Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review - Episode Fully Explained - UNIRock Review

  • Published: 13 May 2019
  • This is my review of GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Episode 5 Review. I fully explain everything that happens, step by step, the fore shadowing, and what I think it all means. I also examine the ending arch of jaime lannister, cersei lannister, and the other characters that have their character arch ended this episode, like the hound. I always loved the hound.
    All footage and pictures used under fair use in full accordance with law. The owner of footage is HBO, and Game Of Thrones.
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Comments • 333

  • UNIReview
    UNIReview   6 months back

    contrary to what some comments are saying, this is not a step by step retelling. most of all the video is my thoughts and interpretations.
    the first few minutes is me explainging the episode, but over 70% of this video is my thoughts and opinions, with also some predictions.
    Also, I do have alot of problems with the last season, with season 7, and the show since the books ran out...
    ill be doing several videos explaining this, while another video explaining the entire show and reviewing the whole thing (which will take a week or so to do)
    if you would like, please subscribe, leave comments, and let me know what you think.
    even though maybe other youtubers ignore you, i will do my best to reply, and live stream to talk to you to get your thoughts on things.
    i have other channels with tens of thousands of subscribers and im known for going live and talking with my subscribers
    thanks for watching, and leaving your opinion.

    • yannis zaxaro
      yannis zaxaro  6 months back

      Tryrion .. it was me for Varys, but then change his mind and he is going and tell unsollied it is me I am going to let Jaime free and making the last mistake.. time for Tyrion BBQ?

  • Stephanie J
    Stephanie J  6 months back

    Where’s the sweet part? This is depressing.

    • riloh58
      riloh58  6 months back

      No point in Jon killing Dany in the final episode. She was "killed" in ep 6.

      • Paul Krumenacker
        Paul Krumenacker  6 months back

        Not true, you don’t have all your facts straight, which causes your assumptions and comments to be misinformation, skewed or wrong. I.e. Teryan does not owe the same debt to Jaimie and the spider. Jaimie made the spider free Teryan and then Varys just took advantage of the situation and figured Tyrian would be a good consort for the dragon queen he was trying to put on the throne. rewatch the episode it explains all of that and you can infer the rest how you like. Several other points are equally misguided. Rewatch the shows. Reading the books won’t help much because many of the motivations and plot points are different from the books to the TV show

        • Virginia VMoore672 Moore
          Virginia VMoore672 Moore  6 months back


          • Eric Winston
            Eric Winston  6 months back

            He did owe Varys, but he was trying to cover his own ass, because he was bordering on treason himself.

            • B Gill
              B Gill  6 months back

              It wasn't just that, he probably saw what Varys was trying to do with trying to poison Dany and knew he'd gone too far.
              He had to stop it.
              Unfortunately Varys was right. Tyrion has been wrong about everything. Everything.

          • Garland Remington III
            Garland Remington III  6 months back

            We didn’t start watching GOT Till season 3 was half over. So we gave it a shot. After watching the first 2 shows of season 1, BOTH OF US WAS HOOKED IN THE HEART!!!! After that both of us started BING WATCHING!! Being retired we could.

            • Garland Remington III
              Garland Remington III  6 months back

              My wife and I had always been on Daenerys side, rooted for her, but after what she did we want her to die a painful screaming DEATH!!!!

              • CobraDove
                CobraDove  6 months back

                @Garland Remington III still don't understand THIS WORLD, the real world, is run by socio- and psychopathic human trafficking pedophiles?? You need to wake up, STAT. You need to start with Qanon and follow along with whats actually going on...shut off the tv fake news

              • Garland Remington III
                Garland Remington III  6 months back

                Cathrin Erhardt Yes we are. We didn’t even start watching the series until 2 months ago. We are recently retired so now we can stay up as long as we like, binge watch. We started off with
                season 1 episode 1 after listening to some close friends badger us to give the show a try. So we did. By the time the 2nd one was over it is safe to say both of us was hooked.

              • Cathrin Erhardt
                Cathrin Erhardt  6 months back

                @Garland Remington III don't get me wrong, I don't take it serious either and am rather amazed at how many people do actually. That's why I wrote "her character in the show". Could be that I can't articulate it well enough, because language barrier. Most important: are you and your wife enjoying the 8th season? Because it should be good entertainment that matters in the end.

