My Puppy Got ATTACKED! | Safest Way To Break Up a Dog Fight | Doctor Mike


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  • Diamond Apple drawz
    Diamond Apple drawz  18 hours back

    ya this girl tried to argue her medical condition with a doctor

    • Camryn Osborne
      Camryn Osborne  1 days back

      It really breaks my heart that a GOLDEN RETRIEVER of all dogs would attack it's owner! They are the most family friendly dogs and rarely get into fights with other dogs, that's just so odd to me...

      • Ravi Kiran
        Ravi Kiran  1 days back

        " p u p p y "

        • Dubious
          Dubious  2 days back

          Always carry a legal "weapon"
          Not much is legal in Norway, but I always carry a flashlight and it hits harder than my fists

          • emma goss
            emma goss  3 days back

            I'm not at all a dog person. But this upset me so much. I feel betrayed that a dog would attack their owner

            • Mommy E
              Mommy E  3 days back

              And for Pitt Bulls that are locked: put your fingers up their butts!!

              • Red Feather
                Red Feather  3 days back

                I have a German Pit, hence the profile photo. He is a very sweet boy and can get very crazy he would never hurt a fly though. I am a 131 lbs of a teenager and he's around 60 lbs. I can control him normally. But he doesn't pull usually. But at the dog park he becomes excited and wants to say hello to every one. Pickles knows no stranger, that's his name lol. But he's just very strong and is normally the dog that is gone after since he likes to play with others, call me a liar if you want internet but I know my dog. And we raised him well. He may have pitbull in him but he is sweet and loyal. He listens. He is very strong what was the point of this comment? I forgot.

                • Elizabeth Bray
                  Elizabeth Bray  4 days back

                  If you can grab under the tongue and grab the legs of the dog do so and pin them by putting your knee on the backend as far back as you can do they cannot twist out of the hold

                  • Aloe
                    Aloe  4 days back

                    That's cool but how do I get a dm back

                    • 99darkgirl
                      99darkgirl  4 days back

                      My old dog about 12 years old at the time (he recently passed away at 15) got attacked by 2 pitbulls unprovoked my dad was just walking him and they jumped the fence and one had him by the neck the other by the side my dog was a medium sized dog and he didnt back down but it was 2 against one so my dad grabbed his belt didnt hit the dog because he knew they would just bite harder or worse so he chocked one till the dog let go and then chocked the other till he let go. The owner got the dogs and left and luckily my dog wasnt badly injured. It was very traumatic but luckily got resolved.

                      • Renchia Labuschagne
                        Renchia Labuschagne  4 days back

                        My dog's name is Bear tooo she is a Swiss Shepard

                        • Gawfie
                          Gawfie  4 days back

                          Plot twist, the dog bit her owner because the owner did something very bad and dark to the dog

                          • Alana Comley
                            Alana Comley  5 days back

                            I have been bit by a dog I was walking down the street with my cousin and this bulldog starts chasing us so I run as fast as I can and it bit my butt it left a bruise and the police were called I felt so bad because they had to get rid of the dog and it was blind and I love animals so it just really made me sad

                            • Polgora
                              Polgora  5 days back

                              This is why you train your dogs with professional techniques

                              • Kadie Galewaler
                                Kadie Galewaler  5 days back

                                LOVE your shirt 😍

                                • Rebecca Williams
                                  Rebecca Williams  5 days back

                                  If you’re completely fucked grab it’s scruff and pin it down by its front shoulders using the scruff to control its face and jaw.

                                  • NotAlexISwear
                                    NotAlexISwear  5 days back


                                    • J rocs
                                      J rocs  5 days back

                                      See why would a dog attack its owner.

                                      • J rocs
                                        J rocs  4 days back

                                        @Jenna Phillips I just started working at a dog kennel/boarding/playcare and breaking up dog fights comes with it, and I'm afraid one of them will turn around and attack me whilst breaking them apart.

                                      • J rocs
                                        J rocs  4 days back

                                        @Jenna Phillips gotcha. So why did he let go and return hurting its owner?

                                      • Jenna Phillips
                                        Jenna Phillips  4 days back

                                        It's called displacement behavior. The dog's adrenaline kicked in and it didn't even realize who it was hurting. Basically, when she grabbed the dog, it was so tense and focused that it instinctively assumed it was somehow Bear who touched it. It was essentially blinded by fear.

