ASOIAF Theories: Understanding The Birth of Dragons | Dreams & Spells


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  • IdeasOfIceAndFire
    IdeasOfIceAndFire   2 years back


    • Khaldrogo
      Khaldrogo  2 months back

      Remember Dany killed the Khals and walked out of the flames unharmed. In the show she is fireproof

    • Jerry's Stories
      Jerry's Stories  4 months back

      I hope you remake this vid in light of what we know now from the series. Specifically, now that we know how little respect D&D had for the source material, it should be plausible to readers that R+L=J was just an easy fan theory to go with, one that most fans already believed. The books have many much deeper, subtler hints that R+L=D, a more interesting theory that explains why Dany can hatch dragons thought previous Targs couldn't (she has the Stark warging gene) and why Dany saw herself in Rheagar's armor (he's her father). It also makes more interesting use of what the books told us over and over, that Dany know nothing about her family or infancy besides what Viserys told her. Give it some thought!

  • Josiah DavisTv
    Josiah DavisTv  4 weeks back

    Back in old valria the dragon lord family's like the targeryen the did somthing magical to bond with dragon they bred with them and use magic ect so now the magic to bound with them is just genetically inside of them

    • Josiah DavisTv
      Josiah DavisTv  4 weeks back

      I think Daenerys blood awaken them and incubate the egg and the fire and sacrifice broke open the shells

      • Charlu Go
        Charlu Go  4 weeks back

        And yet the night king wasn't burned by dragon fire in S8, wich left me confused I must say. Anyway I find it interesting to analyse the character of Daenerys in a Jungian perspective as she's less and less aware of her shadow and dark impulse as the show gets towards the end. Altough the whole descent of the character was quite rushed it seemed like a logical ending, she was ruthless from the beginning and saw herself as the saviour of everyone, she grew obsessed with power. Many thing I didn't like of S8 like the way they try to make us believe that Cersei would win by having Euron kill her dragon so easily (that was oversold) just to have Euron and the golden company get annihilated so easily soon after. I am not willing to say GOT sucked as a whole just because of some letdown, I still got into S8 but it was still a bummer I guess. Oh and Sam should have died so many time in S8E3 it was getting ridiculous.

        • TheHeadwrap
          TheHeadwrap  1 months back

          You could do this without the accents, brother

          • ♥lollypop♥
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            • Dina Azem
              Dina Azem  5 months back

              it's like you don't want to comprehend that Dany is the UNBURNT. the slave witch was only extra life to sacrifice .lol

              • Quinn Lee-Newbury
                Quinn Lee-Newbury  5 months back

                So helpful! Making a d&d campaign set in the world of ice and fire, starting the same time a game of thrones does but in this world Robert died at the trident instead of Rhaegar. I knew Dany was gonna have a cool come out of the fire moment with a dragon (she still got a dragon egg) but I didn't know how i was gonna do it without drogo's pyre. I think I know how ima do it now

                • Jessica McCann
                  Jessica McCann  6 months back

                  I looooooooove this!

                  • Robustus
                    Robustus  6 months back

                    IMO king’s blood is used for a different magic by Melisandre. I don’t think royalty figures into the hatching of dragons. All the valyrian nobles are dragon lords by way of magic and a pact (with whom? Who knows). A valyrian woman must sacrifice a thrall and her self. The “mother” survives (given the ritual is performed properly) and the thrall’s death pays for the lives of the “mother” and babies. That Mirri was trained in multiple forms of magic is incidental. Her role was simply to die. Whoever or whatever is the force behind the magic and the pact, I believe has a connection to valyrian women and while Dany was never taught the ritual, I think she is naturally drawn to it and the eggs and instinctually does what she needs to do.

                    I also think Dany’s death was always in George’s plan because he doesn’t want a formula fairytale ending.

                    • Emperor Palpatine
                      Emperor Palpatine  6 months back

                      What I think is that since they put eggs in the crib of baby targaryens says they form a bond and the fire from that bond along with the right temperature will hatch the egg. The Dreams Dany has is of Drogon who tests her will, seeing if she's worthy of starting a bond and when she passes the tests, embracing who she is she is then drawn to the fire she laid the eggs in and the magic from the witch and the magic of the dragon eggs protect her as they hatch. If you don't form a bond with the eggs it leads to a tragedy like with summerhall.

