How to DIY a survival nalgene bottle


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  • beautiful mess
    beautiful mess  3 months back

    I did not know you can wash paracord in the dishwasher!!!!!
    Cool video, easy direction.

    • jay R Kos
      jay R Kos  7 months back

      what do i have to do if i want the accent color to go all around the bottle and not just a couple lines?

      • Bra
        Bra  7 months back

        Good stuff, thanks bud.

        • Thaddeus Mikolajczyk
          Thaddeus Mikolajczyk  9 months back

          Great idea thanks for sharing.

          • Jack low
            Jack low  9 months back

            You have too do away with that spring field armory.

            • Tache
              Tache  9 months back

              I know what everyone is getting for Christmas lol 😂