                                    • Permafrost23
                                      Permafrost23  6 days back

                                      The “Try not to run” Part is the hardest to actually do. I was running one morning, and didn’t live in the US and I got chased by 5 wild dogs. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was stop running with all the adrenaline. But I got out of it without a bite so it worked, but it is terrifying.

                                      • Alpaca_ Tude
                                        Alpaca_ Tude  6 days back

                                        What kind of dog is bear?

                                        • Krispy Kreme
                                          Krispy Kreme  6 days back

                                          It's easy to refrain my dogs because their 8 pounds

                                          • Tøxic
                                            Tøxic  6 days back

                                            I actually a couple weeks ago , I was getting off the bus at my house and a pit bull came charging for me. The neighbors were outside watching and not doing anything. (I’m in middle school and was at the time so I wasn’t very confident) , and I just sat there. I started yelling and charging it while trying to look big , and well it worked. Me and the dog just sat there , the dog snarling , barking at me , and me yelling trying to look big . The dog ran off , tail between its legs! Next thing you know the neighbors start yelling at their dog after everything happened and it didn’t help at all. That was probably my best / proudest moment.

                                            • Vanila_ Queen
                                              Vanila_ Queen  6 days back

                                              I own a cat and im a cat person so i think im just gonna stick to cats and not dogs

                                              • Firaro
                                                Firaro  7 days back

                                                When i was a kid we'd just gotten an adult golden retriever to be my dog. It attacked one of my sisters' dogs so i held it back while my sister got her dog to safety, it then turned and bit my arm. Unlike the dog in your story it let go of its own accord and stopped attacking. We didn't keep that dog after that.

                                                So it might be a golden retriever thing to attack its owner. Though to be fair i hadn't had it long enough for it to know me well.

                                                • Emily Dunlap
                                                  Emily Dunlap  7 days back

                                                  I've seen dogs sometimes do this in vet medicine. I've seen a dog attack their owner when they are still in that crazed kind of state. Another great way to break up a fight is with water. With a hose or bucket, spray them down. Pulling a dog by the collar seems to encourage them.

                                                  • Lucylle
                                                    Lucylle  1 weeks back

                                                    Cat fights are a sight to behold, my 6kg muscular half-feral tom Gerard (RIP) got in many fights but would never hurt me. I broke up a fight between him and a local stray once by simply just picking the fuzzy beast up and he froze because he was raging just a second ago and must have thought "I need to stop so I don't harm my favorite bald ape." DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU TRUST THE CAT COMPLETELY!
                                                    If you must break up a cat fight, go for the nose, kick it lightly (don't punch, they bite) and if a cat bites into you and will not let go (it happens) flick the pink part of the nose and keep flicking until the cat lets go.
                                                    Also, always see a doctor and take your cat to the vet.

                                                    • Kaaviya sri
                                                      Kaaviya sri  1 weeks back

                                                      Anyone else here think that the golden retriever is Jupiter and the owner is Natalies outlet

                                                      • xlite
                                                        xlite  1 weeks back

                                                        Dr Mike: You need to see a doctor
                                                        Logic 100

                                                        • Dominic Spittal
                                                          Dominic Spittal  1 weeks back

                                                          I don't think it will be scary if my dogs attack you🤣🤣 They are all enkel hight🤣🤣

                                                          • Bergen Lien
                                                            Bergen Lien  1 weeks back

                                                            Here’s what you d9 if your dog gets into a fight. Chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions

                                                            • KINGS GAMING
                                                              KINGS GAMING  1 weeks back

                                                              This may save my life one day

                                                              • Farnes Family Scrapbook

                                                                What a crazy story! My dog gets scared of other dogs and that's why we don't often take him to the dog park and keep him away from other dogs that we don't know.

