Game of Thrones Episode 3 Disappointment - Angry Rant!


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  • Алдуин Акатоша друг

    6 months later, Im still full of hate and anger about this season

    • Ancap Otaku
      Ancap Otaku  2 weeks back

      this is why stories need to have a planned out beginning middle and end for putting a show or video game or anime into production and the amount of seasons are required to tell the story should be what is necessary to tell the story if you don't have an ending planned route and don't put your story into production.

      • Yuya Sakaki
        Yuya Sakaki  2 weeks back

        D&D Out Rian Johnsoned Rian Johnson.

        • eibbor171
          eibbor171  3 weeks back

          i dont think the D&D understand that you can still use tropes as long as they make sense then instead we get retarded suBvERteD ExpEcTaATiONs thats why GoT is great cause they use tropes but also characters suffer the consequences of said trope i think aarya killing the NK was fucking dumb

          • esrsg esfsefse
            esrsg esfsefse  3 weeks back

            Why are you disliking this important review you brainless GoT Morons?!

            • MsB inSYDNEY
              MsB inSYDNEY  3 weeks back

              I am still seriously angry about the final season. Can someone please make up a good reason as to what the circles in the snow (usually made out of dead animal or human body parts) were about? That was one of the great mysteries around the WW' what did it mean?????

              • MsB inSYDNEY
                MsB inSYDNEY  3 weeks back

                Where did you read that? When you say "writers" in this instance, I'm assuming you mean D&D?

              • Thedeepseanomad
                Thedeepseanomad  3 weeks back

                They mentioned that the writers eventually decided it was blasphemy directed towards the Children of the forrest. For real.

            • mikeallen89
              mikeallen89  4 weeks back

              LOL - you get a thumbs up for the opening of this video. I clicked skip ad, and then up pops your face (Angry and silent). Too funny hahahaha. This sums up how I felt too.

              • Abin Tom Sebastian
                Abin Tom Sebastian  4 weeks back

                The night king was taking out his sword to swear his allegiance to The Lord Brandon Stark of Winterfell. He was the Real Night king, the one who tries to invade Westeros, but in the end Jon kills him.

                • DDot98
                  DDot98  4 weeks back

                  At this point, the only way game of thrones can make an impact in our culture again is if CD Project Red gets the license or someone as competent as them.

                  • BUILDSforDRIVING
                    BUILDSforDRIVING  4 weeks back

                    He was in the dragon the whole time watching his brother nail the blonde girl with daddy issues

                    • Alucard Al
                      Alucard Al  1 months back

                      The visuals and the music distract you from really focus on what's REALLY going on.
                      It's like watching an AMAZING fight between 2 characters, it's great,they are kicking ass. You have NO CLUE on why.

                      Iam all for a strong female characters, I really am. Arya didnt deserve to kill the night king. John had a better chance.

                      • BeanJohnAlzahrani
                        BeanJohnAlzahrani  1 months back

                        bruh you need to use Head & Shoulders America's #1 dandruff shampoo brand.

                        • 36 Freeze
                          36 Freeze  2 months back

                          *Jon tried to FUS DO RAH the Zombie dragon FFS* 😂🤣

                          • Iamjangoballs
                            Iamjangoballs  2 months back

                            The show was all about drogon... he lost his mother and his brothers... he lost everything.../

                            • Minkley McMoo
                              Minkley McMoo  2 months back

                              I wonder if Bran will appear in the prequels to explain where he warged to in the show?

                              • Aston Martin
                                Aston Martin  2 months back

                                Woke Game of Thrones. The hound had a panic attack during battle? Made Jon Snow a non factor this season.

                                • Hopelessdecoy
                                  Hopelessdecoy  2 months back

                                  Your not sexist if you wanted John to fight the Night King... He had all the plot build up and like you said Aria had a ton of awesome moments. John just had his big story moment stolen.

                                  • M M
                                    M M  3 months back

                                    To me this episode was a 2/10. One for acting and one for CGI. Everything else was simply disappointing.

                                    • M M
                                      M M  3 months back

                                      S8E3 was for me the episode that finally killed the show for me. This was such a big disappointment. This episode showed that D&D just did not care about GoT anymore. The following episodes made the whole show ridiculous and stupid - but at that time I did not care anymore.

