The importance of a Nalgene Water Bottle (military point of view)

  • Published: 16 December 2018
  • Hello everyone here's my take on the importance of Nalgene water bottles, actually a lot of military folks love these bottles and are great bottles for everyday use, thank you for watching.

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  • Mike Oporto
    Mike Oporto  2 months back

    Great video 👍🏼

    • Josh B
      Josh B  5 months back

      A lot of great examples in the video. I recently got a nalgene because of the many points you made: cheap, durable, and can easily keep track of water consumption. I've had a YETI 26oz, RTIC 32oz, and Klean Kanteen 20oz I believe and hope to get a HydroFlask to try out soon, but you just can't beat the Nalgene at its price point, effectiveness, and durability.

      • Makoto Sekai
        Makoto Sekai  5 months back

        I do agree with most of what you say on your opinions on nalgene water bottle. I would like to find out because both nalgene bottle and both the kidney style canteen are adaptable, what are your opinion of the two styles of bottles (nalgene and/or miniltary canteen)? Which one would you carry and why?

        • Robert Poe
          Robert Poe  7 months back

          "one of them got ran over by a tank... it is what it is."

          • E.S. L
            E.S. L  8 months back

            It’s incredible how many uses they really have due to thier spot on lid seal. Hot water bottle, dehydrated meal pre soak container, very good piece of kit

            • E.S. L
              E.S. L  8 months back

              A tank.... if it survived that I’d be afraid to sleep in the same room as it

              • Logical Conservative
                Logical Conservative  8 months back

                I always just used my issued canteens LOL

                • Logical Conservative
                  Logical Conservative  8 months back

                  @Mario Mosin You're welcome, and thank you for your service!

                • Mario Mosin
                  Mario Mosin   8 months back

                  Logical Conservative the issue I have with canteens is they are harder to clean. But canteens are great route as well, thanks for watching.

              • ALittleKingly
                ALittleKingly  10 months back

                Awesome video thank you for the info and your sacrifice

                • fivetengarage
                  fivetengarage  11 months back

         has these for 5 bucks each with free shipping if you buy 2. Get them while they are cheap.

                  • fivetengarage
                    fivetengarage  11 months back

                    @Mario Mosin You're welcome Mario. Thanks for your review and channel. I keep 2 of these full in my motorcycle bag. Always good to stay hydrated. Take care.

                  • Mario Mosin
                    Mario Mosin   11 months back

                    fivetengarage thanks for the info I just purchased two of them, thank you.

                • HE SA
                  HE SA  11 months back

                  Thank You Sir! Nalgene's replacement procedure is to submit a picture and have it replaced. Thus avoiding the cost of sending it back to Nalgene. Also, I recommend the Guyot Splash Guard wide mouth insert. This insert works well for drinking out of those bottles without splashing your face etc. I found them on Ebay several years ago.

                  • Dana Messmer
                    Dana Messmer  6 months back

                    Also keep an eye on the nalgene site, I picked up quite a few in the sale section for 1/3 of the regular cost. Only downside- you don't get to pick the colour, just whatever is on sale

                  • Mario Mosin
                    Mario Mosin   11 months back

                    HE SA I didn’t know this, thank you for the info.

                • Russell
                  Russell  11 months back

                  Thanks for your point of view.

                  • gunnwild1
                    gunnwild1  11 months back

                    My girl uses one for the "particle" reason you talked about

                    • Mario Mosin
                      Mario Mosin   11 months back

                      Yeah brother their great, thank you for watching.

                  • The Bohemian Hunting Club
                    The Bohemian Hunting Club  11 months back

                    Those are pretty neat!

                    • Marsh Rat
                      Marsh Rat  11 months back

                      I've seen these around but didn't think they'd survive my lifestyle but now I'm going to give one a try. Thanks for the info

                      • Mario Mosin
                        Mario Mosin   11 months back

                        my pleasure thank you for watching

                    • Robert S
                      Robert S  11 months back

                      Great vid, brother. “Ran over by a tank...” literally laughed out loud on that one.

                      • Mario Mosin
                        Mario Mosin   11 months back

                        It did bro I was pissed, freaking M1 took my Nalgene bottle:(

                    • New Texican
                      New Texican  11 months back

                      Good to hear. I know lots of people that use them but none of them could ever articulate why. They just bought them becuse somebody else had one. I normally carry a single wall stainless bottle, but I will be adding one of these. Thank you for the information!

                      • Mario Mosin
                        Mario Mosin   11 months back

                        you should give them a try there pretty cheap, thank you for watching.

                    • TheRealCobraBurnout
                      TheRealCobraBurnout  11 months back

                      Yes, they work good. Nice vid

                      • Theredneck Prepper
                        Theredneck Prepper  11 months back


                      • Scott F.
                        Scott F.  11 months back

                        Thanks for the info...Good stuff....