Game of Thrones S8 Episode 5 Q&A - livestream

  • Published: 17 May 2019
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Comments • 251

  • bhupi kaushal
    bhupi kaushal  5 months back

    Hey!! Have you done a synopsis on summer Hall yet??

    • Anne231154
      Anne231154  6 months back

      I think Dany's actions were a "breaking point". When everyone you trusted has betrayed you and you have absolutely no hope left what do you do? I have been there, and I am not insane but I was thinking ~~~~ them all and if I had a dragon I may have been tempted to do the same. I blame Sansa and Jon for causing this. It just makes me sad. I wanted to be left with some hope for these characters.

      • Kathi Katha
        Kathi Katha  6 months back

        What would have happened if she would have stopped after the bells? Would people be impressed by her "mercy" or would they dislike her because of her foreign trops?

        • Nebula Nigrim Leonis
          Nebula Nigrim Leonis  6 months back

          Cersei was not destroyed by "falling masonry". She was destroyed by HERSELF. Like a True Noble. The Glorious, Elegant Castle she grew up in, crumbling down on her. The army her father built - burned and the very act her twin brother saved the people from was actually happening. Cersei stood in that window and waited for the Dragon. She went out like the Boss she was. Had Jamie not betrayed her... she'd probably still be alive. In the end, Cersei was killed by a foreign, invader with no mercy. And she was destroyed by Tyrion. She was right about him. No matter what the reasons... he did kill his family.
          I think the biggest problem I have with the show... is the fan reactions. Many people can't accept the fact that they have been seduced by Dany. And all her acts for the poor were really just stunts and propaganda. I think that is how all dictators come to power. They start off good and use words we like, like LIBERATION.
          One theme that came up in several episodes. Was "Fighting with honor". Do you want to fight with honor? Or do you want to win? That was Cersei's biggest mistake. She fought with honor. Dany did not.

          • H0LidAyyy Hitsugaya
            H0LidAyyy Hitsugaya  6 months back

            those Japanese people died cuz they attacked Pearl Harbor first lol

            • Beth A
              Beth A  6 months back

              Fantastic article comparing Cersei and Daenerys.

              • Anish Gupta
                Anish Gupta  6 months back

                Can you post on A Cast

                • James Larson
                  James Larson  6 months back

                  I think D will feel remorse and forfeit her life when she sees the costs of ambition. She will order her dragon to fly away. J will try to stop her but end will end up ordering her execution as established king, having to do carry out execution himself, echoing first episode. He will have gained all, but lost as well in his duty as king.

                  • Minkley McMoo
                    Minkley McMoo  6 months back

                    I don't think fire has to be eliminated regarding the poem. Ice was quite happily living beyond the wall for 8000 years. I think she will rule a cut down kingdom. The maesters will rewrite history in her favour, just like fire and blood.

                    It's hard to destroy fire because life shares so many of its properties.

                    • orphanedhanyou
                      orphanedhanyou  6 months back

                      Pregnancy hormones ALONE aren't the cause of Dany's horrific actions, but that doesn't mean they couldn't possibly play a part if she is pregnant or possibly miscarried & hasn't told Jon. A baby theory could be another layer of betrayal that she feels because she feel she and her child were rejected by Jon (even though he doesn't know). Or maybe I happened to watch a different tv show last night that also had a 'I can't tell you about our baby cause you rejected me for legit reasons out of your control' plotline :p

                      • caro alexander
                        caro alexander  6 months back

                        Would you looking at the adaption of His
                        Dark Materials?

                        • Deerbra
                          Deerbra  6 months back

                          Danny lost about 14 soldiers at the battle of King's Landing. She killed 12 of them.

                          • Deerbra
                            Deerbra  6 months back

                            When John stabs Danny will Drogon Disappear in a puff of smoke?

                            • Deerbra
                              Deerbra  6 months back

                              Varys sending out letters felt a little dated given the current stakes. Who exactly is he writing to and who left has the capability to take on Danny and her Dragon? He already knows she'll burn anyone who opposes her. Would have been more Varys for him to bide his time until it was the right time regardless of the immediate dangers.

                              • orphanedhanyou
                                orphanedhanyou  6 months back

                                I don't know if Jaime meant he literally had zero care for the people of kings landing or if he means if her truly did care, Jr wouldn't have done various other bad things, wouldn't have let his son and sister do such horrible things, but he cared about them and himself more therefore his care for the people is worthless.

                                • orphanedhanyou
                                  orphanedhanyou  6 months back

                                  Does Varys really think a simple poisoning is the solution, or is it deeper that he's sending the girl, Danys people see her, report back, rumor and speculation just feed her paranoia and he hopes it pushes her farther towards the edge to prove to Jon and others what she's truly capable of?

