha Fisher  7 months back

                                                Maybe the Knight King wants Jon and Danys baby and Jon will have to sacrifice himself to save him/her

                                                • Michelle Murphy
                                                  Michelle Murphy  7 months back

                                                  Primae noctis

                                                  • Nesrine camilia
                                                    Nesrine camilia  7 months back

                                                    But j9hn is not a stark nor a bastard
                                                    Bran is a stark so stop this shit

                                                    • Urodium Excelsior
                                                      Urodium Excelsior  7 months back

                                                      He was promised a queen. Queen Sansa!

                                                      • aa311
                                                        aa311  7 months back

                                                        Now what if ... what if the story from old is not a story of something
                                                        that happend 8k years agom, but a story of events that will take place
                                                        in present time, think about it Bran tells the tale of the Nite King in
                                                        the past and is passed down throw generations after a centuries people
                                                        starts to think is a story of an event that happened in the past, but in
                                                        reality is the future.

                                                        • Shervin M.-
                                                          Shervin M.-  7 months back

                                                          There must always be a Lich Ki... Night King....

                                                          • The Search Bar
                                                            The Search Bar  7 months back

                                                            You guys have some very far out there theories! Im so curious to see what happens, I have a strange feeling that the prince who was promised won't be anyone the crowd expects, if it is then that's a bit unfortunate. Id love if the prince who was promised was actually Varys or Tyrion. Of course its cool if its Bran or Jon because I love those characters but I think it would be a bit cliche if it is them and lacking in the GOT shock value. We shall see though!

                                                            • Odie Odencrantz
                                                              Odie Odencrantz  7 months back

                                                              Maybe the WW just want the same thing the humans want ..... new leadership. NK wants Jon to replace him as the new NK, just like the humans need to replace their own leaders. A common theme throughout GoT seems to be "children are the future". NK seems to be taking care of bastard (unloved) children, and Jon has lived as one, though he truly isn't one. He would be prime to continue taking care of the children in the Land of Always Winter. Probably the NK has been continuing to do what he was originally programmed to do .... protect the "children" (originally Children of the Forest).

                                                              Note there do not appear to be any women white walkers.

                                                              • Brenda Dennis
                                                                Brenda Dennis  7 months back

                                                                This is not my favorite video. Joe seems argumentative and he tends to interrupt you 😳

                                                                • Brenda Dennis
                                                                  Brenda Dennis  7 months back

                                                                  This is me again. He got a lot better as the video progressed. He seemed to get more comfortable. I would like to withdraw my previous comment. Sorry ....

                                                              • Alison Johnston
                                                                Alison Johnston  8 months back

                                                                Okkaaayyyyyyy. First of all, this video is AMAZING. So much good discussion.

                                                                Now, I was totally on board with you about Bran being the target UNTIL listening to you guys go back and forth about the significance of King’s blood. I feel like Bran is probably still a target because he has the know how to defeat the night king himself. HOWEVER, the night king could have made things a lot easier for himself by killing Drogon (instead of Viserion) at the lake battle forcing Jon, Dany, and all the others to die right there if he truly just wanted to get to Bran. They wouldn’t have been able to rally troops and prepare for a giant battle that would potentially stop the walkers in their tracks. I think that the Night King has the potential to see the future similar to the blood raven and that he needed Jon and Dany to survive and procreate because their baby is the prince who was promised. The blood of a Targaryen/Stark BABY that he can turn straight into an intelligent white walker seems like a much more enticing reward to me. He knew that the 3 eyed raven was going to die and be transferred to Bran so of course he would try to stop a new three eyed raven from being created but if that was truly the end goal why even give Jon and Dany the chance to get away from him??

                                                                • Andrew Healy
                                                                  Andrew Healy  8 months back

                                                                  Ok so I have a thought after watching your video.
                                                                  So with you saying that the old Starks were bad people and that you said we haven’t seen the Nights Queen yet.
                                                                  With that being said what if the Night King just wants his queen back and she is in the crumbled part of the Starks crypts. Being guarded by the d Stark Kings. Which is why he goes for Winterfell. That would definitely cause him to attack. Also justified.