              • Garland Remington III
                Garland Remington III  6 months back

                Cathrin Erhardt We don’t take it seriously as you and so many others. It’s make-believe. All that you described now, we would not like a real person with those traits and your right about her but, it was not clear to all that you she was gonna flip and become a 18 year old flame throwing idiot. Lol lol. But it’s just make believe. We all had better be glad of that. We do have modern day highly dangerous sociopaths scattered around our world.

              • Cathrin Erhardt
                Cathrin Erhardt  6 months back

                I never liked her character in this show. Like a child, not able to deal with a no, surrounded by yes-men, 'bend the knee, or I' ll burn you', projecting her "idealism" on everyone with violence, nothing without dragons, needs advisors because she's too mentally unstable and intellectually dead to make good decisions. Textbook entitled narcissism. It was clear from the beginning where she is heading.

            • Sto_Karfi!
              Sto_Karfi!  6 months back

              At least Dorne and the iron islands won't bother at all, they expected that kind of slaughtered to occur...Highgarden and Casterly Rock have been depleted from any soldier, while RiverRun is in a political mess.So Eire, the North and the Strom's end are Jon's only backers but I don't think Rob arryn cares at all about the people of Kings Landing and under these circumstances Gendry will set back, so no rebellion can occur and there is only one episode, so we are just going to see a tragedy.That means the game of thrones ended at episode 3!

              • nmcil
                nmcil  6 months back

                Enjoyed all the wonderful graphics you used - NICE! One thing that I don't agree with, unlike many who felt that the Cersei-Jamie reunion and final death touching and right for them, I can't find any sympathy at all - they are responsible and made free will choice to be monsters and cause pain, death and extreme suffering for thousands. I say to hell with them they don't deserve the relief and gift to reunite and die with each other.

                • David Eire
                  David Eire  6 months back

                  Good luck with the new channel branding and content UNI

                  • Ronald Woody
                    Ronald Woody  6 months back

                    Did you see all the caches of Wildfire going up all over the city?  I think Cersei was going to torch the place.  Some say that was from 20years ago and the Mad King...I say bull.

                    • Laura DePue
                      Laura DePue  6 months back

                      This is an excellent review/recap! Sorry my Twin Peaks comparison comment was meant for the review I watched before this, autoplay switched the screen on me.

                      • argumentumadbaculum
                        argumentumadbaculum  6 months back

                        'No elephants prophecy' = No more HBO money=quickly wrap up.

                        • j G
                          j G  6 months back

                          argumentumadbaculum LMAO I think you’re completely right

                      • Junior Faamamafa
                        Junior Faamamafa  6 months back

                        I was hating the way cersie died but come to think of it Danny destroying king's landing was already death for cersie.

                        • Joshua Lizard
                          Joshua Lizard  6 months back

                          EPISODE 5 WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES.I LOVED IT!!! Basically I stopped caring about most of the characters after 8x3 but there was one villian I had almost forgotten about and one I never expected to see getting their due... The inhabitants of King's Landing. Tyranny is made possible by the people and not otherwise. This is a hard truth and a harsh justice. Daenerys delivered it with tears in her eyes. A society that lets injustice rule is culpable for denying the Law. Thus when tyranny is permitted to go unpunished, the inbalance will fall upon the masses so the pit may still be fed its due. Then a voracious, predatory, indiscriminate Doom will be set loose upon an unsuspecting people in order to claim its rightful meal. 
                          And after all was said and done, Arya rode off into the sunset. BRAVO GOT! I LOVED IT!!!

                          Or, to rephrase the same principle in slightly different terms
                          Every time a teardrop falls, a little flower grows, 
                          otherwise there could be no beauty in this world at all. 
                          But whenever injustice goes unpunished 
                          an innocent little flower will die 
                          so that everyone has something worth crying about.

                          • Igbon5
                            Igbon5  6 months back

                            How could the people know that ringing the bells would end the fighting.
                            Who made that agreement.

                            • Igbon5
                              Igbon5  6 months back

                              No one agrees to Tyrions request to stop when the bells ring.
                              When he puts it to Daenerys in the dimly lit throne room, she says nothing and looks at Grey Worm then nods at him telling him to wait outside the gate. It is a nod for Grey Worm to do what needs to be done, not a nod of agreement about bells.
                              Then in the morning neither Jon or Davos say anything to Tyrion either.

