Sema 2019 Best Jeeps


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  • Jjunju Richvine
    Jjunju Richvine  1 weeks back

    Thanks bro, we appreciate for keeping us posted on the trending Jeeps, i hope to visit Sema Auto show one day

    • Leif Gurganus
      Leif Gurganus  2 weeks back

      5:00 Really does this dude just not like old jeeps, just walks away from em

      • Leif Gurganus
        Leif Gurganus  2 weeks back

        2:10 , major shame for just walking past that beaute of a wagoneer.

        • Hunter Whitiworth
          Hunter Whitiworth  2 weeks back

          *skips golden wooden wagoneer*

          • Sam c
            Sam c  2 weeks back

            Love all the gladiators thanks for showing us 🤙

            • Ro Baas
              Ro Baas  2 weeks back

              Interesting how when speaking Spanish, your have no slurring(accent) in your speech... Speaking English, slurring... Spanish accent...

              • B M
                B M  2 weeks back

                This video would only be one minute long if he deleted all of the "guys".

                • Raider Nation
                  Raider Nation  2 weeks back

                  You need to go by the AR distributors booth my boys Jeep is probably one of the best there. It’s loaded and flexing on a 42” stand.

                  • KEVIN Clark
                    KEVIN Clark  2 weeks back

                    Don't mess with the grill.

                    • Mark Remillard
                      Mark Remillard  2 weeks back

                      Sorry they stopped making jeeps in 2006

                      • VLAND
                        VLAND  2 weeks back

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                        • Carlos F Costilla
                          Carlos F Costilla  2 weeks back

                          Saludos amigo oye todos esos jeeps tienen su propio dueño o son solo para promocionar mercancia

                          • Jungle Jim
                            Jungle Jim  2 weeks back

                            Best and jeep are two words that just don't go together. It's like saying the best worst.

                            • Nathan Heier
                              Nathan Heier  2 weeks back

                              Just walk past the wagoneer like that :(

                              • Leif Gurganus
                                Leif Gurganus  2 weeks back

                                And the commando ):

                              • GravelSasquatch
                                GravelSasquatch  2 weeks back

                                He clearly knows nothing about that classic Jeep. Not a Jeep fan for sure!

                            • arecee50
                              arecee50  2 weeks back

                              its a shame they will never see mud, not my kind of jeeps

                              • Shane Tobin
                                Shane Tobin  2 weeks back

                                3:10 so many of the same color plaid shirt. That is a glitch in the simulation.

                                • Shane Tobin
                                  Shane Tobin  2 weeks back

                                  Just look at this one. Hmm I wonder what I am doing right now? watch something at the theater?

                                  • Yaniel Rodriguez
                                    Yaniel Rodriguez  2 weeks back

                                    I guess this is the overland year after the gladiator show up every body want one even me jj

                                    • Yaniel Rodriguez
                                      Yaniel Rodriguez  2 weeks back

                                      Candela mi son amazing bro

                                      • JeepΦJeep
                                        JeepΦJeep  2 weeks back

                                        A lil late this year huh? Between Wayalife, Waldy and Brad from Trail Recon, we've pretty much seen everything. It's the year of The Gladiator. The Doetsch Offroad builds, killed it this year. Loving the Rock Krawler 4 link triangulated suspension they did for the JT.

                                        • nary4tom96
                                          nary4tom96  2 weeks back

                                          @OFF ROAD N Chill keep doing your thing brother..thanks for the video

                                        • OFF ROAD N Chill
                                          OFF ROAD N Chill   2 weeks back

                                          I have filmed and uploaded a lot of videos But I havent upload them all yet