                                                                  • Tammy Woods
                                                                    Tammy Woods  8 months back

                                                                    The prince promised. Wouldn’t that be Jon’s son? The night king is holding off on killing Jon and denaryas bc he needs them to create the promised prince

                                                                    • Marie Driskell
                                                                      Marie Driskell  8 months back

                                                                      They want Sansa....Queen Sansa

                                                                      • trotz75
                                                                        trotz75  8 months back

                                                                        If that's true, did the night king drop the spells to allow the dragons to come north?

                                                                        • Chandara Mak
                                                                          Chandara Mak  8 months back

                                                                          but john is a targaryen.... bran is the only stark male left.

                                                                          • Mason Gilles
                                                                            Mason Gilles  8 months back

                                                                            The Stark bloodline contains traces that date back to the first men... The Starks bloodline is just as ancient as the Targaryen and Valeria

                                                                            • Paige
                                                                              Paige  8 months back

                                                                              I’m sorry but for me personally if they make Jon or anyone else the “new” NK that would be the worst ending ever... I feel like that ending goes against everything GRRM is trying to teach us.

                                                                              I think in the end they will figure out how to HEAL the NK and break the curse.

                                                                              If they just end up making another NK it’s just the same thing over and over again?!

                                                                              Ps - Jon fell into the water , and the nk didn’t care ? The wights came after him and would have killed him if benjen didn’t show up. I don’t think the nk cares too much about Jon, just that he sees him as an opponent. - he wants bran. It’s always been bran. Again just my thoughts 😁👍

                                                                              • Jenn Louw
                                                                                Jenn Louw  8 months back

                                                                                Jon was part of the pact

                                                                                • Ertan Alişan
                                                                                  Ertan Alişan  8 months back

                                                                                  The Nights Queen is captured in the Crypts of Winterfell and the Night King is on his way to free her, as the humans broke theire oath (what ever that is, releasing her after 8000 years or so), and the Night King, Azor Azai and the 13th Lord Commander are all the same

                                                                                  • LuvJackieJ
                                                                                    LuvJackieJ  8 months back

                                                                                    I believe that the night king is as fearful of jon as jon is of him.

                                                                                    • Cali Braxus
                                                                                      Cali Braxus  8 months back

                                                                                      They're fed up with George, he told them he'd defo have "The Blank Pages of Spring" finished by 2015, but he hasn't, so they're going to Atlanta to work for The Walking Dead people. A spokesman for The Night King said they were all looking forward to a bit of Sunshine, and a new fan base. Rumors that AMC have had them sign an 8000 year contract are unconfirmed.

                                                                                      • Tracy fish
                                                                                        Tracy fish  8 months back

                                                                                        I think Nan is a child of the forest that helped create the night king. They say they live for thousands of years.

                                                                                        • Ashmeed Mohammed
                                                                                          Ashmeed Mohammed  8 months back

                                                                                          great theory of the king's blood, and potential.

                                                                                          • Lisa cox
                                                                                            Lisa cox  8 months back

                                                                                            I believe he wants Bran he has the same power. .what happened to Rheagars body. .

                                                                                            • Arjun
                                                                                              Arjun  8 months back

                                                                                              I dont think there will be an nuanced reason for the Others. As Jean Paul Sartre said, "Hell is all others". GRRM worshiped Tolkien and especially his hatred of allegory, any extrapolated explanation of who the Others are will undoubtedly tie them to some allegory, nuclear bombs, global warming, terrorism. I think the Others are a Sartrian mirror to people. People are opinionated, the Others are almost single minded. We struggle to control, the Others have absolute control, we struggle with mysticism and our meaning in this world, the Others are steeped in magic and seem to know exactly what they want. I think the Others our "other" self our longing to be more inhuman, magical, made for a purpose. I think ASOIAF will end with the people of Westeros abandoning the need for this "Other" self and living in this "real" world. The way to defeat the Others is by abandoning the reason for which they exist or are fueled by.

                                                                                              • Eddy Lindsey
                                                                                                Eddy Lindsey  8 months back

                                                                                                Aegon a kings name Aegon Targaryen 6th the crown Prince the only king of the storyline