                              • holly medici
                                holly medici  6 months back

                                I know most of these leaks have been correct maybe they will throw us a curve ball

                                • zac shifler
                                  zac shifler  6 months back

                                  The only way to justify the extension of danys attack on KL is; bran warged the dragon. Bran killed them all. Turned the world agaisnt dany. Put the starks in a favorable position. For all we know dany lost control of the dragon after the bells, and was just hanging on. I hope thats what happened. Thatd be a cool twist

                                  • Denz Of Oz
                                    Denz Of Oz  6 months back

                                    Hey all! Dany will die in episode 6. But she will rise from the dead as long as Drogon is alive future plots (leaks said, Drogon flew her body away). So Just like Jon and Ghost. They have spirit connections to their animals. As long as the other is alive they will live happily ever after. Also, Jamie and Cersie survived no bodies not confirmed dead. They will raise probably their daughter and at some point will cross paths w/ Jon and Dany's son and will f*k each other. Then peace at the 7 kingdom. The end.

                                    • Shelby Beringer
                                      Shelby Beringer  6 months back

                                      This is the city that destroyed the Stark family. And if you stayed after the Sept of Baelor....

                                      • Wade The Canadian
                                        Wade The Canadian  6 months back

                                        Game of thrones seems to be social engineering ... Seems to me we have our own game of thrones going on with all the chaos going on world wide... more like game of countries.... sponsored by the united nations.... It's not China, Iran, Russia, USA Canada nor any of the others who are behind all the chaos going on... It's the United Nations calling the shots around the world... The IMF is the new Federal Reserve for the world...

                                        • maverickx36
                                          maverickx36  6 months back

                                          It leaves a pain in the stomach to those who believed a psycho bitch and her party were the good guys. She's only driven by her stupid ego. It's obvious everything was to end up in tragedy by never questioning a monster. 😂😈

                                          • Burhanuddin Fatehnagri
                                            Burhanuddin Fatehnagri  6 months back

                                            i just wish dumb and dumber would atleast make the war stratergies realistic, leave the plot they dont have enough brains to nurture the plot anyways. but the battle scenes. just the basic things like if dany could've just destroyed the ironfleet so easily why not just do it in ep 4. atleast missandei would be alive.

                                            • Fifa King 1996
                                              Fifa King 1996  6 months back

                                              O Daenerys 😩 What have you done? You should have just gone for Cersei after the city surrendered instead of going mad and trying to burn the whole city down and killing thousands of innocents. I have changed my allegiance to Aegon Targaryen now. Varys was right to back him.

                                              • TroPICAll
                                                TroPICAll  6 months back

                                                A nice bitter ending... just like real life.

                                                • Blanzalot
                                                  Blanzalot  6 months back

                                                  U lose a siege ur city burns! Thats was war! They broke the parlay, they deserve everything they got. Nazi Germany let hitler rule, i see no innocents when their cities were burning.

                                                  • WanderfalkeAT
                                                    WanderfalkeAT  6 months back

                                                    So you do not see any Innocents when Trump starts a Nuclear War as well? Happy burning in Hell then :)

                                                • Deborah Battle
                                                  Deborah Battle  6 months back

                                                  If she had done this, like she WANTED to , when she first set foot on Westeros, she would still have 3 dragons, Viserion might not have turned into a dragon zombie, she would have had a bigger army to use against the Night King, and Missandai would still be alive, along with a lot of other people. I don't blame her for being pissed! She listened to her advisors and wound up losing so much. She double crossed the slave trader to get the Unsullied, she killed ALL the Khals to get the Dothraki....why is everyone so shocked!?

                                                  • WanderfalkeAT
                                                    WanderfalkeAT  6 months back

                                                    If the Deed's of her Father would not have been so heavy on Her Shoulders... Innocent always die in droves, no matter the Ruler! She had the Potential to revenge her Family and still become Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms without getting mad in the process.

                                                • Stella R
                                                  Stella R  6 months back

                                                  We will never know what Varys heard in the fire when the sorcerer threw his parts... and will Bronn get his castle now nearly all the Lannister’s are dead?

                                                  • Stella R
                                                    Stella R  6 months back

                                                    Yes they did... they rushed everything .Considering we only have one episode left I don’t think we will get all our answers...

                                                  • UNIReview
                                                    UNIReview   6 months back

                                                    i know, and i thought they were going to give that to us! i didnt even think about that. DnD really left out so many great pieces didnt they

                                                • A. Esquivel
                                                  A. Esquivel  6 months back

                                                  Cercei killed innocent people for 8 seasons!! Including babies. And now Dany is the mad queen?? Give me a break! Go Dany go!! Realease the dragon!!

