Trader Joe's Haul: Most Underrated Products | October 2018


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  • deidre steinbergen
    deidre steinbergen  4 months back

    I love the chili lime chicken burgers and the salmon burgers so good on the grill

    • deidre steinbergen
      deidre steinbergen  4 months back

      Ohhhh those peanut butter roundels are delicious you will eat the whole box too quick it’s yummy! I’m going to try the salt and vinegar chips never tried

      • Nic Billera
        Nic Billera  5 months back

        I am actually having the Dalmas with lunch. They are so good.

          CECILIA GONZÁLEZ  5 months back

          chimichurri is originally from Argentina, FYI!

          • Sheri Hedgecock
            Sheri Hedgecock  7 months back

            Ravioli is delicious

            • Tracey Gleason
              Tracey Gleason  9 months back

              I work at TJs and this place isn’t just a really great place to shop, but it’s a great place to work, too! ❤️ You can shop there knowing that they’re really good to their employees, give a hoot about their customers, and make an effort to give back to the community (especially those less fortunate). 💕

              • Katie Hespe
                Katie Hespe   9 months back

                Couldn’t agree more. I love working there too 😊

            • Kamakshi Jhawar
              Kamakshi Jhawar  9 months back

              Wish we had T Joes in India 😅

              • Aki Scott
                Aki Scott  10 months back

       you work for Trader Joe's??? I keep hearing you say "we sell". My favorite items are SALSA ESPECIAL/ medium & the Unsalted Tortilla chips

              • S Ventola
                S Ventola  10 months back

                The naan and spanakopita

                • Kara M
                  Kara M  10 months back

                  I agree about the cards. They have the best and the flower bouquets 💐 I also loved the chips that tasted like Thanksgiving. Those were so good! I need to buy a bottle of the olive oil with the spout. It’s a big bottle for the price.

                  • 52sharonmarie52
                    52sharonmarie52  10 months back

                    need more organic frozen

                    • Olga Clark
                      Olga Clark  10 months back

                      Thank you for the suggestions! One of my favorites are the Mango & Cream Bars! Delicious frozen mango and gluten free treat!

                      • * Photosbyjerseygirl
                        * Photosbyjerseygirl  12 months back

                        Do you have the nutritional info on the Perfect Bars? I don't remember ever seeing them there. TFS

                        • * Photosbyjerseygirl
                          * Photosbyjerseygirl  12 months back

                          Katie Hespe I swear if my head wasn't attached this week... thanks for reminding me of the obvious 😂

                        • Katie Hespe
                          Katie Hespe   12 months back

                          I don't have any on hand right now, so I don't have the info. I am sure you can find it online though.

                      • Marticia B.
                        Marticia B.  12 months back

                        Favorite product most everything lol

                        • Krystal E
                          Krystal E  12 months back

                          Balsamic chicken is where it’s at! Oh and the kale chips!

                          • Trouble Maker
                            Trouble Maker  1 years back

                            Fajitas. Meatloaf guacamole
                            All really good.

                            • Trouble Maker
                              Trouble Maker  1 years back

                              Miyko's butter. It's vegan Non dairy
                              Better than real butter 90 calories per tablespoon I am allergic to dairy. P.s. their large eggs taste better and have strong shells
                              That means the chickens had a very good diet. Beemstr smoked cheese is fabulous.

                              • Trouble Maker
                                Trouble Maker  1 years back

                                Fried cauliflower by Chinese foods.

                                • Trouble Maker
                                  Trouble Maker  1 years back


                                  • Katie Hespe
                                    Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                    Oh gotcha! Dolmas, I have them in my pantry as we speak and they are delicious 😋

                                  • Trouble Maker
                                    Trouble Maker  1 years back

                                    @Katie Hespe
                                    Greek stuffed grape leaves, come in a can bottom shelf near oils.
                                    They taste marinated stuffed with rice good as a new appetizer or side.

