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  • Sports Actuary
    Sports Actuary  7 months back

    That's why Wilt is the goat. He changed his game three times.

    • Sports Actuary
      Sports Actuary  7 months back

      Message to Shannon: When are you going to call out John Elway for never giving a Black quarterback a shot?

      • Locolbew Productions
        Locolbew Productions  7 months back

        Remember when skip thought carmello was better than lebron?

        • live wire
          live wire  7 months back

          Crapadick sucks . a real pos , that racist sannon and senile skip cannot see that shows their ignorance

          • the420xtc
            the420xtc  7 months back

            libtards spewing lies /smh

            • thefalloftheelite
              thefalloftheelite  7 months back

              Skip is high again. I want some of his stuff

              • Louis Michael
                Louis Michael  7 months back

                Lavar was right all along. Magic had no power

                • Jay Bruh Ill
                  Jay Bruh Ill  7 months back

                  He should have been a real G and talked to Magic and Jeannie about it, instead of telling the media himself. I think he could have told the media as an unnamed source. And you made a good comment. This example is proof what they say about plinko is true.

              • Tavarrus Hardy
                Tavarrus Hardy  7 months back

                Sorry to inform y’all Shannon is right players other than the quarterback gets treated like horses after they use its straight to the glue factory

                • aka J P RODDY
                  aka J P RODDY  7 months back

                  My boy skip knows his stuff! Much love from one Spurs fan to another. I agree with a lot of what Skip says. I’ve got a playoff forecast video on my channel, but it’s full of truth. Enter at your own risk!!

                  • TYB Toshiba
                    TYB Toshiba  7 months back

                    The fact that I just heard this man say Manu Ginobli is better than Dirk Nowitzki makes me wanna throw up

                    • sebeku2
                      sebeku2  7 months back

                      Shannon played with a guy that was really prejudiced and racist...Bill Romanowski. Nick Bosa is looking alot like him..

                    • LUKIFER
                      LUKIFER  7 months back

                      Wtf manu was never better than Dirk. Wtf wth. Dirk delivered all the time in the Playoffs. And if thats choking in the 06 Finals, i dont know what else to think

                      • Nicholas Hazell
                        Nicholas Hazell  7 months back

                        I love when you guys don’t have 12 advertisements on here 5 is understandable 👍🏿

                        • Minister Carl Glover
                          Minister Carl Glover  7 months back

                          Shannon you really need to stop the bashing of the greats that set the tone for this generation, Lebron and Melo aren't in the playoffs they was going to be their regardless they are close they celebrate each other all the time.....they didnt take time out of nowhere they planned this long time ago.....

                          • Giffond Hall
                            Giffond Hall  7 months back

                            shannon needs stop hating on brady its annoying

                            • eoe123321
                              eoe123321  7 months back

                              Dirk top 20 all time, Manu top 50.
                              Skip is not a top 100 sports jornalist all time.

                              • Tyrone Franchize
                                Tyrone Franchize  7 months back


                                • Jackson Powell
                                  Jackson Powell  7 months back

                                  The dirk disrespectful from Skip is just awful smh. Dude was always in the mix in the 2000s west toughest conference in nba history.

                                  • eoe123321
                                    eoe123321  7 months back

                                    @Jackson Powell Skip is still butthurt that dirk beat the spurs in 06 at their home lmao

                                  • Jackson Powell
                                    Jackson Powell  7 months back

                                    First Name Last Name like duuuude manu? 😂

                                  • First Name Last Name
                                    First Name Last Name  7 months back

                                    Jackson Powell I just lost all respect for Scrip Bayless....

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