The Team Perform Their NATIONALS WINNING GROUP | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 18


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  • Dayami Viloria
    Dayami Viloria  2 weeks back

    This wasn’t the national winning dance. The Prom was the one at Nationals that did win the competition at the Nationals

    • lee murphy
      lee murphy  3 weeks back

      • Absolutely Champagne
        Absolutely Champagne  1 months back

        This wasn't the nationals group dance but it was still good 😊

        • Andy Vlogs
          Andy Vlogs  1 months back

          97% of the comments: this wasnt the group dance
          2% of comments: you know the drill 1 Sarah 2 Abby blah blah blah
          1% of comments: other

          • Fiona A
            Fiona A  2 months back

            The Rigs!!!!

            • Ava Bragalone
              Ava Bragalone  2 months back

              Umm, I was expecting the Prom...

              • Mayokun Mayonnaise
                Mayokun Mayonnaise  2 months back


                • Rachy T
                  Rachy T  2 months back

                  Wait....... Lifetime have me more confused than ever before???

                  • TerrificTx
                    TerrificTx  2 months back

                    I love dis one

                    • just call me Jess z
                      just call me Jess z  2 months back

                      I'm SO glad I was right in being SO confused about which dance was what. LoL

                      • Rumfallo World
                        Rumfallo World  2 months back

                        It's my 1727 time watching this dance and i still dont know where does the paper comes from

                        • Gina Whiteing
                          Gina Whiteing  2 months back

                          Rumfallo World it’s under their dresses

                      • Allison Cha
                        Allison Cha  2 months back

                        Sorry but paris really isn’t at the level of the group. She is not that good. Should have been the other girl

                        • fj 1234567890
                          fj 1234567890  3 weeks back

                          Well when I was watching th chosen one when berkliegh was in it my eye was drawn more to Paris than berkliegh and I feel Abby didn't want another really small girl like Lilly on the team maybe because Abby uses makes Lilly stand out and she usually has people of similar sizes and ability next to eachother

                        • glenda ramirez
                          glenda ramirez  2 months back

                          she doesn't stand out to me at all.

                      • Mae Mae
                        Mae Mae  2 months back

                        It's weird to see this dance without Berkleigh cause it's look like Paris is dancing alone.

                        • Jenny M
                          Jenny M  2 months back

                          👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Sarah la mejor 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

                          • yoga dye
                            yoga dye  2 months back

                            THIS IS A SCAM!!

                          • Tbhkaitlyn_
                            Tbhkaitlyn_  2 months back

                            I still never would’ve thought that 3 years after reading the lottery in high school they would make a group dance about it 😂 I thought it was the dumbest short story ever back then; things have not changed.

                            • no one hehe
                              no one hehe  2 months back

                              Hey dmtv this is the chosen one

                              • Klara173 -Let's go with this nonsense

                                The prom is the winning one

                                • Marie Adams
                                  Marie Adams  2 months back

                                  I think this latest ALDC dance group in general show more talent than the last group.
                                  So young, yet as a group they appear to peform very mature moving with such accurate finesse and grace...
                                  I particularly loved Brady dancing his solo
                                  'I can't dance'... those lines!!! and the solo 'straight Escape' dance performed by Liliana left me totally speechless!!!

                                  • Victoria Georgieva
                                    Victoria Georgieva  2 months back

                                    Thats the chosen one

                                    • Hayley Meyer
                                      Hayley Meyer  2 months back

                                      Change the title

                                      • Leanne Haddock
                                        Leanne Haddock  2 months back

                                        I'me expecting The Prom

                                        • Ethel Letsu
                                          Ethel Letsu  2 months back


                                          • Ethel Letsu
                                            Ethel Letsu  2 months back

                                            Your head like no twwww

                                          • Ethel Letsu
                                            Ethel Letsu  2 months back

                                            Kurosa Tai why their cute

                                          • Kurosa Tai
                                            Kurosa Tai  2 months back

                                            Ethel Letsu No.

                                          • Ethel Letsu
                                            Ethel Letsu  2 months back

                                            Who loves brilliana mixture of Lilly and Brady cute 🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍🥰🥰

                                        • CDM Blue
                                          CDM Blue  2 months back

                                          Isn’t this the wrong dance?

