Shannon PRAISES Aaron Rodgers shines as Packers DESTROY Raiders in Week 7


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  • Albert Robinson
    Albert Robinson  4 weeks back

    This mans hate for Aaron Rodgers gotta be personal the old mans take is straight bogus

    • Mr. Vice President
      Mr. Vice President  4 weeks back

      I like how skip uses QBR as an argument except when it's used against him, then he says who won the game tho.

      • Kane Copeland 3500
        Kane Copeland 3500  4 weeks back

        Skip Shut ya hating ass up!!!

        • Thomas Ward
          Thomas Ward  4 weeks back

          Every time Skip closes his eyes....I hope he sees the Aaron Rodgers "SMIRK"....

          • J Compa
            J Compa  4 weeks back

            This is hating on another level

            • Henry Esparza
              Henry Esparza  4 weeks back

              Skip needs to get off of QBR, what a joke. Football is a team sport.

              • Josh Grant
                Josh Grant  4 weeks back

                Bruh Tom Brady doesn’t even have a top 10 QBR right now and anyone with brains know he’s better than basically all of the leagues QBs only can make a case for like 2 or 3 QBR is a USELESS STAT

                • A O
                  A O  4 weeks back

                  RENT. FREE.

                  • Robert Larry
                    Robert Larry  4 weeks back

                    Will Skip EVER stop being an idiot? 🤦🏾‍♂️

                    • Henry Esparza
                      Henry Esparza  4 weeks back

                      No, he makes you want to punch him in the face lol

                  • Grits Quick
                    Grits Quick  4 weeks back

                    Skip... QB.R. dak is not win no Superbowl this year . Real fact

                    • Waseem Karkokly
                      Waseem Karkokly  4 weeks back


                      • Hector Rodriguez
                        Hector Rodriguez  4 weeks back

                        #GoPackGo Aaron Rodgers is a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD MAAAAAN!

                        • ACO 190
                          ACO 190  4 weeks back

                          Skip talks a lot about the past but somehow forgets to mention Rodgers is the fastest QB to 350 touchdowns and holds multiple records like highest passer rating

                          • Randy Warren
                            Randy Warren  4 weeks back

                            Skip has Dak on the brain and puts down Rogers at nearly every word that comes out of his mouth!

                            • Andrew Wilson
                              Andrew Wilson  4 weeks back

                              Skip is literally sick on the head. Something’s seriously wrong with that guy

                              • Romero R
                                Romero R  4 weeks back

                                Skip!! Skip! AR looked like a video game yesterday

                                • Mathew Cottrell
                                  Mathew Cottrell  4 weeks back

                                  Skip is a douche. If anyone thinks Dak is anywhere close to Rodgers level is completely insane. Qbr is a garbage stat

                                  • Gee Wehye
                                    Gee Wehye  4 weeks back

                                    Why is skip criticizing arod after 400+ yards, 5 passing tds, 1 rushing td and 0 interceptions after praising dak for 250 passing 2 total tds and an interception against the worst secondary in the NFL?

                                    • Mr. Vice President
                                      Mr. Vice President  4 weeks back

                                      Because he hates rodgers with a passion and he loves dak prescott more than his wife

                                  • seth ellebracht
                                    seth ellebracht  4 weeks back

                                    Skip can’t ever compliment Rodgers. The man played out of his mind are you kidding me? Pathetic. We got the dub though

                                    • jon snipe
                                      jon snipe  4 weeks back

                                      facts Rodgers played like a baaad man!!!!

                                  • Miguel Lopez
                                    Miguel Lopez  4 weeks back

                                    Dak has the #1 QBR and Kyler has the #8, but the Cowboys are 4-3 and Cardinals are 3-3-1. Rodgers has the #9 QBR and Packers are 6-1, but Skip thinks having a better QBR matters more than wins and loses.

                                    • Mr. Vice President
                                      Mr. Vice President  4 weeks back

                                      Unless someone uses the qbr argument against him, then it's who got the win

                                  • Quadire Grayson
                                    Quadire Grayson  4 weeks back

                                    ...the Raiders was on the schedule, they came there and Aaron put foots in them lmao.

                                    • Gt77rs
                                      Gt77rs  4 weeks back

                                      Oh skip if you’re not sucking off Dak you’re not happy with any quarter back and if you seriously think Dak is the best qb in the league you’re on crack and definitely need a new TV set

                                      • Mikerism Messiah
                                        Mikerism Messiah  4 weeks back

                                        i got a feeling Packers will lose in playoffs and everyone will let Arod pass idk y tho

                                        • hoopsinmarch
                                          hoopsinmarch  4 weeks back

                                          You just saw what happened when they "let" AR pass...lmao. Try again.

                                        • Travis Blair
                                          Travis Blair  4 weeks back

                                          I disagree!

                                        • Big Guwop
                                          Big Guwop  4 weeks back

                                          Mikerism Messiah because his defense will allow 54 points

                                      • Gaga Zaric
                                        Gaga Zaric  4 weeks back

                                        Skip is such a moron

                                        • Gaga Zaric
                                          Gaga Zaric  4 weeks back

                                          Garopollo sucks.

                                          • Cruz

                                            49ers undefeated helloo any body there

                                            • Gee Wehye
                                              Gee Wehye  4 weeks back

                                              @Miguel Lopez I fully agree

                                            • Miguel Lopez
                                              Miguel Lopez  4 weeks back

                                              Hopefully they stay undefeated and the Packers keep winning. The game in late November is going be really good. Skip will still say Dak has the #1 QBR so the 49ers and Packers doesn't mean anything because it not the game between the #1 and #2 QBR.

                                            • brad schaefer
                                              brad schaefer  4 weeks back

                                              See you on 11/24 - Go Pack !