Divine Intervention in Dungeons & Dragons

  • Published: 30 July 2019
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Comments • 104

  • Johnny Low
    Johnny Low  2 months back

    I've been using this for a few years now. Always found the Clerics to be cookie cutter in design. A cleric of Talos, and cleric of Zeus would both be Tempest clerics. Yet both gods are different, but both clerics have the same spells?

    What I do is use the old school books and find their Specialty Priest spells, and convert those. Or tailor something if their deity isn't represented.

    • David Mozeliak
      David Mozeliak  3 months back

      I was playing a Tempest Domain Cleric in a homebrewed campaign and had to use this the session I got it. My party had a signed a binding magical contract that had us wandering in a tomb... long story short we awoke an evil death god who turned anyone who failed the Wisdom save in 200 miles into a zombie, both the Rogue and Fighter failed. So I used it as an attempt, hoping for maybe some lightning to allow us to get away, but no my deity decided to drop right into combat and personally remove us from the area so he could fight this death god

      • wally tusks
        wally tusks  5 months back

        Wheres the thumbnail artwork sourced?

        • GrayishPoppy 210
          GrayishPoppy 210  5 months back

          I love the idea of a BBEG who's god is a rival to the party's Cleric. Cleric uses divine intervention but so does BBEG and so both try to help out as their gods war in the skies above them. Everyone else is just trying to survive the chaos caused by this huge battle.

          • Hypatia Atheiria
            Hypatia Atheiria  5 months back

            I set divine intervention as a DC 23 which shoots up to DC 47 when successful, droppping back to DE 23 at 1 DC per day

            • feylights
              feylights  5 months back

              I love that the gods have personalities

              • Justin Hurrelbrink
                Justin Hurrelbrink  5 months back

                Cleric using divine intervention: "hey lord?"
                Cleric's God: "for the 17th time, call me 'Sky Daddy' and I'm not giving you a bag of Doritos"

                • Teagan P
                  Teagan P  5 months back

                  I gave a player a solar in a fight against Tiamat in a 20th level one-shot. Dropped a figure on the board and handed them the stat block. They wished they had tried it sooner, they thought I would just replicate a spell, but I think that's rather underwhelming for a favour from god. If it's a spell, it should be a high-level one, I might have done the 9th-level healing one of their health was in a worse place.

                  • Christopher Bicknell
                    Christopher Bicknell  5 months back

                    I'm really happy to hear this. I used a Hallow spell during a Devine intervention moment in my campaign. I just spruced up the spell and what it could looked like

                    • Raylord Of Khalah
                      Raylord Of Khalah  5 months back

                      war cleric: help my lord!
                      deity: wassup
                      cleric: this guy mad
                      deity: lmaoooooo *9th lvl fireball, BBEG autofailed because divine intervention*
                      BBEG: fools, i WANTED TO DIE MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA bye thanks for killing me i can't die as a lich so thanks for letting me pass on

                      • true fandom
                        true fandom  6 months back

                        Cleric: please god! Give me your holly army!
                        *the sky opens as one angel apears. A spear in there hand and a shield in the other in white probes. And the cleric bows down knowing that's its Michael the arc angel. Aka a angel of holly war and combat that is stupid strong*

                        • Slayer Jesse
                          Slayer Jesse  5 months back

                          Wow, I didn't know Holly trees had such power.

                      • lafortya
                        lafortya  6 months back

                        Yeah, just ask Elric about his thoughts on divine intervention.

                        • Daniel Mårtensson
                          Daniel Mårtensson  6 months back

                          I'd be careful about using divine intervention to get *ex. That's how you get Aasimar or Tieflings, which might solve the issue later on but in the moment I doubt that's the best use of the ability.
                          (I'm sorry, I just had to when Jeremy kept saying "getting X" like he was censoring himself. :P)

                          • defenseive kobra
                            defenseive kobra  6 months back

                            Thousanth like!

                            • Anthony Alfaro
                              Anthony Alfaro  6 months back

                              DnDBeyond, you need a new sound guy. Todd’s voice is at least 5db higher than Jeremy’s throughout the entire video

                              • waybig10101
                                waybig10101  6 months back

                                I remember as a DM, a player asked me what was more powerful...wish or divine intervention, and I in turn ask do you think a level 20 wizard is more powerful then a god?