                                  • MsJilsephonie
                                    MsJilsephonie  6 months back

                                    Wow from your voice alone i always thought you were an older african american gentelmen , what a surprise

                                    • Izanagi
                                      Izanagi  6 months back

                                      "I never actually really cared for the people all that much." I think it's Jaime just being modest, and not wanting to admit it. After all. At this point. Jaime still views himself self as a "morally bad person" like the speech he gave Brienne before he left. He is self aware that he is an imperfect person, but that's what makes Jaime an interesting character.

                                      • Bryony Cannon
                                        Bryony Cannon  6 months back

                                        I’ve come to believe that they had to remove larger NK/bran storyline due to prequel

                                        • Thechezbailey
                                          Thechezbailey  6 months back

                                          Media companies do this stuff a lot these days. Reminds me of DLC. But if you ruin the original by taking out Something important, then the spinoff becomes less profitable.

                                      • Darrin Gabriel
                                        Darrin Gabriel  6 months back

                                        Thought about all the frustration surrounding Jamie's "failed" arc and how he returned to Cercei to save- not kill her. Way back in S1x07 Tywin gives a tremendous commentary on the importance of "Family" that I believe explains Jamie's final actions and drives the motivations of many characters- Dany, Theon, the Starks and Tyrian (setting Jamie free to save Cercei). It is honorable but in most cases ultimately a detriment.

                                        • Klaas Feys
                                          Klaas Feys  6 months back

                                          Could Jaime's comment that he really didn't care about the people, just be a mixture of justification and guilt that he couldn't shake his addiction of Cersei? He made a decision to go back and now just feeds his singlemindedness about it, like people sometimes don't want to admit that they are wrong about a strong belief. They just dig themselves deeper in their trench.

                                          • Unconsciouzone
                                            Unconsciouzone  6 months back

                                            There are two occasions where Jamie relapsed from his apparent redemption arc.
                                            The first was the rapey scene with Cersei. It was the first time we saw his dark side since his bath scene with Brienne.
                                            The second was when he had his little chat with Edmur at Riverrun. That scene came very closely after to the scene where he told Brienne to keep Oathkeeper.

                                            • Sally Walker
                                              Sally Walker  6 months back

                                              Why did Tyrion betray Varis his best friend. Samwell knows how to kill a dragon.

                                              • Eli Eli
                                                Eli Eli  6 months back

                                                why the frigin dragon didn't have a lunch break during the incineration? what type of flammable substance did he use for that continuous destruction so i could put it in my car?

                                                • Bearbell Training
                                                  Bearbell Training  6 months back

                                                  @19:08 I have to disagree with you here. At least on the show, Jaime had been struggling with his love for Cersei since the beginning. He has realized and come to terms with the evil he has done, but it doesn’t change his feelings for her. His statement to Tyrion in S8E5 is a reflection on his feelings to Cersei. Compared to her, the citizens of King’s landing don’t matter, nothing else matters.

                                                  • Bearbell Training
                                                    Bearbell Training  6 months back

                                                    That plot twist of the audio and video dying at the big reveal moment was one I did not see coming. Well played.

                                                    • Dominic Briggs
                                                      Dominic Briggs  6 months back

                                                      Japan had given up they but they wanted to keep the emperor and the us wanted unconditional surrender, im not convinced the second 1 was neseserely needed

                                                      • Paige Overton
                                                        Paige Overton  6 months back

                                                        The point I would make about Bran is that I don’t think he necessarily tried to “manipulate” people/events in Kings Landing. We know that he knew what was going to happen, but I think that rather than intentionally manipulating the situation, he instead was allowing the events that he knew was coming to take its course. He has said over and over again to many characters, “what you did has brought you to where you are now” (or who you are now)” and had they not done what they did, they would not be where or who they are now. Allowing the events of Kings Landing to take place, he was allowing things to get to where they needed to be to break the wheel and start anew. Without those events, John would still be supporting Dany, and things would continue as they always had. To break the wheel and get to a new place, Bran probably knew that they had to go through the terrible events of Kings Landing to get them to where they needed to be; thus bringing full circle, “you wouldn’t be where you are now if you hadn’t done (or experienced) the things that you did.”

                                                        • Dominic Briggs
                                                          Dominic Briggs  6 months back

                                                          Danny jon and drogon will fucķ off to the real north

                                                          • Dominic Briggs
                                                            Dominic Briggs  6 months back

                                                            Its the anniversary of Britain and the allies doing somthing similar to danny in ww2 to Germany i think it was dresden

                                                            • Jenise Treuting
                                                              Jenise Treuting  6 months back

                                                              No idea how these things work, so I don't know if anyone will see this. But I think the decision for Jon not to pet Ghost has less to do with money concerns and more the showrunners trying to show Jon moving away from who he really is and his Stark values as he is caught up with his devotion to Dany as queen. Now that his eyes have been opened by her mass destruction, we should see this change.

                                                              • Gareth Lewis
                                                                Gareth Lewis  6 months back

                                                                Please God don't let there be a Lord of the Rings trilogy style ending..

                                                                • Thechezbailey
                                                                  Thechezbailey  6 months back

                                                                  The bittersweet tone. Hopefully the details of that are very different, though.

