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    SHAWN SHAARI  5 months back

    What a magical movie.

    • eva erhardt
      eva erhardt  5 months back

      they just added American honey to Netflix.... this is a movie everyone should see

      • I talk to satan cause he listens to my needs
        I talk to satan cause he listens to my needs  3 months back

        The whole movie made me feel so dreamy! I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed a film from beginning to end in a long time, it was so refreshing:-) Even though Ik it’s fake I’d give anything to share the same type of chemistry w someone the way star & jake do

      • Seroogy W
        Seroogy W  5 months back

        Saw it a few weeks ago and just can’t understand why it wasn’t a bigger hit! It’s amazing and has so many different emotions!! LOVE LOVE AMERICAN HONEY ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • mycatisromeo
      mycatisromeo  2 years back

      That kind of confidence is contagious. It's why social norms were invented, to crush the human spirit. us crazy. Conformity is crazy.

      • mycatisromeo
        mycatisromeo  2 years back

        Mating call

        • FrostFire 1987
          FrostFire 1987  2 years back

          this was one of the worst fucking films i have ever seen in my entire pitiful life

          • FrostFire 1987
            FrostFire 1987  2 years back

            NeverOwned watching Sharia lepoof dance around in a shopping centre trying to act like he's cool just made me cringe, all the characters made me want to hide behind my couch, all dickhead, fairwell good sir!

          • NeverOwned
            NeverOwned  2 years back

            This movie was great. Sorry there wasnt any killing and monsters for you.

        • Jola M.
          Jola M.  2 years back

          OMG I l love the story !!!

          • droma lloma
            droma lloma  2 years back

            I'm genuinely impressed at how real this scene feels.

            • John Sailors
              John Sailors  2 years back

              This scene is pure magic.

              • bigeve223
                bigeve223  3 years back

                fantastic scene, set to one of my all time favorite songs :)

                • meutap77
                  meutap77  3 years back

                  everybody looked so trashy and filthy on this movie that i had to take a bath right after i was done watching it eww

                • Alana Jkay Dudleyiii
                  Alana Jkay Dudleyiii  3 years back

                  this is my freaking movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

                  • Jola M.
                    Jola M.  2 years back

                    and my freaking toooo

                • meskalino
                  meskalino  3 years back

                  chemistry is fucking everything

                  • shadowwalker chellios
                    shadowwalker chellios  3 years back

                    is that Cleopatra from HBO's Rome.

                    • kongsanity
                      kongsanity  3 years back

                      does anyone else think she looks like C.G. moretz or is it just me lol

                      • Nomoredrama2000
                        Nomoredrama2000  3 years back

                        I really want to see this!!

                        • TrueBunnyLover
                          TrueBunnyLover  3 years back

                          Why am I suddenly attracted to Shia LaBeouf?

                          • Imtiyaz Bg
                            Imtiyaz Bg  3 years back

                            This mooviе is now avаilаble tо wааtch hеreе => Ameriсan Honeyу We Fоund Lоoovе Officcccial Clip HD

                          • quila210
                            quila210  3 years back

                            TrueBunnyLover lol why so late? I've had a crush on him since Even Stevens that turned into a brief but full blown obsession during his Disturbia days.

                        • William Donovan
                          William Donovan  3 years back

                          Just saw the movie ! It was pretty good :)

                          • Angie .
                            Angie .  3 years back


                            • Robot that is taking your job

                              Based on this video's title I thought Rihanna was staring in the film...
                              Phew that was a close one. I was about to write a comment on Hollywood and how this movie was going to bomb.
                              But if Rihanna's not in it, then I'll just carry on with my day.

                            • d Mal_222
                              d Mal_222  3 years back

                              • Tom Cabler
                                Tom Cabler  3 years back

                                this trailer was awsome!

                                • Mathilde Escusetoi
                                  Mathilde Escusetoi  3 years back

                                  Can't wait for its release in France

                                  • NIK SD
                                    NIK SD  3 years back

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