                                                  • Trill Bill
                                                    Trill Bill  6 months back

                                                    Dany barbequed a million people at one time. Most evil character ever behind the Night King

                                                  • UNIReview
                                                    UNIReview   6 months back

                                                    very true, i realize that..
                                                    i just take all my thoughts during the episode and make it into a video, but i like hearing your opinion, so thank you

                                                • Mr W
                                                  Mr W  6 months back

                                                  If he stayed in jail he be alive now. So his bro did not help him. The same with the hound if he stayed home he be alive and all the people that got barbeque. They was running in when they should been running away from the city

                                                • Rajan Kumar
                                                  Rajan Kumar  6 months back

                                                  I think there is a slight oversight as to why Danny behaved that way,I support her for E5 actions.
                                                  1: She showed true humanistic colors to come to rescue Jon and others when they tried to catch one of the undead to show Cerci and there she lost one Dragon.
                                                  2: She lost a major of her army fighting in Winterfell thanks to bad writing and planning.
                                                  3: Sansa showed hostility towards her by denying not her as Queen of North,
                                                  3: In the last season she lost another of her Baby, Sir Jorah and bestest friend Messandei,
                                                  4: In this season she lost the trust of Jon, over Jon breaking the sworn promise,
                                                  5: She lost Varys and Tyrion as well, she made it clear by burning Varys and threatening Tyrion,
                                                  6: She did not want to lose any more of her true army, Dothraki and Unsullied.

                                                  Remember she reswore in few seasons back the promise that Khal Drogo had made to her before he died - The Throne and the Seven Kingdoms. She suffered through a lot of emotionally gut-wrenching misery before. She always knew the North will always resent her to accept her as Queen. That is why she said the King of the North in this episode "Let it be fear then", that was the Pivotal moment when she realized to not to trust anyone anymore. The massacre of Kings Landing was a point she made pretty clear to Jon and others that the same will happen to The North as well.

                                                  Yes, a lot of characters were undermined and belittled. Amidst all uncertainty and distrust, she did what she had to, to save herself any further loss. It was a spree of anger however unjustified but given all the situation she had to go insane and cruel. A lot will disagree and loathe me for supporting Danny still but I have my right to feel the way I felt. I feel sorry for the general civilians but all is fair in love and war. I will admit she is probably gonna die in the next episode but there is no other character left to rule Seven Kingdoms. Jon's and Tyrion's character is reduced to dirt. Only Sansa and Arya are left now, Arya has never shown any desire to get the throne.

                                                  Eventually, all I can say is D&D tried to outperform this season but in the rush, they ruined the best TV show ever. Nothing much else left to look forward to. I have lost total interest. An unfortunate ending to such a mighty of a show. Appalling, it ain't bittersweet - the ripe fruit is rotten and stale now. I feel sorry for D&D and all the character succumbed to poor storytelling and flawed planning.

                                                  • Rajan Kumar
                                                    Rajan Kumar  6 months back

                                                    @UNIReview thanks for the honor 🙂🙂

                                                  • WanderfalkeAT
                                                    WanderfalkeAT  6 months back

                                                    True That!

                                                  • UNIReview
                                                    UNIReview   6 months back

                                                    great great comment, i agree with alot of what you said, especially DnD rushing the last show,,, i really think that 2 whole seasons are left out
                                                    i think angry joe said that he thinks that danny going mad should start a whole new season and lead up to the ending, and i think i agre
                                                    but Great great comment

                                                • bite me Jerkwad
                                                  bite me Jerkwad  6 months back

                                                  I do not think she is the Mad Queen and I think it is completely justified, Cersei was the Mad Queen, she did everything for the wrong reasons and Dany's was antagonized before she unleashed her fury in every instance, this notion that she has no business exacting revenge because she was the breaker of chains and the liberator of all she touched. Tarley did not bend the knee, she gave him every chance, Cersei beheaded Missandrei, Cersei put all of her kingdom in harms way arrogantly defying Dany's, Cersei had dragon fire ready to explode all across the city, those people were all going to die either way and Dany had to make sure they knew her power, essentially she was still a liberator to those that were under Cersei's control (slaves). Dany is the hero to me she went through hell to get there and survived because she is the True Dragon Queen, her and Aegon should raise a child together and share the throne, they are blood and they can rule together incestuously for eternity for all I care, it is not like they are brother and sister.

                                                  • B Gill
                                                    B Gill  6 months back

                                                    I think you're wrong, you're clearly the Mad Queen.