                                                              • Aminah Majied
                                                                Aminah Majied  6 months back

                                                                Maybe once Jon kills Dany Arya will whear Dany's face to direct the Dothraki and the Unsullied to give back to Mureen.

                                                                • Eirie
                                                                  Eirie  6 months back

                                                                  1:58:34 I think you might be leaning a bit heavily on the need for balance. I understand that nature would maintain a balance, and even the author should, but I like to think it sort of oscillates BETWEEN Ice and Fire, without either being fully destroyed

                                                                  • MADGUNS AMALGAMATED™
                                                                    MADGUNS AMALGAMATED™  6 months back

                                                                    +In Deep Geek Had MADGUNS™ been there I could've avoided the whole event.
                                                                    MADGUNS™: "Here Dany, take this."
                                                                    DAENERYS: "What's this?"
                                                                    MADGUNS™: "Its a Snickers bar. You're hungry. You burn shit down to the ground when you're hungry".
                                                                    DAENERYS EATS.
                                                                    MADGUNS™: "Better?"
                                                                    DAENERYS: "Better!"
                                                                    DAENERYS flies off and lands Drogon without incident, and her army brings Cerci to her. Kings Landing lives to see another day.
                                                                    YOU'RE WELCOME.

                                                                    • Courtney McFarland
                                                                      Courtney McFarland  6 months back

                                                                      Maybe Jon will strangle Danny to death maybe that’s why the neck thing?

                                                                      • sophie gueye
                                                                        sophie gueye  6 months back

                                                                        I like your videos. Nice work

                                                                        • Desirėe Clary
                                                                          Desirėe Clary  6 months back

                                                                          It was not Dany. It was Bran who burned the city.

                                                                          • Keri Milner
                                                                            Keri Milner  6 months back

                                                                            Everyone seems to be missing the reason Cersei dies as she does. It's not just rubble, it's symbolism of her world coming crashing down on top of her. Not one of us guessed that the freaking castle itself would kill her. The very thing she craved, is the very thing that killed her in the end, and if viewed through that lense, it's probably the most poignantly poetic death in the whole show as everyone else dies at the hand of another, she's the only one who doesn't, instead, she dies under the weight of her ambitions and dreams and seeing them crumble like the building around her brings her to tears in the arms of the only man who has ever truly loved her.

                                                                            • Hanzo A
                                                                              Hanzo A  6 months back

                                                                              Your opinion on the whole arya Shit is just stupid like pure a D and D Fanboy

                                                                              • N. E
                                                                                N. E  6 months back

                                                                                It was his father he cared about, not really the people of Kings landing.

                                                                                • Kathryn Yoder
                                                                                  Kathryn Yoder  6 months back

                                                                                  To break the wheel, we need to destroy weirwood net.

                                                                                  • Captain Anopheles
                                                                                    Captain Anopheles  6 months back

                                                                                    Tell me about the white walkers, grandad.

                                                                                    Well, son, they were a terrible threat until they got as far as Winterfell.

                                                                                    What happened?

                                                                                    They got destroyed in their first battle against civilized men.

                                                                                    That's a shit story, Grandad.

                                                                                    Yes, yes it is.

                                                                                    • Donna D'Rose
                                                                                      Donna D'Rose  6 months back

                                                                                      Could you please read the GoT books on your book channel? The ones on here are hard to follow and stay focused. And to see the story in my minds’ eye. Except for this one girl but when she tries to talk like a heavy man’s voice it’s silly. I think you would do so much better. I would like to start the books but I read very slowly and my mind gets distracted. Thank you

                                                                                      • Michele4
                                                                                        Michele4  6 months back

                                                                                        Robert thank you for your rational dissection. I never trusted in Danys story line. As a romantic, I always wanted it to end happily ever after. But... Will you make more videos when the prequels come?

                                                                                        • Kathryn Yoder
                                                                                          Kathryn Yoder  6 months back

                                                                                          Well said about wisdom ≠ "knowledge of lots of stuff." Bran King? Would we really want to return to child sacrifice?

                                                                                          • Kathryn Yoder
                                                                                            Kathryn Yoder  6 months back

                                                                                            "Says heeky-beeky things about them??"

                                                                                            • Ultima Magic Vintage Videos by Dr Alzheimer

                                                                                              If we look at world history, there are plenty of examples of bad as well as seemingly good people committing war crimes. The pictures of Kings Landing reminded me of Dresden in WW2, Hiroshima 1945, Guernica in the Spanish Civil War, or maybe Vietnam. When I first read the books I felt that they are anti-war literature in their inner essence. I was always sure that GRRM hates war and violence and he tells the story out of the perspective of the small people, kids and so on. From this perspective, the whole development of the show is not surprising. Its in line with GRRMs narrative on war. We all have every right to be disappointed about the character development of Jamie and other aspects (like Cerseis death). But Danys path with her using weapons of mass destruction really did not surprise me. By the way: Your analyses are fantastic!