Alternate Route for 405


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  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer  9 months back

    .......Every LA car chase ends up on Slauson ave for a minute......and I remember Johnny and smile.

    • VidBrats
      VidBrats   9 months back

      Come to think of it... you are so right about Slauson... bwahaha

  • JustAintThatWay
    JustAintThatWay  1 years back

    Gold pure comedy gold. "... 80 miles ..." & JC's look after Matinee Lady's line.

    • Gilbert Anguiano
      Gilbert Anguiano  3 years back

      lol..he is talking about slauson ave.

      • Driven2Beers
        Driven2Beers  6 years back

        Man, I always loved watching these skits in my early to mid teens. Had nothing to do with the comedy though. ;-)

        • Archibald Doogan
          Archibald Doogan  6 years back

          I am surprised how difficult it is to view authentic Art Fern clips. Most on the internet are impersonators. While I applaud the effort, nothing beats Johnny.

          • MzKlara
            MzKlara  7 years back

            Please post more Art Fern!