                      • Silent Dawn
                        Silent Dawn  6 months back

                        Woun't Bloodraven need Weirwoods near an asleep Dany to mess with her dreams?

                        • Rishab Mazumdar
                          Rishab Mazumdar  6 months back

                          Soo Dany comitted Sati?

                          • Katelynn Murphy
                            Katelynn Murphy  6 months back

                            I think Jon will be the next dragon to be born. If dragons are born from blood and fire, the blood was Lyanna's on the birthing bed, the fire is Dany's barbeque.

                            • Chaimae ⵣ
                              Chaimae ⵣ  6 months back

                              Nah Jon is more like Ashara's son in the books .

                          • Neil Jameson
                            Neil Jameson  6 months back

                            The voice he uses to read the extracts.....😂😂😂

                            • Fall Days
                              Fall Days  6 months back

                              you should revisit these dreams in light of season 8

                              • A Trapdøør
                                A Trapdøør  6 months back

                                I actually love the crazy accents 😂😂😂

                                • Nes232
                                  Nes232  6 months back

                                  The thing is that she doesn't go mad. The season is so badly written that people can't make anything of it or the motivation of some characters. Dany sacrificed so much for what? And they to have all those sacrifices be in vein when city rings the bell in less than minutes.

                                  • zara guastva
                                    zara guastva  6 months back

                                    She proly does go mad but the show rushed the last season.

                                • Nehan Khan
                                  Nehan Khan  6 months back

                                  Am I the only one who likes the way he reads the parts from the books?

                                  • Tim Roberts
                                    Tim Roberts  6 months back

                                    Stop with the TERRIBLE accent already...

                                    • tim oreilly
                                      tim oreilly  6 months back

                                      and then HBO makes the dragons easier to kill than chickens

                                      • Z M
                                        Z M  4 months back

                                        Wher can I find the pictures he put in his videos

                                      • Walter Dayrit
                                        Walter Dayrit  6 months back

                                        Magic dragon seeking bolts? Thats feasible.

                                      • A Cat
                                        A Cat  6 months back

                                        "We kinda forgot about dragon tough skin"

                                      • Clorox Bleach
                                        Clorox Bleach  6 months back

                                        Dusan Djordjevic I agree

                                      • Dusan Djordjevic
                                        Dusan Djordjevic  6 months back

                                        True mate! It is stupid at least! In Fire and Blood, and in some few mentions, dragons are not so easy to kill. I read a quote says "It is one thing to hit a dragon, but quite another to kill it..." I know we all love dragons as show characters, but come on HBO, this is frustrating and ridiculous.

                                    • The Bradass
                                      The Bradass  6 months back

                                      The accent is so cringey.

                                      • Murali Dharan
                                        Murali Dharan  6 months back

                                        I like your channel man, very interesting. So unlike most of the "What was bran doing all that time during the battle" videos (that is just bad writing fools) that are popping up in my timeline.

                                        • Amelia Watson
                                          Amelia Watson  6 months back

                                          Seriously stop the weird accent when you read from the book. It ruins what would be a good video!

                                          • Superhoneybunny
                                            Superhoneybunny  7 months back

                                            Rhaella gave birth to a dragon ... Rhaegar during the tragedy of summerhall

                                            • AmiNunni
                                              AmiNunni  7 months back

                                              Hey work on the accent, it's really bad and totally inconsistent 😖.

                                              • Kyriakos GR
                                                Kyriakos GR  7 months back

                                                Discovered this channel just yesterday and it's already one of my favourites! Love the song of ice and fire, keep up ;)

                                                • Michael DeBolt
                                                  Michael DeBolt  7 months back

                                                  Fire does not burn true Targaryens

                                                  • Psy Bin
                                                    Psy Bin  7 months back

                                                    who else have noticed that the narrator here is sounds like Hiccup?

                                                    • Georgel Soare
                                                      Georgel Soare  8 months back

                                                      Absolutely wonderful job. The lore and theories mostly, but the storytelling as well. You manage to make the videos eerie, even spooky at times. Top notch!

