• Published: 08 November 2019
  • The #backfire #mini #electricskateboard is a sweet as ride. At just 5.9KGs its light, fast and loads of fun!

    Check it out here:


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Comments • 29

  • Dexter John Sipin
    Dexter John Sipin  1 days back

    wow!!!! that's a nice board!

    • George Coppell
      George Coppell  3 days back

      Can I buy this off you

      • Matt Ward
        Matt Ward  5 days back

        Did you have any issues with vibration and the sound produced by the rigid Carbon fiber board? That is my only hesitation at the moment. Cheers

        • Ben Simms
          Ben Simms  6 days back

          Thanks for the upload, looks like a great board, only question, what's she like going uphill? Would love to see that side of things stressed out to the max.

          • Jay Boston
            Jay Boston   6 days back

            Uphill bonanza coming in December. All boards, biggest hills, ranked.

        • MK
          MK  6 days back

          You got 12 miles right not 12 km ?

          • GeeKIller
            GeeKIller  1 days back

            My mini kt 6ah 30q says 12 miles range but i only ever get around 12km. Being around 90k, 6 foot 2 and sticking around 15 to 18mph kills the range. When you see reviews getting 28km thats crawling around at 12mph. Wish id known this as i would have got the 8ah battery.

        • Michael Superbacker
          Michael Superbacker  6 days back

          Hi Jay!

          • Chris Rathjan
            Chris Rathjan  7 days back

            Sorry you might have said is it travel friendly? And a KS16X?

            • Backfire Boards
              Backfire Boards  7 days back

              Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful review!

              • KHALID Al muzini
                KHALID Al muzini  3 days back

                Everything other the top is amazing. You guys should think of another way to access the battery

            • TheEVside
              TheEVside  1 weeks back

              Awesome vid and board bit too small for me but cool

              • Lina Andersson
                Lina Andersson  1 weeks back

                Nice to hear Jay being impressed and since we know he hates the Boosted Mini with its superior control, power, quality and remote this would be something up you alley even with hubs and rock hard wheels.

                • Jay Boston
                  Jay Boston   1 weeks back

                  I don’t hate the booster mini at all. It’s a great board. However there’s plenty of other “mini” options out there worth taking a look at.

              • Joel Nankivell
                Joel Nankivell  1 weeks back

                Can’t wait to get my hands on this board! Did yours come with the shock absorbing grip tape? Also, where did you order your thousand helmet from in australia? Yew

                • Jay Boston
                  Jay Boston   1 weeks back

                  Yo! Not sure on the grip tape however feet were fine after 15km ride. Helmet direct from evolve skateboards.

              • Hum Mus
                Hum Mus  1 weeks back

                Never buy hub motor boards. You will regret not being able to change wheels.

                • gg e
                  gg e  1 weeks back

                  @Backfire Boards you can change the sleeves and even switch to bigger wheels

                • Backfire Boards
                  Backfire Boards  1 weeks back

                  The back hub motor wheels have replaceable sleeves.

              • Kyle Harvey
                Kyle Harvey  1 weeks back

                Is anybody ever going to review the ownboard bamboo AT BELT???

                • Zander Round
                  Zander Round  1 weeks back

                  Desperate to get myself another board 🔥

                  • AM
                    AM  1 weeks back

                    Slap a boosted logo on it and it would sell for $1600

                    • Oli Weg
                      Oli Weg  1 weeks back

                      How about riding comparison with Evolve Stoke. Is the Stoke much smoother?

                      • Jay Boston
                        Jay Boston   1 weeks back

                        Great idea! I’ve got my hands on a stoke too. I’ll do a comparison soon!

                    • Jellyduck100
                      Jellyduck100  1 weeks back

                      That electric skateboard looks smooth! :D

                      • Wei-Zheng Tan
                        Wei-Zheng Tan  1 weeks back

                        Audio is a bit whack on this video Jay, still nice to hear your thoughts

                        • David Fuxjaeger
                          David Fuxjaeger  1 weeks back

                          I like that a lot of youtubers make reviews on the Backfire Mini. I watched some videos and i think its the best on the market for that price right now.

                          • gg e
                            gg e  1 weeks back

                            Of the mini boards yes

                        • where is danny black
                          where is danny black  1 weeks back

                          That board looks awesome