                                      • Herb Coswell
                                        Herb Coswell  3 months back

                                        When Endgame ends a series better then GOT S8. Actually that's not surprising.

                                        • Rosani Rodrigues
                                          Rosani Rodrigues  3 months back

                                          Just because something is predictable doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad and the same holds true if something is unpredictable doesn’t mean it’s going to be inherently good either.

                                          • Ano Nym
                                            Ano Nym  3 months back

                                            You do nothing, Jon Snow

                                            • Мартин Мавродиев

                                              Even the fighting isn't that good. I couldn't see shit

                                              • mondomacabro major
                                                mondomacabro major  3 months back

                                                Eeerrrgh ... this whole show has been reduced to a steaming pile of shit!

                                                • thushar gowda
                                                  thushar gowda  3 months back

                                                  A man is right

                                                  • Name Last
                                                    Name Last  3 months back

                                                    Thing about episode 3 was that it started off amazingly. It set the mood of the battle to come and when the undead horde slammed into the unsullied I was fully engaged and in awe. Then slowly as the episode continued it set in that my expectations were about to be “subverted”. I was screaming at my tv when Arya stabbed the Night King but not in joy, but in anger and disbelief. Endgame and Episode 3 came out the same week and I couldn’t believe the climaxes I was in for. Needless to say, both disappointed me, but ep. 3 was the most disappointing travesty I’ve had the displeasure of viewing.

                                                    • Kastiel Candora
                                                      Kastiel Candora  4 months back

                                                      My finale:

                                                      Jon confronts the NK.
                                                      Jon and the NK fight.
                                                      Jon gets bested.
                                                      The NK grabs Jon at the throat and begins turning him into a white walker (you see this done in an earlier season when a white walker takes a living baby to the NK and turns it into a white).
                                                      Jon's eyes start turning blue.
                                                      You hear quick footsteps in the snow and the NK turns around to grab Arya who is holding a blade.
                                                      Jon manages to beat the whites sorcery/power and stabs the NK allowing Arya to decapitate the NK.

                                                      • Kastiel Candora
                                                        Kastiel Candora  4 months back

                                                        My finale:

                                                        Jon confronts the NK.
                                                        Jon and the NK fight.
                                                        Jon gets bested.
                                                        The NK grabs Jon at the throat and begins turning him into a white walker (you see this done in an earlier season when a white walker takes a living baby to the NK and turns it into a white).
                                                        Jon's eyes start turning blue.
                                                        You hear quick footsteps in the snow and the NK turns around to grab Arya who is holding a blade.
                                                        Jon manages to beat the whites sorcery/power and stabs the NK allowing Arya to decapitate the NK.

                                                        • Kastiel Candora
                                                          Kastiel Candora  4 months back

                                                          I was hoping during that yelling match between Jon and the dragon that the dragon would suddenly speak with Sean Connery's voice saying "remember the code, look to the stars" and Jon replies " but I don' wannit".

                                                          • 吕 弟戸 愚
                                                            吕 弟戸 愚  4 months back

                                                            🤦‍♂️ Well, that's what is obviously going to happen, if someone like Dumb & Dumber continue a TV Series, without the Books on which the same is based with! 😒

                                                            • The Truth
                                                              The Truth  4 months back

                                                              The boys D and D, were only lucky in seasons 6 and 7. But it was only a matter of time for that luck to finally run out.

                                                          • M L
                                                            M L  4 months back

                                                            You nerds take this shit to serious...its a damn TV show lol

                                                            • T Artist
                                                              T Artist  3 months back

                                                              You know nothing M L • 1

                                                          • Thortimus Yorkal
                                                            Thortimus Yorkal  4 months back

                                                            I think Joe should do reviews the way he does games and not have a watered down discussion.

                                                            • Thortimus Yorkal
                                                              Thortimus Yorkal  4 months back

                                                              has anyone noticed how creators will tear their reputation to the ground at the end? E.G Mass effect fans got shit ending and then Andromeda, Bethesda fans got Fallout 76 and creation club. D and D ruined Game of thrones.