                                                                • KatieFrog217
                                                                  KatieFrog217  1 weeks back

                                                                  Jumping in between a dog fight is something I've known for a long time and even kept in mind when I heard a fight outside my window.
                                                                  Unfortunately a lot of logic flies out the window when you see a big dog latched onto your cat at 2am. I grabbed the dog's neck and pulled up- probably not the best way to grab that dog but I could think of little else when it had it's jaws around my cat's throat and I had to fend off a second dog prowling around close by. I eventually got the dog to let go but obviously it immediately went after my cat again and yes, I was dumb and blocked with my hand, luckily the bites I received were from my cat but those are going to be on my hand for a very long time. I eventually ended up with the cat trapped behind me in a corner with the dog in front still going for the cat and yes, it was nerve wracking to have a dog snapping it's jaws that close to my neck since I was on the ground. I'm very lucky the dog didn't turn on me. In the end I got help and we shooed the dogs off but I was scraped up and shaken from the experience.
                                                                  If you are wondering, no the cat didn't survive and the dog was an Old English Bulldog. Very sweet towards people but apparently has a nasty streak toward other animals (I found out later the dog has a track history of killing another small animals). The other dog wasn't that big of a problem. He was a Black Lab - Old English Bulldog mix who was mostly just observing and would lunge in from time to time, but he was easy to ward off with a warning. Was it a very smart idea? No, and I'm lucky I wasn't hurt more than the few bites and scrapes I got.

                                                                  • Vivian Lee
                                                                    Vivian Lee  1 weeks back

                                                                    What breed of dog is Bear? He looks so mellow and sweet.

                                                                    • hallo freunde
                                                                      hallo freunde  1 weeks back

                                                                      PUPPY!?!?!?!? HE IS GIANT

                                                                      • Sara Sara
                                                                        Sara Sara  1 weeks back

                                                                        This might sound gross but the best way to stop a dog attack/fight is to put either a finger or something into the dog's butthole OR pick up their hind legs to throw off their balance. Obviously don't shove anything in their booties all violently but the sensation should startle them enough to stop it. I once had a neighbor that had two pits that would fight every once in a while but like bloody ugly fights and he started poking them in the butthole and eventually they stopped doing it altogether 😂

                                                                        • Max Papaioannides
                                                                          Max Papaioannides  1 weeks back

                                                                          My dog actually got in a fight once but thankfully both dogs were very small so me and the other owner just picked our dogs up and left. BAREly got a scratch.

                                                                          • GIVE ME BACK MY WOOJIN, HANBIN, WONHO AND SULLI

                                                                            His paw is literally bigger than my face, no joke or over exaggerating..

                                                                            • Leyren
                                                                              Leyren  1 weeks back

                                                                              Your tips are good if your 'opponent' is a very aggressive dog without any control. If it's a not that worse case, and you have confidence in your strength:
                                                                              - As you said, don't run. And stand firmly in front of them, making yourself tall, showing authority.
                                                                              - If that doesn't work, grab them by the neck with one hand, grab the mouth with the other hand (that's why I said if you're confident about it), effectively locking its head. Now you can press it down, using your arms and legs to lock the rest of the body. He won't be able to move an inch.

                                                                              • Henry Mathews
                                                                                Henry Mathews  1 weeks back

                                                                                My dog misbehaves and I use the whip on it.......then it comes back to its senses, period!

                                                                                • La Toya Crittenden
                                                                                  La Toya Crittenden  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Did you just ASSUME a golden retriever is chill based on his breed? tut tut.

                                                                                  • Peter D.
                                                                                    Peter D.  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I want to see the cool people on the street who jumped the fence and started punching at the dog.

                                                                                    • kareena Ramcharan
                                                                                      kareena Ramcharan  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Hit it in his nose

                                                                                      • yuvraj sharma
                                                                                        yuvraj sharma  1 weeks back

                                                                                        i know i am a little late but dogs in my area have a group type of they are about 6-7 dogs. i was going to school and saw getting a full grown strong muscled fit man shedding a lot lot of blood and 2-3 men helped him but they were too strong. So what if this happens to me? or anybody? Animal report in our area is weak i mean super weak. Please doctor help

                                                                                        • Toni A
                                                                                          Toni A  1 weeks back

                                                                                          So, did the lady go to the hospital? Did she keep her dog?

                                                                                          • Inka Koutná
                                                                                            Inka Koutná  2 weeks back

                                                                                            I am so SO fucking afraid of dog attacks and dog fights. I can't deal with their agresive barking. It makes me so afraid

                                                                                            • Sad Cat
                                                                                              Sad Cat  2 weeks back

                                                                                              Yes thanks for the advice But... i have a jak Russel terrier... its the size of a small fox

                                                                                              • Celeste Moreno
                                                                                                Celeste Moreno  2 weeks back

                                                                                                I’m not being mean or anything but I hate when small girls get big dogs and DON’T have ANY control of their dog. If you can’t control a BIG DOG don’t get a BIG DOG.