China’s Vanishing Muslims: Undercover In The Most Dystopian Place In The World


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  • VICE News
    VICE News   5 months back

    VICE News’ Isobel Yeung posed as a tourist to gain unprecedented access to China’s western Xinjiang region, which has been nearly unreachable by journalists.
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    • Chad X
      Chad X  1 hours back

      VICE News as you said, you are not reporters. You disqualified yourself

    • Vin Maison
      Vin Maison  1 days back

      China should annex Afghanistan they will kill the Taliban

    • sonnick
      sonnick  2 days back

      @Greetings Друзья! these people aren't radicals. They are a moderate Muslim group. They even have female priests

    • Conor Koritor
      Conor Koritor  2 days back

      @Linux Python Again, numbers don't support that. Anecdotal evidence doesn't give you the backing to make claims like that. Big western cities are becoming diverse and will continue to be that way. Get over it. What does it matter to you anyway. Has it affected your daily life at all?

    • Linux Python
      Linux Python  2 days back

      @Conor Koritor Well, I live in London, and around me, only a small minority is white.

  • Chad X
    Chad X  1 hours back

    Does vice dare to report black people killed by police in the US fairly?

    • Chad X
      Chad X  1 hours back

      I don’t think the journalist’s broken Chinese can communicate well. And the translation is misleading. And lied to police.

      • Doublescoop BS
        Doublescoop BS  1 hours back

        New technology can fake any situation if you are bias. I have also seen other videos that tells a different story.

        • amt dwt
          amt dwt  2 hours back


          • amt dwt
            amt dwt  2 hours back


            • johannsobieski
              johannsobieski  4 hours back

              China’s Uighur minority live a dystopian nightmare of constant surveillance and brutal policing

              what about the kurds right on the corner?

              • johannsobieski
                johannsobieski  5 hours back

                nice !!! thats how it must be done !!!!!!!

                • Kevin Scott
                  Kevin Scott  5 hours back

                  God I wish I lived in China it sounds safer than Britain. At least China doesn’t have sharia law.

                  • drfistus94
                    drfistus94  6 hours back

           China and their Communist ideology, this ideology must be erased on this planet.

                    • son paul
                      son paul  6 hours back

                      Good for the society and for a better world

                      • Ilyas
                        Ilyas  8 hours back

                        This literally gave me chills.

                        • Gerry Nelson
                          Gerry Nelson  9 hours back

                          This is not right. If you look at our history in the settling of the United States this reminds me of what our forefathers did to the tribes in North America. This was not right either.

                          • Muji Huz
                            Muji Huz  9 hours back

                            China is just a very very big Nourth Korea...

                            • maxwell escobar
                              maxwell escobar  9 hours back

                              this lady is a fantastic journalist her Chinese is very impressive also.

                              • maxwell escobar
                                maxwell escobar  9 hours back

                                to be fair .. I agree with the Chinese government on this. religion is an excuse for war and corruption on many different levels.

                                • Lion king
                                  Lion king  10 hours back

                                  It not about language and pork it about safety and priority for Chinese people

                                  • Mhao Yeager
                                    Mhao Yeager  10 hours back


                                    • Tengri Ego
                                      Tengri Ego  13 hours back

                                      and the time when WTC got attacked? short memory or double standards?

                                      • dastin hoffman
                                        dastin hoffman  13 hours back

                                        China??no thanks,i will stick to the Europe!

                                        • Santosh Bagalkot
                                          Santosh Bagalkot  13 hours back

                                          Awesome what a police state, we can leave a Audi with a key and no one will steal it.

                                          I am impressed

                                          • ozgur hamsici
                                            ozgur hamsici  14 hours back

                                            It seems nobody likes us in the entire planet until we all go to North Siberian Tundra once again :) :) ( about 5000 B.C. ) . to look after our deer herds . then we will be symphatic THE TURKIC NATION . They will come and watch us and deers, pass a good winter holiday. OR WE WILL BE LIKE WE WERE IN THE PAST ! - WHO KNOWNS WHAT IS NEXT IN FASCISM !
                                            LOL. really. LOL.
                                            Of course I appreciate my nation more then these KNOW-HOW BUYERS. Emerging from a Siberian Tundra and occupying the main race of CENTRAL ASIA-JAPAN-KOREAN-MONGOLIA-TURKEY-AZERBAIJAN-TATARSTAN is not a job of simple person as everybody appreciates. ( including once an invasion of these KNOW-HOW BUYERS )
                                            Which I hope we wil have the chance to teach to these Chinese.
                                            Mean while they can play with teaching us BED-TIDYING UP !

                                            it is the biggest hallucination of these post-truth capitalist. matching North Asians with some American and Australian indigenious people. By the pain of the past.
                                            NO ANSWER !

                                            • JF DING
                                              JF DING  11 hours back

                                              Why are you going to Siberia? It is an unmanned area with an average temperature of -40°. A group of idiots, build your Anatolian Peninsula, that is a good place.
                                              If you miss the land of the ancestors, China is happy to exchange the Anatolian Peninsula with the territory of Inner Mongolia ^_^

                                          • Sean Joshi
                                            Sean Joshi  15 hours back

                                            I am all for the religion that supports and allows humans to grow. Unfortunately, Muslim's religion is not one of them. It spread hatred against another religion. They destroyed entire Buddhism culture in Afghanistan. Therefore China has got the right idea.