                                                              • The B
                                                                The B  4 months back

                                                                Even worse a *Pile of Rubble* killed Cersei

                                                                • Majora de Mayhem
                                                                  Majora de Mayhem  4 months back

                                                                  For me, the only way to kill the Night King would be a Princes and Princesses team-up. In a way it WAS due to the combined efforts of Jon, Dany, Bran, Sansa and Arya. But I'd have made it more explicit and less Arya fan service. The original moral of GOT - as stated by Jon many times - is everyone needs to team up and fight for the living. It should not have been a solo win.

                                                                  • Angel ofIron
                                                                    Angel ofIron  4 months back

                                                                    God damnit I wanna zombie poler bear!

                                                                    • Raiders Husky
                                                                      Raiders Husky  5 months back

                                                                      I could've written a better ending then the crap Harry and Loyd made up. I loved GoT but this ending was terrible. Hopefully GRRM does a better job.

                                                                      • Robin Banks
                                                                        Robin Banks  5 months back

                                                                        I’d have Bronn, Tormund, Podrick, Sam, Grey Worm, Daario, all die in the war and I’d want to have the fight reach Kings Landing where I’d have more characters die like Qyburn, Jaime, Cersei, the Cleganes, and maybe have Jon himself die for good and takes the Night King with him and maybe have Bran help Jon fight King Ice by warging into him.

                                                                        • Robin Banks
                                                                          Robin Banks  5 months back

                                                                          Arya killing Cersei would’ve been a better death than how Cersei actually died. I think her killing Cersei could’ve been fine if Dumb and Dumber didn’t have her kill off all these other major villains, especially the Night King. Littlefinger didn’t belong to Arya either. That should’ve went to zombie Catelyn Stark who was cut from the show. Sansa could’ve killed him too but she never had the balls to get her own hands dirty and dishonored Ned’s tradition of execution in the process by having Arya do it. I’d also write much better battle strategies.

                                                                          • Robin Banks
                                                                            Robin Banks  5 months back

                                                                            The callback from Melisandre was from Season 3.

                                                                            • Oliver G. Demer
                                                                              Oliver G. Demer  5 months back

                                                                              I’ve been binging the entire show since I’ve been home for summer from college (all 7 seasons, just watched this episode last night). Honestly I have to say, it pretty much ruined the show for me. If I had actually waited 8 years like every one else I couldn’t imagine how mad I would be. I just don’t understand how she was able to get to the night king when he’s literally surrounded by hundreds of thousands of guards. She’s literally screaming and jumping at him like she’s air jordan while holding the only weapon that can destroy him and not one of the guards thinks to stop her? Give me a break. When that happened I literally shut my tv off and didn’t finish the episode I was so mad. I’m gonna watch the remaining 3 episodes just because I’ve come this far but I really don’t care what happens anymore. Sad

                                                                              • Derma Asthetique
                                                                                Derma Asthetique  5 months back

                                                                                I’ll never get sick of hearing people shit on season 8 .

                                                                                • Grunge Head
                                                                                  Grunge Head  5 months back

                                                                                  I thought about this. Having Arya kill the Night King was unexpected but you can only watch it once every other time you know it's coming so it gets boring since it's just one quick scene. Having an epic battle between Jon and the Night King may have not been a crazy twist but you could watch an epic battle more than once and still be entertained. The night king even had a sword on his back so I thought for sure him and Jon would have fought. I agree with everything Joe says.

                                                                                  • Noxi Toxic
                                                                                    Noxi Toxic  5 months back

                                                                                    13:16 she materializes lol

                                                                                    • oneagring
                                                                                      oneagring  5 months back

                                                                                      Dude! The battle tactics were terrible!! Who planned the battle? A five year old? I can't get past that.

                                                                                      • Cristián Paris
                                                                                        Cristián Paris  5 months back

                                                                                        This was just the beginning, we just didn't know it yet.

                                                                                        • jef
                                                                                          jef  5 months back

                                                                                          wtf the night king is touching Arya.
                                                                                          Should she not become a dead thing?
                                                                                          I remember that baby he touched and it then got blue ayes

                                                                                          • Christopher Barba
                                                                                            Christopher Barba  5 months back

                                                                                            It would have been more believable if Arya wore a mask to look like a White Walker in order to the kill the Night King instead of jumping 100 feet past all those white walkers.

                                                                                            • Netrunner
                                                                                              Netrunner  5 months back

                                                                                              It's bad and unbelievable in so many ways I would rewrite the whole episode not just give her mask.