S8E6 Where Is Drogon Taking Daenerys ? | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6


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  • Salman Alharbi
    Salman Alharbi  1 months back

    Drogon will take her to save dark place and eat her he probably hangry after that battle 🔥

    • Christian Nitz
      Christian Nitz  1 months back

      No. D&D have confirmed that Drogon does NOT eat her, but bring her to Volantis.

    6STRINGAHOLIC  2 months back

    If you read the script, Drogon did not burn the iron throne intentionally. The reason he did not kill Jon is because he is a targarian. So Drogon vented is anger to the side of Jon at the last second. The throne just happened to be there. However, the throne was intentionally destroyed by the writers to signify the end of the throne and therefore the end of the game.

    • Sophia Wilson
      Sophia Wilson  2 months back

      Jon Snow heading to North with Free Folks is NOT King he is just regular guy it says on the GOT wiki.

      • Adam Alpha
        Adam Alpha  2 months back

        DANY ???? You call her DANY ??? Seriousely !!!! ????

      • Gloria Sanders
        Gloria Sanders  2 months back

        I hope she comes back i didn't like the ending at all

        • Opportunity Y.B
          Opportunity Y.B  2 months back

          5:47 This is the part you're looking for

          • Seiron1887
            Seiron1887  2 months back

            *Where Is Drogon Taking Daenerys ?*
            According to the people *Drogon went to EAST.*
            What is EAST of Westeros?? *ESSOS.*

            *Drogon is literally taking Daenerys to Daario Naharis.*

            • Seiron1887
              Seiron1887  2 months back

              This Season really needs a remake because:
              Daenerys should've be killed by the Night King.
              Jon would've challenged the Night King and should've died also.
              Bran wargs into Drogon and burns down Dany & Jon and ressurect them both!

              Bran fights a mind game (chess) inside the mind of the Night King to stop him...
              Jon & Dany are resurrected slowly alive and are now Azor Ahai reborn!

              Since Dany & Jon were killed and the Night King went to search Bran.
              Bran wargs into Drogon and resurrects Dany & Jon through fire.
              A Dragon cannot be killed by fire.
              Targaryens = Fire
              Starks = Ice

              The Lord of Light resurrected Dany & Jon through fire.
              Jon already died once but you remember there was Ghost & Fire around Jon.
              The Lord of Light resurrected him by Stark as ICE as Ghost (Stark's dire-wolf symbol).
              Remember Jon's last name is Snow and when they stabbed and killed him he was around Snow..
              Him being died around Snow completes a prophecy since he's both ICE & FIRE.
              Stark & Targaryen aka a song of ICE & FIRE (the prince/princess that was promised).
              Since Jon died as Jon >Snow< around Snow his destiny was already written.
              He died once but has to die twice to become Azor Ahai.
              So Jon has to die again but this time not around Snow around "Fire".
              Everyone already knows Daenerys Targaryen was immume to Fire.
              But that's thanks to the Lord of Light protecting her from the "Fire".
              The Lord of Light was the one who brought back Jon through Fire by Ghost.
              The main reason I say through Ghost is because Ghost was not there.
              Until the Lord of Light made Ghost to sit around Jon and resurrected him.
              Right after Jon was brought back alive Ghost was gone nobody saw him.

              Now that Jon & Dany are suppose to be dead after the Night King killed them.
              Bran used Drogon to burn them just like Dany tried to burn herself with Drogo.
              She rises through the ashes and becomes the Mother of Dragons with 3 Dragons.
              But this time Jon & Dany rises again as Azor Ahai aka The Prince & The Princess.
              Who are legitimate the promised The King & The Queen of the prophecy.
              Remember Jon died already once as a Stark around Snow named Jon Snow.
              He died again by hands of the Night King as Aegon Targaryen around Fire.
              Jon & Dany rises again brought back alive thanks to the Lord of Light.
              Since both Jon & Daenerys are Targaryens.
              More importantly Drogon is nearby and fire is around them both.
              Drogon staying with Jon & Dany are the Targaryen=Dragon=Fire.