                                                • jfuite
                                                  jfuite  6 months back

                                                  Nice balanced reviews. One of the best I watched. Some are off the rails.

                                                  • UNIReview
                                                    UNIReview   6 months back

                                                    thanks jfuite, hope you subscribe

                                                • C Mac
                                                  C Mac  6 months back

                                                  Actually dany never agreed to ceasing her attack on king's landing when she heard the bells ring. After Tyrion told her this, she next told greyworm to look for her sign before attacking the city. She never told Tyrion that she would cease the attack if she heard the bells.

                                                  • Jim Jones
                                                    Jim Jones  6 months back

                                                    The way Cersi died with Jamie was how it should have happened. They where trapped and then the whole castle essentially came crashing down on them to crush them. In the end she wanted to live and she couldn't and/or it was to late. All they could do is to comfort each other. Don't get me wrong, I hated Cersi and what she did but at that moment she became so human and frail. She wanted out and to disappear.

                                                    Also the Mountain, that was classic. Remember when he started to go fight his brother and Cersi tried to command him to defend her. He looked back at her with those red death eyes and ignored her and Clyburn was killed trying to control him. I think that the Mountain was feigning being a automaton robot/zombie and really he had some control. You see there was truly no way to truly tell if the Mountain was truly 100 percent under their control. All they saw was that he would kill on their command and they thought they where in control, wrong. The mountain probably knew he was screwed and so had to live in the hell that Clyburn made for him. That doesn't mean that he was under their complete control. You could tell that from when someone would make an off hand comment not only did he hear it but he looked directly at that person as if he was ready to kill him and to be honest with you as if deep down the people maybe where questioning themselves if the Mountain was truly under control.

                                                    It's going to be a toss up if Dany gets killed by John or even Arya and here's why. She still has that dragon and still have the Unsullied. Will the dragon just fly away once his "mother" dies or get killed or will he go mad and just start burning any and everything. And will greyworm allow John to kill her or even if the rumors is true go to the wall. Remember everyone has been saying the ending is bitter sweet. Dany has to know truly know that John is scared of her. John is changing to not like her or love her anymore on top of the fact he has more legal claim to the thrown than her. I think that Dany will kill Arya (trying to kill her) and kill Sansa. This will be what pushes John over the edge to kill Dany and he will go to the wall and rejoin the black. And who will be king, I don't think it will be Bran.

                                                    Also, do anybody know the music that is playing while we watched the broadcast. I've heard it before but I can't remember it.

                                                    • Jim Jones
                                                      Jim Jones  6 months back

                                                      What was the background music that was playing while you narrated the vid?

                                                    • UNIReview
                                                      UNIReview   6 months back

                                                      great point, i agree

                                                  • Deep Purple 98
                                                    Deep Purple 98  6 months back

                                                    Drogon definitely looked like Deathwing in a lot of shots

                                                    • Barbara Bailey
                                                      Barbara Bailey  6 months back

                                                      Queen Daenerys and Grey Worm wishing they had not help the north now.

                                                      • seggedan
                                                        seggedan  6 months back

                                                        You're GOTdamn right!!!

                                                    • neko nekic
                                                      neko nekic  6 months back

                                                      After all what they where building her up through,breaker of chains,etc to burn them all.Fuk...Such a predictable and anticlimactic season end.Bad-lazy writing.This doesn't feel like got from beginning.

                                                      • LaRon Chatmon
                                                        LaRon Chatmon  6 months back

                                                        Danny said some thing like I'm of the old Valarian blood? What if she is a baby that survived ,the destruction of her ppl? I think Danny if killed like the Night King will be reborn. She have ppl n the south as well as some in the north loyal to her.I know she will have Robert's son n house n the future.Danny may have lost friends n the north,but she gain friends n south n north.Many of the other kingdoms ,will not all see Danny as the mad Queen.Remember a lot of ppl was hurt by Cersi,her brother n father's army,as well as King Robert. Ned Stark killed ppl for Robert even innocent ones.Yet he knew that Robert was a liar.

                                                        • WanderfalkeAT
                                                          WanderfalkeAT  6 months back

                                                          Sorry, what?

                                                        • UNIReview
                                                          UNIReview   6 months back

                                                          oh wow thats an interesting thought,,, i guess it would be a real twist if the night king gets reborn because of someones actions.