                                                      • ddowns24
                                                        ddowns24  8 months back

                                                        Yo, that's deep dog!!! ...And, I'm starting think that I'm totally down with Senior Carlos Drogo. Homeboy wasn't much of an intellectual. He didn't really have anything going for him except mascara and muscles. ...And, I happened to lose a massive amount of respect for Dany when she "fell in love" with the neanderthal, just because she convinced him to let him ride him, and some occaional missionary, vs. the typical Dothraki doggy-style. However, I must recognize that anyone whose played by Jason Mamoa must be the manliest of manly Khal's, no??? I mean, homebody probably packed as much heat as Red Stallion, right? And, as a 15-year old virgin, that probably... ...left an impression we'll say. Okay, now, let's get real. Dany put those egg's in her Drogo-weathered snatch. From sun up, to sun down, she took the heat, while she placed those eggs in her in her boiling vagina. Somehow, her motherly instict told her what do do - Light herself on fire, and insert those giant lizard eggs into her vag, until one-by-one, they hatched in her snatch. ...Once you recognize this obvious truth, you realize why, 1) Daario Naharis wasn't shit compared to what her woman parts are used to, 2) Why she's destined for the iron throne, 3) Why, unless Jon Snow's cock is like magic ice, he won't be enough for her Dragon Snatch., and 4) She is destined for the Throne and the infamous Targareyen madness.

                                                        • Alexander
                                                          Alexander  8 months back

                                                          girl.......................... why in all hell do u read like that, lmao

                                                          • one sands
                                                            one sands  8 months back

                                                            At 13:17 I have to say I disagree with all points given, especially point #1. If they are in league, then why did the Night King destroy them at Bloodraven's cave? It doesn't make sense. BTW I've unsubbed because of that cringeworthy accent. Are you trying to be a voice actor? Lol.. Anyway you should check out The Order of the Green Hands' channel, now they get into it WAY deep and do proper research. The lengths of their videos are decent enough, 17 min. average. They dont pump out half-assed 2 minute videos (like you do) just for the hell of it. Check them out maybe you can learn a thing or two about proper ASoIaF theory handling. Plus, they dont do cringey fake English accents.

                                                            • Carl Lutzow
                                                              Carl Lutzow  8 months back

                                                              The bloodraven was targaryen before but he turned to be a three eyes raven. It goes back to the three prophecy theory again. I guess the three eyes raven knew the night king would awake once more. The timing was so prefect. Rhaegar knew Elia Marte could not bare anymore child, so he seek another woman. Then he found Lyanna. Somehow Bran was later the next three eyes raven.

                                                              • Cza Tron
                                                                Cza Tron  8 months back

                                                                Yes sir , 3 deaths equals 3 lives reborn . But the mother dragons holds the reigns and controls her fate , so it’s not a form of reincarnation it’s a cosmic form of control in a godly way, the art of self control , this is spiritual behavior for creating the world you want to see and to be what you truly were born to be . 1 trade of the essence of life or “soul” for the witch one for her husband and one for her still born baby , who by the way had scales and wings like a dragon but had no life since the witch tried to get rid of her and her dream . ! She willingly hatched her eggs in a cosmic devoted spiritual kind of way! And every thug you mention ties to the way she did! It’s life it’s her calling I love it

                                                                • Rishav Chakravarty
                                                                  Rishav Chakravarty  9 months back

                                                                  Blood raven, I feel was lured by the lust of knowledge. He discovered pretty quickly that he was a warg and that he could see though crows eyes. When he was banished/ exiled from the empire, he went to the wall to to serve as nights watch. He could have heard there the stories about the wairwood trees and may have gone passed the wall to become the three eyed raven, to overlook everything in the empire and influence things where and when needed to aviod history to repeat itself.

