Gorgeous New Marvel Figures from Bandai Namco at NYCC 2019!


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  • John Ryan Parman
    John Ryan Parman  1 months back

    did that guy just murder Mjolnir's pronunciation.

  • Zebroroxx Productions
    Zebroroxx Productions  1 months back

    Isn’t there all ready a shf Endgame cap but this one looks battle damaged with mjolnir and his broken shield

    • Luis Miguel
      Luis Miguel  1 months back

      what good figure of iron spide cartoon

      • emanuel shah
        emanuel shah  1 months back

        Who put this guy in charge of the marvel toys line?

        • Moist Von Lipwig
          Moist Von Lipwig  1 months back

          3:03 "toys are meant to be played with." such a regressive way of looking at these things. you'll never hear the same said about sculptures or paintings or other "works of art." these aren't just toys.

          • David Edmundson
            David Edmundson  1 months back

            Other works of art are not manufactured with incredible articulation and swappable parts. “Playing” doesn’t mean burying them in the dirt. But reposing and having fun with them counts as playing. 😀

          • Julius Orji
            Julius Orji  1 months back

            Is you don't play with them then they are sculptures playing with them makes the difference

        • spondon kashyap
          spondon kashyap  1 months back

          These are nice but hottoys are better they're more detailed

          • Baila sin tus huaraches
            Baila sin tus huaraches  1 months back

            spondon kashyap hot toys are 12 inch figures. These are closer to 6 inch but a bit smaller
            Ah wait unless you mean the re:edit but thats not even based on a live action character

        • IronSpiderman2099
          IronSpiderman2099  1 months back

          The Iron Spiderman calls my name, please dont be over $100 thats my limit

          • Slimshadow457
            Slimshadow457  1 months back

            It's roughly 300. Look up sentinel re:edit Iron Spider.

        • Zapdos
          Zapdos  1 months back

          SHF in the US??? Please Bandai!!!!

          • Jim Johnson
            Jim Johnson  1 months back

            I love Milnjor

            • Havoc
              Havoc  1 months back

              That iron spider looks so amazing! ...
              Ahem... Could u buy me one?

              • Freddy Padilla
                Freddy Padilla  1 months back

                Ace from one piece straight up photobombed the whole review

                • Jason Beard
                  Jason Beard  1 months back

                  I HATE 3-armed Iron Spider-Man, but that's a dope figure.

                • Agentbro007 Bruh
                  Agentbro007 Bruh  1 months back


                  • מאוורר MLP
                    מאוורר MLP  1 months back

                    Wow those are nice... But most likely over my lifetime bugdet

                    • 『 P E P E C R I M S O N 』

                      Shf Marvel in the US, bruh my bank account is already dead

                      • Joseph Mora
                        Joseph Mora  1 months back

                        *NASA ACCIDENTALLY RELEASES ENDGAME 2*

                        • Joseph Mora
                          Joseph Mora  1 months back


                          • C-Red
                            C-Red  1 months back

                            bet this is like $500 each.

                            • Slimshadow457
                              Slimshadow457  1 months back

                              SHF cost like 50-100 dollars, resell for 150-300 depending on exclusivity and age.

                              The Sentinel Iron Spider is like 300 dollars I believe.

                            • Jeffees
                              Jeffees  1 months back

                              And will be sold on ebay for $5000 each

                          • ChangeME
                            ChangeME  1 months back

                            Under 10000 view come here !!

                            • Bigmac Jr.
                              Bigmac Jr.  1 months back


                              • LET'S GO! LET'S GET IT.
                                LET'S GO! LET'S GET IT.  1 months back

                                Third comment

                                • Aaron Sukalic
                                  Aaron Sukalic  1 months back