AngryJoeShow Channel Trailer!


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  • Dave Kitsune
    Dave Kitsune  12 hours back

    Corporate Commander: I will get you next time Angry Joe! I will make a game you like with everything you hate! Then I will rule the world with said game!
    I doubt it.

    • Eternal Murk
      Eternal Murk  2 months back

      Ive been subscribed to you for 4 + years in the hell have I JUST NOW discovered this???

      • Espen Mikkelsen
        Espen Mikkelsen  2 months back


        • Ingold Pat
          Ingold Pat  3 months back

          Angry joe lala lalala Angry Joe!! dope 🤭

          • Jonathy James
            Jonathy James  3 months back

            This video wasn’t allowed in my home country for some reason

            • Rudol Von DankHeim
              Rudol Von DankHeim  4 months back

              This is how we storming area 51

              • PinaColadaTV
                PinaColadaTV  4 months back

                My fav

                • Borsalino Kizaru
                  Borsalino Kizaru  5 months back

                  But I thought in GI Joe the villain has the aircraft carrier.

                  • Borsalino Kizaru
                    Borsalino Kizaru  5 months back

                    It seems the Transformers theme fits everything.

                    • SABaruj
                      SABaruj  5 months back

                      this should be the start of every video

                      • Igotboomed: Relaxing To Gameplay

                        What's the lyrics? "angry joe... agry joe is " something

                        • Please enter a name
                          Please enter a name  6 months back

                          Why is corporate commander running at joe with no gun?

                          • ParaNoid
                            ParaNoid  8 months back

                            Liked the song until i heard the music from the first (god awful!) Transformers movie by Michael " I Love Explosions" Bay.

                            • PJ Kalish
                              PJ Kalish  1 years back

                              Angry Joe is mad

                              • WittyBanter 96
                                WittyBanter 96  1 years back

                                Weird seeing this w/ Joe not part of Channel Awesome anymore

                                • RandomlyGreat1337's Games And Memes

                                  Angry Joe(TM)
                                  A Real High Quality Rip Hero

                                  • William Policella
                                    William Policella  2 years back

                                    Joe lookin fresh

                                    • Chris Toro
                                      Chris Toro  2 years back

                                      Best channel trailer in History.

                                      • Lengytam
                                        Lengytam  2 years back

                                        And in 2018, Hollywood made a movie out of this intro and called it "Ready Player One".

                                        • JaPon-ii Hollow
                                          JaPon-ii Hollow  2 years back

                                          I miss this, he needs to see this to remind himself of his purpose. I know he gots stuff to deal with and games are lacking but *sigh*

                                          • Farcry223
                                            Farcry223  2 years back

                                            Send them to G Rated Hell

                                            • Nathan Jones
                                              Nathan Jones  2 years back

                                              Shit man I didn't realise this was the gi joe cartoon theme lol

                                              • REEE
                                                REEE  2 years back

                                                best channel trailer ever

                                                • Barbara Gully
                                                  Barbara Gully  2 years back

                                                  I love this theme!

                                                  • KZ Void_Catalyst
                                                    KZ Void_Catalyst  2 years back

                                                    I kinda feel bad for corporate commander

                                                    • GTech
                                                      GTech  2 years back

                                                      Crazy how the fake AVGN now have more views than the real one. I attribute that to being focus on modern games.

                                                      • Robert Staples
                                                        Robert Staples  2 years back

                                                        I didn't think it was possible that I could like Joe's channel even more. This just earned an instant thumbs up from me. Not only is it a very creative parody, giving me them nostalgia feels, it makes perfect sense. It's Joe's passion to play games and fight back against greed and selfishness in the gaming industry, represented by "Corporate Commander." And damn is this as catchy as ever. Btw, I would totally pay just to see a full cartoon of this. Remember kids: Angry Joe is there!

                                                        • Lyrical
                                                          Lyrical  2 years back

                                                          Great trailer but...Why the hell is the angry army green?Wtf

                                                          • RidinSpinaz04
                                                            RidinSpinaz04  2 years back

                                                            There it is...

                                                            • DeathofInk
                                                              DeathofInk  2 years back

                                                              A real American Reviewer.

                                                              • tohtorigyro
                                                                tohtorigyro  2 years back

                                                                i still think this should be the intro to all AJ videos. all of them.

                                                                • dragon slayer
                                                                  dragon slayer  2 years back

                                                                  Your the best youtuber ever I love your series so much.

                                                                  • VeraxonHD
                                                                    VeraxonHD  2 years back

                                                                    the day Joe stops uploading is the day I'll die.

                                                                    • glynn smith
                                                                      glynn smith  2 years back

                                                                      Love this. Put it on all the time

                                                                      • Insert Name
                                                                        Insert Name  2 years back

                                                                        When you realize that this was inspired by the G.I. Joe cartoon

                                                                        • Rudol Von DankHeim
                                                                          Rudol Von DankHeim  2 years back

                                                                          he looks like draven in this animation

                                                                          • 24Fanboy
                                                                            24Fanboy  2 years back

                                                                            Is that Doug Walker?

                                                                            • Luxai
                                                                              Luxai  2 years back

                                                                              Why are airborne aircraft carriers not a thing yet?

                                                                              • PsychoSpartan687
                                                                                PsychoSpartan687  3 years back

                                                                                I remember this battle I lost many friends in this battle, good friends that wanted to defend the world from Corporate. We tried our best to assassinate Corporate Commander, but we got too overwhelmed by Corporate Troopers, I survived and got out. Wish I could say the same for my friends tho. But I do got to thank General Joe for saving my life. He and his troops went in and destroyed the E.T. 3-D, and captured Corporate Commander, we would of killed him later on, but his troops returned and saved him. This war has gone on for too long, and if the Corporate Empire continues to stand, the war will never end. This Spartan 687 signing off.

                                                                                • Tacitus1990
                                                                                  Tacitus1990  3 years back

                                                                                  Doug has such a great voice!

                                                                                  • Marguns21
                                                                                    Marguns21  3 years back

                                                                                    WHY HAVENT I SEEN THIS BEFORE!!!!! XDXDXDXD MADE MY 2017 START GOOD

                                                                                    • titan555
                                                                                      titan555  3 years back

                                                                                      freckin hilarious

                                                                                      • Gabriel VanNote
                                                                                        Gabriel VanNote  3 years back

                                                                                        This song is one of the most catchy 1 minute song i have ever listened to

                                                                                        • Chuc Plays
                                                                                          Chuc Plays  3 years back

                                                                                          jesus that makes me feel pumped

                                                                                          • weeeeeeev
                                                                                            weeeeeeev  3 years back

                                                                                            Top 5 4Kids Openings

                                                                                            • A A
                                                                                              A A  3 years back

                                                                                              Anybody know where I can get a transcript of this?

                                                                                              • ice bear
                                                                                                ice bear  3 years back

                                                                                                Omg this needs to be a TV series epic song my new ringtone