                                  • Katie Hespe
                                    Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                    What are Dolmades?

                                • Asia Grabowska
                                  Asia Grabowska  1 years back

                                  Trader Joe's plain greek style yogurt and peanut butter/ dark chocolate cups!!!!!!

                                  • Suzanne Roy
                                    Suzanne Roy  1 years back

                                    I have Dolmas in the cupboard always! Also love the Beet chip/crackers.

                                    • Mike Burkholder
                                      Mike Burkholder  1 years back

                                      Dragon Sauce. I use it lots of different ways.

                                      • Camper4life22
                                        Camper4life22  1 years back

                                        What are Dolmas?

                                        • Katie Hespe
                                          Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                          A rice mixture wrapped in grape delicious.

                                      • Baldina Molino
                                        Baldina Molino  1 years back

                                        All of trader joe is underrated. It is the best shopping experience!

                                        • P CC
                                          P CC  1 years back

                                          Yesss, the brown rice cakes are so good! I spread whatever nut butter I have on had, slice bananas & strawberries & lay them out on top of the peanut butter. 😋😋 The dried fruits are definitely good stuff, especially the dried mangoes! The veggie chips are so good too & I wish the chili lime burgers came in bigger boxes. The TJ's here in MD doesn't sell liquor/alcohol boo!

                                          As far as items to try, will have to try the rolls, marinara sauce,

                                          • Lisa W
                                            Lisa W  1 years back

                                            Sounds like you work for Trader Joe’s?

                                            • Misty Buttercup
                                              Misty Buttercup  1 years back

                                              Yes! Pretty all occasion Cards only 99 cents!👈🏽👌🏼

                                              • Misty Buttercup
                                                Misty Buttercup  1 years back

                                                I get the raisin walnut apple primeval bars 🍞every week!!! 👌🏼

                                                • Misty Buttercup
                                                  Misty Buttercup  1 years back

                                                  My daughter & I luv Trader Joe’s!🥩🍤🥟🎂🥧🍰🍌🥦🥒🍅🌶🥔🍠🍞🥚
                                                  She gets the grilled chicken strips , her Alfredo sauce & Cauliflower Gnocchi from there!

                                                  • Trish Doherty
                                                    Trish Doherty  1 years back

                                                    Off topic, but I think I have your same ring set. Do you experience losing and having to replace the smaller diamonds around your halo? I've had to replace every 6 months and they want me to pick out a new ring. After seeing 'my ring' on you, I don't want that!! It is so beautiful!

                                                    • Trish Doherty
                                                      Trish Doherty  12 months back

                                                      That's exactly how I feel! I brought it back one last time and he put all new prongs on the whole thing as the last attempt. So fingers crossed! Thanks so much for responding on your vaca! Hope you had a great time!

                                                    • Katie Hespe
                                                      Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                                      Sorry for the late response. I’m on vacation but wanted to say I have only lost one stone in almost 5 years. Luckily the place my husband bought it from replaced the stone free of charge and since then nothing else has fallen out. I absolutely love my ring and I would be heart broken if I had to choose a new one. I will say that the stones shouldn’t be falling out like you described. Possibly have them replace with the exact ring?

                                                  • Yknot Dostuff
                                                    Yknot Dostuff  1 years back

                                                    Those dolmas are SOOOO good!

                                                    • Ophelia Z-Bricker
                                                      Ophelia Z-Bricker  1 years back

                                                      Thankfully I watched your video before I head to my local Trader Joe's. I bought the dried fruit-mandarine and Black toad beer for my husband. We all love the item you suggested! Dried Mandarine is amazing! So refreshing and juicy.

                                                      • Magdalena Sacco
                                                        Magdalena Sacco  1 years back

                                                        That Nougat is not chalky.... it's delicious. It's some of the freshest nougat I've ever had, and the perfect amount of sweetness... nougat is not sweet like hard candy.... it's sweet like pastry. A delicate sweetness.