              Arya killing the Night King was wrong, here is why:
              Arya should have been hidden in the tree above Bran.
              She must have been waiting for the perfect moment to strike the Night King.
              So when the Night King comes for Bran and Bran can't stop him.
              Arya jumps down from the tree and strikes the Night King.
              The Night King doesn't die from a scratch he looks to Arya.
              He makes a gesture he comes back for her and his body collapses.
              Arya is confused and ask Bran what's going on..
              Jon saw it late and tells Arya you did it ... you killed him!
              Arya screams NO he is NOT DEAD! he ... was just pointing NORTH and vanished...

              Bran soon realizes that the Night King we thought he was the King of WW.
              But the Night King was also a pawn like all the white walkers we saw..
              Bran realized the Night King was just a soldier there are more like the Night King.
              The Real Night King has Kingsguards they're alot bigger then ICE Giants..

              The actual Night King is buried underneath a huge mountain of ICE.

              Jon went North for some reason and hopefully they are going to the Night King place.
              The answer to how or why or what the Night King wants lies in the North..

              This is the end of the show where they will later show us about the Age of Dawn & Age of Heroes.

              • Maria
                Maria  3 months back

                Dragon didn't kill Jon because half of the danny is in Dragon. And danny loved him. That's why the dragon didn't kill him. Just like half the Jon is in the Ghost.
                Alternate ending!

                • Cupake Plushy
                  Cupake Plushy  3 months back

                  I would love to see her as a dragon

                  • Sadd
                    Sadd  3 months back

                    Drogon: *gets out in the screen and wrap Daenerys with flowers and drops his tears*

                    • Nina Peterson
                      Nina Peterson  4 months back

                      RESURRECT DANY!!!! If they could bring back Beric Dondarien 6 times and Jon Snow why wouldn’t the lord of Light bring back the Queen Of FIRE????

                      • books from Windblown
                        books from Windblown  4 months back

                        I wish we petition for Martin to make a sequel to his ASOIAF novel that sets off Dany revival. But we know that Martin will never make a sequel even if we had a millions of successful petition?

                        • books from Windblown
                          books from Windblown  4 months back

                          @Christian Nitz lady stoneheart is hard to understand but it make sense for a metaphor that revenge turns people into monsters.

                        • Christian Nitz
                          Christian Nitz  4 months back

                          anyway. I must admit, it is a daring theory, but it may be that Daenerys is the real reason why GRRM introduced the Lord of Light to the story. So he can bring her back after Jon did what he had to do. The death and resurrection of Jon would not have been necessary for the story. The same goes for Beric. I'm not sure about Lady Stonehearth yet.

                        • books from Windblown
                          books from Windblown  4 months back

                          @Christian Nitz dany entered fire but didn't die. If i remember one of the original plans or was it in my head. It says jon sit on thr throne while dany is in essos awaiting for the invasion. Mel did she returned to volantis or did she went north after dany arrival of dragonstone.

                        • Christian Nitz
                          Christian Nitz  4 months back

                          who says that dany is not one of the "few"?

                        • books from Windblown
                          books from Windblown  4 months back

                          @Christian Nitz if martin did that then don't you think that would go against his rule that someone dies must stay dead but very few is revived but many stay dead.

                      • Billy Joe
                        Billy Joe  4 months back

                        I've heard in some reptile species the female are larger than the male and did you know when whales give birth they travel thousands of miles .... just say, put those two together and tell me what you conclude

                        • Billy Joe
                          Billy Joe  4 months back

                          Little finger taught Sansa alot lol. She new what the outcome would have been and she still took that route smh

                          • Billy Joe
                            Billy Joe  4 months back

                            Bran was the Sith Lord the whole time.