                                        • Sara Tinella
                                          Sara Tinella  2 months back

                                          I was expecting The prom...

                                          • bldymcrtality.mp4
                                            bldymcrtality.mp4  2 months back

                                            this wasn't the nationals groupdance right?

                                          • Kaiya Seymour
                                            Kaiya Seymour  2 months back

                                            The chosen one isn’t the nationals winning group tho

                                          • Jessica Wong
                                            Jessica Wong  2 months back

                                            This wasn't the nationals dance

                                            • Jessica Wong
                                              Jessica Wong  2 months back

                                              @Rocío Moreno lol, its ok I was just really confused :)

                                            • Rocío Moreno
                                              Rocío Moreno  2 months back

                                              @Jessica Wong sorry, I was mistaken. Forget what I wrote...

                                            • Jessica Wong
                                              Jessica Wong  2 months back

                                              Wait what??

                                            • Rocío Moreno
                                              Rocío Moreno  2 months back

                                              it was, not the winning 1 though lol

                                          • Diane Walsh
                                            Diane Walsh  2 months back

                                            Bring SARAH BACK.

                                            • ALDC Cake
                                              ALDC Cake  2 months back

                                              Let’s play a Dance Moms game 🍩

                                              The last digit of the likes is what dance you get ❤️

                                              0,1,2 Solo 💖
                                              3,4,5, Duet 🍁
                                              6,7,8 Trio 🥰
                                              9 Group 🌺

                                              Your battery % is your style 🔋

                                              0-20 Contemporary ❤️
                                              21-40 Jazz 🌸
                                              41-60 Acro 🦄
                                              61-80 Ballet 🌼
                                              81-100 Tap 😊

                                              If you got a duet the last number of your age is your partner 🥰

                                              0. Hannah 🌻
                                              1. Brady 😍
                                              2. Savannah 🌸
                                              3. Pressley 🐬
                                              4. GiaNina 🍄
                                              5. Lilliana 💝
                                              6. Sarah 🦄
                                              7. Elliana 🐿
                                              8. Paris 🦋
                                              9. Kamryn 💕

                                              If you got a trio the first number of the likes are your partners 💖

                                              0,1,2 Sarah and Pressley 💓
                                              3,4,5 Savannah and Brady ⭐️
                                              6,7,8 Hannah and GiaNina 🍉
                                              9 Lilliana and Elliana 🍟

                                              • Nicole Dean
                                                Nicole Dean  2 weeks back

                                                Contemporary duet with Presley

                                              • Mollie Carter
                                                Mollie Carter  3 weeks back

                                                I got a tap solo. A duo with gianina and a trio with Sarah and Presley

                                              • Hunter_Of_Artemis
                                                Hunter_Of_Artemis  1 months back

                                                I got a ballet solo which is fitting cause I do ballet

                                              • Kk's Gacha Fam
                                                Kk's Gacha Fam  1 months back

                                                I got a tap duet with savannah!

                                            • Auri Lea
                                              Auri Lea  2 months back

                                              This wasn’t their national group ?

                                              • Auri Lea
                                                Auri Lea  2 months back

                                                XoMarshmelloXo Xoxo I know but the title says that this was their Nationals Winning Group

                                              • XoMarshmelloXo Xoxo
                                                XoMarshmelloXo Xoxo  2 months back

                                                Auri Lea it was pairs first dance

                                              • Lindy Moyo
                                                Lindy Moyo  2 months back

                                                @Rocío Moreno No problem😊

                                              • Rocío Moreno
                                                Rocío Moreno  2 months back

                                                @Lindy Moyo oops, my fault. Thanks for the info though.

                                              • Lindy Moyo
                                                Lindy Moyo  2 months back

                                                @Rocío Moreno No it wasn't. The national group was The Prom. This dance is the chosen one.

                                            • Auri Lea
                                              Auri Lea  2 months back

                                              Paris fits in with the rest of the team really well

                                              • Goo Galore
                                                Goo Galore  2 months back

                                                jill: but my little kandall fits in even better

                                            • RazFrom TheGrazz
                                              RazFrom TheGrazz  2 months back


                                              • kian clarke
                                                kian clarke  2 months back