                                                        • Katie Hespe
                                                          Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                                          This is why its just an opinion, as I always state. I am sure there are several things that I like that you don't.

                                                      • Kalen McCoy
                                                        Kalen McCoy  1 years back

                                                        Green dragon hot sauce, everything but the bagel seasoning and their face moisturizer!

                                                        • Katherine Wilson
                                                          Katherine Wilson  1 years back

                                                          The tea tree face wipes are great if your face isn't really sensitive. Cleans the grime and makeup off really well!

                                                      • Karen Villanueva
                                                        Karen Villanueva  1 years back

                                                        TJs Organic Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Choc Chips! :)

                                                        • Debi Susan
                                                          Debi Susan  1 years back

                                                          White chips and Tomatillos salsa, my fav. However, lately it has really watery.

                                                          • Karina S.
                                                            Karina S.  1 years back

                                                            Chimichurri is South American not Mexican at all!

                                                          • Cross Ocean
                                                            Cross Ocean  1 years back

                                                            Missing how you drink all the booze...

                                                            • Cross Ocean
                                                              Cross Ocean  1 years back

                                                              Thanks for the upload. I like the content!

                                                            • Katie Hespe
                                                              Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                                              I have been incorporating wine reviews in my last few videos 😊

                                                          • ne03brady
                                                            ne03brady  1 years back

                                                            I love the potato stix (in the chip aisle) and the green tea mints that are at the register. I always buy like 10 tins of those mints when I go haha

                                                            • theredderthebetter1
                                                              theredderthebetter1  1 years back

                                                              Every payday I go to Trader Joe’s. Always buy 3 bags of the Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn Mix. The cashier said she doesn’t see that product come thru her line much. It is so delicious!!!!! The cheddar is really tasty, the caramel is fantastic. I highly recommend this popcorn. 🙂

                                                              • Maria Sandera
                                                                Maria Sandera  1 years back

                                                                Toffee chips. I demolished the box in no time. Sooo underrated

                                                                • Vespertilio91
                                                                  Vespertilio91  1 years back

                                                                  A recent find I am obsessed with is the Montezuma dark chocolate bar. I can't leave the store without it. The cashiers are always intrigued when I buy it and ask if it's bitter because it is 100% dark chocolate. I love it and compare it to having a bit of black coffee with rich chocolate flavor. You don't need much since it is so rich so a bar lasts me a while. Some of my other fave staples are bambas (mega underrated) and the reduced guilt guacamole. Of course I always have to pick up a cauliflower product of some sort too.

                                                                • CoachByNicole
                                                                  CoachByNicole  1 years back

                                                                  The Caramel are AMAZING I honestly didn't know they were sold year around.

                                                                  • Michelle
                                                                    Michelle  1 years back

                                                                    Someone on Pinterest added Chimichurri with the Roasted Red Pepper soup from Trader Joes. Oh man it is good. Random, but good!!

                                                                    • Katie Hespe
                                                                      Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                                                      Yes! Thats a classic go to recipe demo uses during the winter. I completely forgot about it until now 😊

                                                                  • Danielle Witten
                                                                    Danielle Witten  1 years back

                                                                    I LOVE that barolo wine pasta sauce! It's SOOOOO good! Seriously, I'll make pasta and hand out samples myself to spread the love on that product!

                                                                  • Princess
                                                                    Princess  1 years back

                                                                    My favorite is the nothing but the bagel seasoning the mini ice cream cones need to go buy a few things to try

                                                                    • Princess
                                                                      Princess  1 years back

                                                                      I got the butternut squash pasta frozen my daughter liked it

                                                                      • Princess
                                                                        Princess  1 years back

                                                                        The dolma I would need to try but since we make it at home fresh I usually don’t buy them cause of course it wouldn’t be as good as home made

                                                                        • Katie Hespe
                                                                          Katie Hespe   1 years back

                                                                          I agree homemade is definitely better!