                            • Senyorita A
                              Senyorita A  4 months back

                              Jon never love Danny.. That's all the reason why he could kill her. 😡

                              • Halidrox Ahamed
                                Halidrox Ahamed  4 months back

                                The truth is drogon is going to asshai where they belong to
                                And bran ealier saw the vision of dragon in asshai
                                Thats why he was told when sam asked "where is drogon"
                                Then he told "i will find him"

                                • L U
                                  L U  4 months back

                                  Your all deluded, she's dead for gods sake, this theory is ridiculous, if George had intended to resurrect her it would have happened at the end, the sequel teasers the cliffhangers are D and D not George and George would never agree to make his ending meaningless just to create pointless after stories, Dany is dead grow up and accept it sadcases

                                  • Christian Nitz
                                    Christian Nitz  4 months back

                                    "if George had intended to resurrect her it would have happened at the end"
                                       We do not know georges end yet, dude. Wait for "a dream of spring".

                                • Christian Nitz
                                  Christian Nitz  5 months back

                                  I just started reading the books again, and I've noticed that in the first Dany chapter, the Lord of Light and the Red Priests are mentioned several times. It is the first time ever that we hear of the Lord of Light. This could be a hidden clue from GRRM that R'hllor will later be significant to Dany. Resurrection?

                                  • S p
                                    S p  5 months back

                                    Dragon took her so that he could eat her as a snack on his way to Essos.

                                    • Laura Baker
                                      Laura Baker  5 months back

                                      All her dragon's loved her.

                                      • Christian Nitz
                                        Christian Nitz  6 months back

                                        R'hllor save our gracious Queen,
                                        Long live our noble Queen,
                                        R'hllor save the Queen;
                                        Send her victorious,
                                        Happy and glorious,
                                        Long to reign over us,
                                        R'hllor save the Queen.

                                        • Ad Victoriam
                                          Ad Victoriam  6 months back

                                          Yeah final season of Game of thrones.
                                          What if it does have a sequel on a different name?

                                          • Salt Water
                                            Salt Water  6 months back

                                            Imagine if in the epilogue of a dream of springs daenarys is resurrected. Wont happen but it would be interesting

                                          • Ste Sic
                                            Ste Sic  7 months back

                                            Drogon went to find Kinvara...

                                            • Sydni Taylor
                                              Sydni Taylor  7 months back

                                              I said this right after the finale that Drogon took her to Volantis to Kinvara so that she could be resurrected...to hell with this ending LOL!

                                              • The Amul Raj
                                                The Amul Raj  7 months back

                                                The main answer starts from 5:47 ....

                                                • 54markl
                                                  54markl  7 months back

                                                  “Yes, mother?”
                                                  “Why the hell did Jon kill me?”
                                                  “Oh, he thought you were going to kill Sansa.”
                                                  “ I was going to kill her, so the fuck what? Anyone would.”
                                                  “Well, there you go.”
                                                  “And why didn’t you kill Jon again?”
                                                  “Well, he’s pitiful. And I knew I could get you resurrected. And I thought Grey Worm would kill him.”
                                                  “Well, did Grey Worm kill him?”
                                                  “Um, no.”
                                                  “ Aaagh! Is everyone as stupid as Benioff and Weiss?”
                                                  “ Yes, but they are rich stupid people. Trust me, mother, it’s better to let those miserable wretches live. They’re going to ruin Star Wars.”
                                                  “Oh, good! Fantastic! I hope they bankrupt Disney, the slugs!”

                                                  • 54markl
                                                    54markl  7 months back

                                                    Drogon is obviously taking Dany to the Far East to be resurrected by a red witch. I’m sure Dany will keep a very low profile after that. And Drogon is going to totally ignore Bran. He’s probably going to hide in a desolate mountain range and eat mountain goats. Dany will ask him to kill Benioff and Weiss and he’ll say “Why bother? Their brains are all ready Dead.”