                                            • 。。。你爸爸
                                              。。。你爸爸  15 hours back

                                              Fake news! Ask any Chinese citizens and you will find that they like living in China! This is fake. The Muslims are safe in china

                                              • Aks
                                                Aks  15 hours back

                                                China is an Atheist country.

                                                • tom tom
                                                  tom tom  15 hours back

                                                  fake news,biased report

                                                  • jsyzlj
                                                    jsyzlj  16 hours back

                                                    No, the Americans should not love the America, this is the correct way to teach your kids in your country. And the American is the master of the world, could interfere with anything they want.

                                                    • anand chintu
                                                      anand chintu  6 hours back

                                                      No need to teach to anything you want to hear. Teach the kids what's good & bad & likely possibilities of both choices and let them take their own decisions and deal with consequences, that's how normal world works

                                                  • 3 eyes boy
                                                    3 eyes boy  17 hours back

                                                    Shame on communist Chinese government. No even place in hell for Chinese

                                                    • Theodor Theobald
                                                      Theodor Theobald  19 hours back

                                                      You're spy , you will pay for the crime vice , #justice

                                                      • SwetPotato
                                                        SwetPotato  20 hours back

                                                        17:30 Good job showing all the faces lol. Now we have targets :)

                                                        • Omer H.M
                                                          Omer H.M  21 hours back

                                                          When you have barbed wire on a kindergarten, it shows the brutality of the rulers who run that country!

                                                          • Omer H.M
                                                            Omer H.M  21 hours back

                                                            History keep repeating itself, first it was Russia and they ran the same type of programs in their Muslim regions, guess what? it was broken and never recovered, no matter what China will do, history is gonna repeat itself. To all the well wishers of China in Europe, Asia and Africa, once they take ober your country, it is gonna be so brutal that people will forget all past brutalities! So enjoy all the debts you can until China will take over your country!

                                                            • Raheem Khan
                                                              Raheem Khan  22 hours back

                                                              china is doing very bad

                                                              • R Barrington
                                                                R Barrington  22 hours back

                                                                Truth be told, I’m ambivalent about this. On the one hand China is a miserable, commie existential threat to the world. On the other, one could say they got this one right- Islam is a cult. But they also do this with Tibetans, the most peaceful, enlightened people on the planet. So fcuk you China 🇨🇳, the world is onto you

                                                                • Mark Donald
                                                                  Mark Donald  22 hours back

                                                                  Thank goodness China is at least protecting their culture!

                                                                  • Dragonfly X
                                                                    Dragonfly X  1 days back

                                                                    This is great journalism and great reporter no doubt, but i do have to ask ... is the same journalism shown to those who were killed in the terror attacks? Those whom were knifed in public? I dont doubt there is suffering on both sides but why is this all just one sided?

                                                                  • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                    Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                    30:30 so what's wrong in teaching kids to love their country?? You seems to be very fine when their Muslim parents were having 5-6 kids and teaching them to hate everyone except Muslims??

                                                                    • Mark Donald
                                                                      Mark Donald  22 hours back

                                                                      Because loving one thing equals hating another! In leftist logic

                                                                  • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                    Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                    How can you so shamelessly support terrorists????

                                                                    • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                      Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                      IF CHINA REALLY WANTED YOU NOT TO BE THERE GATHERING THOSE INFO, you could not have been able to do it. Stop hyping it and stop supporting terrorists.

                                                                      • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                        Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                        They are giving education to kids of terrorists. What's wrong it that ?

                                                                        • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                          Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                          18:28 so this women had 5 kids. And was pregnant also. Only one kid along with the couple got passports, and to 'save' the unborn she left 4 kids back there alone!!!
                                                                          You guys are dumb or what!! Why is she having 6 children in a nation like china which is over populated? Where they even had one child policy for some time? And why did she leave them there if she really loved them? Such Muslim women are nothing but kids making machines which later becomes terrorists!!!!!!!!

                                                                          • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                            Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                            17:23 why did he refuse to sing? China isn't a true democracy, it's a communist republic.

                                                                            • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                              Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                              I support China in this, Muslims are never trust worthy. See any country, where ever they go they cause trouble. Why can't they leave their unscientific religions bigotry behind and move with the rest of the world?

                                                                              • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                                Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                                IF the servailence was so strong and through, and some say they use machine learning to detect faces, how come they didn't figure out that you work for vice?

                                                                                • Pradeep Poonia
                                                                                  Pradeep Poonia  1 days back

                                                                                  Pakistan has been falsy blaming Indian for made up issues with muslims in Indian state of Kashmir. Where as Pakistan has never dared to open their mouth on issues of state of Muslims in China! And yet Western media like vice never misses a chance to take sides with the terrorist nation Pakistan

                                                                                  • SONG JOOK
                                                                                    SONG JOOK  1 days back

                                                                                    Sorry to say but China really dissapoints.

                                                                                    • Johnny Bravo
                                                                                      Johnny Bravo  1 days back

                                                                                      China has learned quickly from the mistakes of western Europe.....which has been Islamified..... caused by leftwing traiterous governments...

                                                                                      • xinyi ji
                                                                                        xinyi ji  1 days back

                                                                                        but let me ask this question are you American? do you live America?