                                                                  • Mal Avery
                                                                    Mal Avery  9 months back

                                                                    stop with that shit accent bruh

                                                                    • Fluid Synergy
                                                                      Fluid Synergy  9 months back

                                                                      I think there is a massive misunderstanding of "King's Blood" and the power that it holds
                                                                      Melisandre uses Stannis' and Gendry's blood to perform her magic, and she believes that there is power in their blood because they are royalty
                                                                      In Drogo's funeral pyre, you think that it is Drogo's King's blood that is part of the magic
                                                                      But there is another, far more likely explanation for the power in their blood
                                                                      The Baratheons are all descended from Orys, Aegon the Conqueror's half-brother, a Targaryen bastard, meaning that they are all descended from the Valyrian dragonlords
                                                                      The "king's blood" in Drogo's funeral pyre was from Dany's still-born son, not from Drogo
                                                                      Melisandre believes that the power in the blood of Stannis and Gendry comes from their status, being a King, or the son of a King, but I believe that the power lies in their descent from the Targaryens

                                                                      • Andrew Higuera
                                                                        Andrew Higuera  6 months back

                                                                        Julian Hartmann As you said, we are in the same place with Melisandre; we just need confirmation at this point. We don’t know for certain, but as I said before it must be because of the magical blood of the Valyrians, otherwise it would be complete nonsense that just by calling yourself king all of a sudden it makes your bloodline magical in some way.

                                                                        I believe at this point in the story Melisandre has just tried magic on the blood of Baratheon’s (who have a bit of Targaryen blood) so we need to see her perform magic on some other “king”.

                                                                      • Julian Hartmann
                                                                        Julian Hartmann  6 months back

                                                                        I seem to recall that in the novels, Melisandre is eager to get her hands on Mance Rayder and his son to use their blood for spells, which would suggest it is king's blood in general that does the trick, or at least that Melisandre thinks so.

                                                                      • Andrew Higuera
                                                                        Andrew Higuera  6 months back

                                                                        Fluid Synergy Finally someone else understands the meaning of “King’s Blood”. Baratheon’s have had their bloodline combined with Targaryen blood several times, for example if I’m not mistaken Robert’s grandmother or great grandmother was a Targaryen as well as the example you already made about Orys Baratheon.

                                                                    • Maus Klick
                                                                      Maus Klick  9 months back

                                                                      I think you're totally off with your enmity towards the Children. There is nothing backing up your claims, but muh revenge against humans. You can't even say to what end the greenseers are absorbed by the magic tree network. Maybe to take control of a dragon? (at this point I doubt they'll ever make it across the pond) I haven't seen a hint towards this and there has been no connection between the Children and any of the Old Ones; they're a bunch of treehuggers caught in the crossfire. If you need to name a hidden foe that is being manipulated by the Great Enemy, the Maesters are a pretty obvious choice.

                                                                      • Angela Jansons
                                                                        Angela Jansons  9 months back

                                                                        Dany is a fire wight. She died birthing Rhaego. He was full of grave worms. That only happens if the mother is dead.

                                                                        • gingerg85
                                                                          gingerg85  10 months back

                                                                          I love your ideas and your videos, but yeah, your natural voice is grand.

                                                                          • LoneStarWolf Entertainment

                                                                            Now I wish Rhaegar wasn't a stillborn if just so we could see a Dothraki with While hair

                                                                            • jonathan sims
                                                                              jonathan sims  10 months back

                                                                              great material, but my dude, that accent is like 3 different british accents at once. please stop.

                                                                              • LoneStarWolf Entertainment

                                                                                10:17 ok now I wish he wasn't a stillborn because I would LOVE to see that art brought to life on the show

                                                                                • Nathaniel McCollum
                                                                                  Nathaniel McCollum  10 months back

                                                                                  so i came to this video today because you mentioned it in a recent video while i was binging your vids after finishing fire and blood.
                                                                                  now look, i LOVE YOU TO DEATH IoI&F, but thank god you bailed on the fake english accent.
                                                                                  the knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade would say... "you chose poorly"

                                                                                  • Mscape 7777
                                                                                    Mscape 7777  11 months back

                                                                                    Your English accent is woeful :(

                                                                                    • Josephine Winter
                                                                                      Josephine Winter  1 years back

                                                                                      maybe dany is sort of reborn?

                                                                                      • Necroticus
                                                                                        Necroticus  1 years back

                                                                                        I always thought that the Many Faced God would be very interested in halting the Others. They re-animate the dead. They use the dead to kill the living. Those would be abominations. I still think the Faceless Men are on to something. there is only one god and a girl knows his name.