                                                    • 54markl
                                                      54markl  7 months back


                                                    • 54markl
                                                      54markl  7 months back

                                                      Dany marries a wealthy merchant in Assur or whatever, and with him has a son who grows up to be Another Merchant. She does Not name the son Jon.

                                                  • Joy Bush
                                                    Joy Bush  7 months back

                                                    Jon Aegon Targaryen Snow 😂😂😂

                                                    • Joy Bush
                                                      Joy Bush  7 months back

                                                      I love this theory as well as Bran is the Night King!

                                                      • Julian Smith
                                                        Julian Smith  7 months back

                                                        A fan theory is that Daenernys has been resurrected in voltanis by Kinvara the red priestesses then Greyworm enters the room and then a missandei lookalike then says your grace plots her revenge back in meeran on the Starks particular Sansa Stark

                                                        • SCOOBY GOT AIDS
                                                          SCOOBY GOT AIDS  7 months back

                                                          to bad the show wont ever return

                                                          • Extreme Gladiator
                                                            Extreme Gladiator  7 months back

                                                            Drogon went to find better writers.

                                                            • lewat jendela
                                                              lewat jendela  7 months back

                                                              since the first time, until the end, i hate Sansa the most. Stupid girl who never learn.

                                                              • mysecondchannelable
                                                                mysecondchannelable  7 months back

                                                                Stupid theories - story ended Danny died

                                                                • Christian Nitz
                                                                  Christian Nitz  7 months back

                                                                  yes, the story has ended. But it is not closed. It would be closed if Dany's body had been burned or buried. That's not the case. So it's not a stupid theory, but a realistic possibility that Daenerys resurrects.

                                                              • Dracarys Dracarys
                                                                Dracarys Dracarys  7 months back

                                                                I am sure you are Wright and Our Queen Daenerys will be for sure resurrected 🙏🏼💓💓💓🔥🔥🔥🔥and this will make me sooooo happy 😃😃😃🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

                                                                • aubault fabrice
                                                                  aubault fabrice  7 months back

                                                                  It would be so good

                                                                  • Crosstongue
                                                                    Crosstongue  7 months back

                                                                    As I watch Daenerys all through out the show, I really have the feeling that she is larger than the Iron throne. She is destined for something else.

                                                                    • TheAkwarium
                                                                      TheAkwarium  3 months back

                                                                      the Iron Thrones does seem insignificant compared to her doesn't it?

                                                                    • Evan Garvey
                                                                      Evan Garvey  7 months back


                                                                  • JVIM .TM
                                                                    JVIM .TM  7 months back

                                                                    Get over it..the shows over done and dusted.

                                                                    • Lambie Lily
                                                                      Lambie Lily  7 months back

                                                                      I hope she gets resurrected

                                                                      • Malcur
                                                                        Malcur  7 months back

                                                                        Honestly? I doubt it was that well thought out, but excellent head canon.

                                                                        • Alexi Emms
                                                                          Alexi Emms  7 months back


                                                                          • arthur NC
                                                                            arthur NC  7 months back

                                                                            I would like to think that Drogon would have Dany resurrected , I don't give a shit if she is called the mad queen , it's complete bullshit how Jon or whatever he wants to call him self , treated her after saving his sorry ass at least 3 times . I honestly felt more sorry for Drogon , after dumbass killed Dany I was hoping Jon was going to be tourched ! But that's just my opinion !

                                                                            • Victor Johnson
                                                                              Victor Johnson  7 months back

                                                                              Taking her somewhere to eat her in privacy. Glad he melted down the thrown.. The council should have killed Gray Worm

                                                                              • ivan moody
                                                                                ivan moody  7 months back

                                                                                Wtf did u say i cant understand that weird language you were speaking

                                                                                • Shane Oyeah
                                                                                  Shane Oyeah  7 months back

                                                                                  Dany's character been through a lot more than anyone in this show from the very start and doesn't deserve to die miserably in the end. I just really hope they will come up with something else or even a movie to change her fate.