Hurricane Dorian: International aid arrives in the Bahamas

  • Published: 09 September 2019
  • The government of the Bahamas has confirmed at least 44 people are known to have died following Hurricane Dorian with thousands of people still missing

    The islands have been plunged into darkness as the power went down and tens of thousands of people are now homeless.

    Sky's chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay is in the Bahamas and sent this report.

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Comments • 62

  • thetruthseeker 86
    thetruthseeker 86  2 weeks back

    Why has.there been no updates since sept

    • Dick Burns
      Dick Burns  2 months back

      Where is britian? This is not USA problem. Take care of your own. Take them to London. British twinks.

      • Ash C
        Ash C  2 months back

        The Bahamas is not a British territory. The US, specifically, Florida is the country's closest neighbour. The Bahamas is the 3rd closest country to the continental United States only after Mexico and Canada. Seriously, educate yourself - Bahamians are certainly not coming for your education system.

      • TruthBeTold
        TruthBeTold  2 months back

        Yea but America is the one who loves to play "World Police" and tell everyone how to run their country. Oh mighty America

      • David Schwartz
        David Schwartz  2 months back


    • Pam Ward
      Pam Ward  2 months back

      Well,the people there,said they got no,food,dead bodies still in debree,and no government help.they are there! This food ain't leaving florida.!!

      • JES Smith
        JES Smith  2 months back

        Guess they didn't have The Weather Channel cause they were telling people for a week what was coming and they stayed.

        • April Tew
          April Tew  2 months back

          JES Smith where did they have to go? They had no choice

      • Tammy Powell
        Tammy Powell  2 months back


        • Bridgett Tubbs
          Bridgett Tubbs  2 months back

          At the cross where the Love of Jesus ran red.

        • Cooltrain
          Cooltrain  2 months back

          I'll believe it when it happens, until then he's a story book character.

        • Bridgett Tubbs
          Bridgett Tubbs  2 months back

          Cooltrain don’t laugh to long.because he is coming any second. Get ready. All prophesy has been fulfilled for the first time since Jesus left.

        • Cooltrain
          Cooltrain  2 months back


      • Misery Loves Company
        Misery Loves Company  2 months back

        Conspiracy theorists are assuming climate control from the government of multiple countries in Hope's to re build for only the rich and the Prime Minister was tired of the Haitians, Who will ever know the truth?

        • Linda Wright
          Linda Wright  2 months back

          So glad the survivors are getting some tents now in addition to food and water. Let us hope the Bahamian government develops a rebuilding plan to replace the destroyed single story houses with sturdy condo towers that will put local people well above the level of the next deadly storm surge. Hurricane-resistant housing can save lives.

          • Agnes Randolph
            Agnes Randolph  2 months back

            Judgement is at hand Jesus is coming believe it or not, Repent Repent Repent everybody.

            • Cat Metal
              Cat Metal  2 months back

              Elastic pants

              • Some Other Dude
                Some Other Dude  2 months back

                Just curious if Cuba is able and offering to help, they are fairly close to the Bahamas

                • Jaime Stone
                  Jaime Stone  2 months back

                  God bless em

                  • Rubber Dub
                    Rubber Dub  2 months back

                    Look after yourselves , we have to ...

                    • Judi Grace
                      Judi Grace  2 months back

                      This could happen to any of us.

                      • Sheeple are Lame
                        Sheeple are Lame  2 months back

                        Free Assange

                        • Allanzo
                          Allanzo  2 months back

                          The power of a cat 5

                          • Zom Bee Nature
                            Zom Bee Nature  2 months back

                            I saw a video of a film crew who went to Abaco before the hurricane hit and decided being at a school there was safe. Did those people stay alive? Or are they dead now?

                            • Chronosphere Steen
                              Chronosphere Steen  2 months back

                              Poor souls that live on islands. It's great view when nice weather but not in hurricanes. Pls do the right thing and move

                              • Xaris Antonoglou
                                Xaris Antonoglou  2 months back

                                IGOUMENITSA GREECE
                                00302665024080 THOMAZOS
                                SAVVAS HAVE POISON 9000

                                • Malbrough Tishnah
                                  Malbrough Tishnah  2 months back

                                  so Bahamas belongs to London....I'm watching the Royal army now

                                  • Malbrough Tishnah
                                    Malbrough Tishnah  2 months back

                                    @cocofluff I know tht now. Americas President also donated 1M to the Bahamas...

                                  • cocofluff
                                    cocofluff  2 months back

                                    @Malbrough Tishnah Bahamians have been allowed into America for refuge, but they must have U.S visa. He refused to relax the visa requirement because he did not want to accept unidentified illegal immigrants who live in the Bahamas, or criminals who may sneak into America under the guise of being storm victims. He has a point.

                                  • cocofluff
                                    cocofluff  2 months back

                                    @kattmilk 1973

                                  • Malbrough Tishnah
                                    Malbrough Tishnah  2 months back

                                    @JES Smith I'll research further...thanks

                                  • JES Smith
                                    JES Smith  2 months back

                                    That s not true. He said we have to becareful on who we let in. There are people in the Bahamas from Guatemala like MS13

                                • Andrew Pearson
                                  Andrew Pearson  2 months back

                                  God bless all the rescuers and the victims

                                  • Kip McEwen
                                    Kip McEwen  2 months back

                                    Democrats have shown themselves to be guttersnipes who slam Trump 24 7 instead of doing something constructive like meeting with Trump and going on national TV to offer their solutions for dealing with the hurricane both before and after so as to show they at least tried...

                                    • Luke yeet
                                      Luke yeet  2 months back

                                      Bruh the uk is giving aid not america

                                    • Kip McEwen
                                      Kip McEwen  2 months back

                                      ... but that's not gonna happen though as Dems are political party first America second hacks who politicize anything and everything in their faux outrage.

                                  • Axel Werner
                                    Axel Werner  2 months back

                                    Ask Trump for paper towels!

                                    • Layna8
                                      Layna8  2 months back

                                      DOLT, DO SOMETHING YOURSELF! STOP BLAMING TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING!...;)

                                    • Melissa Miller
                                      Melissa Miller  2 months back


                                  • Shadrack Soo
                                    Shadrack Soo  2 months back

                                    GUYS, JESUS IS COMING !!!

                                    • Helen Pauls
                                      Helen Pauls  2 months back

                                      SHADDZ GAMING PRO Really, oh that will be a fun show.

                                    • TITUS 3V5
                                      TITUS 3V5  2 months back

                                      @E_verton doesnt hurt to ask them i am not forcing them its a choice

                                  • infinity banana playz
                                    infinity banana playz  2 months back


                                    • Eric nnamdi
                                      Eric nnamdi  2 months back

                                      May God help them all.

                                      • Henky Mizella
                                        Henky Mizella  2 months back

                                        Nice Action's!

                                        • rene eddiey
                                          rene eddiey  2 months back

                                          The Lord Is Your Strength and Comfort

                                          • TITUS 3V5
                                            TITUS 3V5  2 months back

                                            @MarkCEO09 its an indication Jesus could be coming soon search the scriptures my friend.

                                          • TITUS 3V5
                                            TITUS 3V5  2 months back

                                            @Helen Pauls without God there wouldnt be any of that.
                                            God Gave food to the jews who were in the desert.