                                                      • holly medici
                                                        holly medici  6 months back

                                                        they have all betrayed when the bell did she know it was not another trap being that Terian has already betrayed her and helped his brother some people blood is thicker even when they are totally wrong..she lost a lot and being that she has lost two of her dragons she did not want to take any chances. .so she showed her power, her advisors screwed her, Cersi was after, jon needs to shut his trap, people she loved are dead also ..she not nuts shes had it. she has made alot of sacrifices

                                                        • zac shifler
                                                          zac shifler  6 months back

                                                          I also disagree about sacrifice. She may have lost a lot. But everything dany has of value was gifted to her by fate. Her eggs, her dothraki king, her dragons especially and her connection to them, her name, etc. Just my opinion. She hasnt earned much. Her dragons and armies have earned it for her

                                                        • Barbara Bailey
                                                          Barbara Bailey  6 months back

                                                          @zac shifler Yes. Sad about the children.

                                                        • zac shifler
                                                          zac shifler  6 months back

                                                          I also like killing children when nobody will be my friend. Totally justified

                                                        • Barbara Bailey
                                                          Barbara Bailey  6 months back

                                                          No one bowed down.Not one.

                                                        • Barbara Bailey
                                                          Barbara Bailey  6 months back

                                                          She was pissed off. She got a right to be pissed off.

                                                      • Blackop Pop
                                                        Blackop Pop  6 months back

                                                        Tyrion paid varus back. When v came to ask 4giveness from danny at the pyramid

                                                        • UNIReview
                                                          UNIReview   6 months back

                                                          ahhh good point! never thought abou tthat

                                                      • SHUBB1973
                                                        SHUBB1973  6 months back

                                                        Arya is going to be the last woman standing like the actress said on her last day of filming. Because Dany's going to die and Sansa going to get killed for Treason

                                                        • WanderfalkeAT
                                                          WanderfalkeAT  6 months back

                                                          He did not swear it to Danny! She wanted it but he did not say "okay" or "I swear it". He only said he does not want the Throne and that she is his Queen!

                                                        • SHUBB1973
                                                          SHUBB1973  6 months back

                                                          @WanderfalkeAT , True he is from the same house. And his name is Aegon Targeryan. But he swore not to tell his family to Dany. Treason is conspiring behind a persons back. The same way Jaime was warned by Cersi after talking to Bron behind her back. That's the way they see it!

                                                        • WanderfalkeAT
                                                          WanderfalkeAT  6 months back

                                                          @SHUBB1973 Telling the Truth is no Treason! Conspiring against a ruling House is. But Aegon is also a Targaryen!

                                                        • SHUBB1973
                                                          SHUBB1973  6 months back

                                                          @WanderfalkeAT , So... You're just gonna forget the fact that Dany told Tyrion that Sansa conspired against her? In Dany's mind, that Treason! Telling him he played right into her plans by telling Varys who tried to poison her!
                                                          You don't have to be working in Washington DC to see this coming. Just paying attention .

                                                        • WanderfalkeAT
                                                          WanderfalkeAT  6 months back

                                                          What Treason? Telling Tyrion the Truth about Jon? So Truth is Treason? Are you working in Washington D.C.? Hate Assange/WikiLeaks?

                                                      • jo phoenix
                                                        jo phoenix  6 months back

                                                        The people were not innocent they set back for years and let each other their own children be brutalized by Cersei and friends for barely a living they could have revolted they did nothing just like Americans USEd to protest WARS for Israel we now set back and let our sons die for nothing so take a good long look we are the so called innocent people who will die in the end ,what goes around comes around always has always will

                                                        • Abradolf Lincler
                                                          Abradolf Lincler  6 months back

                                                          Imagine hating Israel so much you even degrade into attacking them in a comment section about game of thrones.

                                                      • Flx Gld
                                                        Flx Gld  6 months back

                                                        ohhh Tyrion... you cant please everyone, you little MONSTER!

                                                        • Lloyd Brodnax
                                                          Lloyd Brodnax  6 months back

                                                          Hey did anyone else notice how much Varys and the Mountain resemble one another! I was like DaaYum he looks like Varys.. anyway 7 Blessings y'all

                                                          • UNIReview
                                                            UNIReview   6 months back

                                                            now that you say that, that is pretty true! wow,,, talk about a comment bomb! :)

                                                        • Jose Rojas
                                                          Jose Rojas  6 months back

                                                          I'm no fan of the rationale behind Dany snapping, but Greyworm wanted blood for Missandei's death. It's understandable that he kills the guards after Dany signals she's offering no mercy. If he started slaughtering defenseless adults and children, that would have been pretty out of character.