                                • Yash Singh
                                  Yash Singh  4 months back

                                  @Kody A. However gods can cast spells above level 9

                                • Ryan Millar
                                  Ryan Millar  5 months back

                                  @Kody A. Can't say I agree. A 20th level PC would get easily destroyed by many, many different enemies. Depending on stats you could get one shot by low CR enemies like an intellect devourer. Most dragons could kill you in just a couple rounds of breath unless you have a resistance or are a bear totem barbarian. Most DnD groups are just that, groups of people, so an entire team of 20th level pcs working together could eaaily beat dragons and be considered stronger than a god when they're together, but I don't think a single 20th level PC is stronger than a god, not without some shenanigans going on anyway

                                • Kody A.
                                  Kody A.  6 months back

                                  I'd vote wizard tbh.

                                  people tend to think that gods are "beyond the possibilities of all in the realm"

                                  to which I respond, what's the point of the player's adventures then?

                                  more importantly, I view levels 17 to 20 as equivalent to say, superman. Superman is beyond most of the pagan gods in DC, or at least able to compete with them (DC is a little vague on actual god though, but he doesn't apply here either way.)

                                  basically, Hercules, I'd say is a 14th level fighter or barbarian. And he can wrestle and defeat gods, sometimes with ease, and even someone like an 11th level here like Perseus can compete with a god in combat.

                                  thus, a 20th level wizard is, in my opinion, beyond or on par with a god in 5e. Does this mean a cleric someday surpasses their god? yes and no. In pure power, perhaps, as they gain a greater connection and conviction and grant *themselves* the power they want, yet they still serve their god. They may not be able to do or live as long as the god, though, and thus are akin to a brightly burning flame; eclipsing the constant bonfire they were sparked from, but soon to fade and burn out.

                              • QorinHalfhand.
                                QorinHalfhand.  6 months back

                                Divine intervention for war cleric: HQ this is Alfa leader, requesting support, over.
                                HQ: Alfa Leader this is Big Boss what is your situation?
                                War Cleric: We are heavily outnumbered and outguned, requesting immediate assistance.
                                HQ: Stand by Alfa Leader, sending support now.
                                The cleric sees as a squad of angels decends upon the battlefiled raining radiant death upon everything.

                                • Nicolas
                                  Nicolas  5 months back

                                  War Cleric: *a tear of blood falls from his left eye* This is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

                              • Abelhawk
                                Abelhawk  6 months back

                                Since you can only attempt to do Divine Intervention once per day, I can’t really see a god getting bothered.

                                • Jackson Bockus
                                  Jackson Bockus  6 months back

                                  I have at times told a player what the result of a successful Divine Intervention is likely to be, sometimes with an Intelligence (Religion) check. The cleric's player was wondering if they could use Divine Intervention to destroy a lich's phylactery, so I had them roll and said "You worship a goddess of life. She would likely destroy the phylactery by pulling the soul out and putting it back in the lich, restoring them to life." Of course I didn't tell them what they could not know, which is how the lichee might feel about the sudden termination of their undeath.

                                  • Connor Schultz
                                    Connor Schultz  5 months back

                                    X lick: ....dame it...it took me sooo long to get that form like..... 2 campaigns...

                                • F Huber
                                  F Huber  6 months back

                                  Any PC can ask for intervention.

                                  Clerics have a much higher chance of getting an answer they notice.

                                  I had a player way back in early 2nd Edition ask for divine intervention.
                                  A fighter (essentially a barbarian) worshiper of Crom.

                                  Rolled 00. (the nat 20 of % dice)

                                  He got yellow rain.

                                  • defenseive kobra
                                    defenseive kobra  4 months back

                                    @tideoftime well _now_ i do

                                  • tideoftime
                                    tideoftime  4 months back

                                    @defenseive kobra ...so you're saying yellow mold is just dehydrated god-pee...? ;) lol

                                  • defenseive kobra
                                    defenseive kobra  4 months back

                                    @tideoftime i mean yellow mold exist

                                  • tideoftime
                                    tideoftime  4 months back

                                    @defenseive kobra And the thing is, in DnD, _that's a legit question_ ... lol

                                  • defenseive kobra
                                    defenseive kobra  6 months back

                                    Is it divine urine or is there some god forgoten feature in 2e called yellow rain

                                • Scott Bruckner
                                  Scott Bruckner  6 months back

                                  when you facing a BBEG and you bust out this puppy after being a good little cleric all year.
                                  Cleric/Hp1: GOD! HELP!
                                  BBEG: Your God can't hear you scream for yo-
                                  **The earth parts as a platinum plated skeleton crawls from the earth in lavish white silken robes with intricate gold lacing of all the different methods of death lining the robe and they look down at the cleric**
                                  God: Hey buddy.
                                  Cleric: Hi God.
                                  BBEG: HOW DARE YOU COME INTO MY-
                                  God: S I L E N C E M O R T A L **Zap**
                                  BBEG: **Is now at half health** You...
                                  God: Go get em, dude **Zap**
                                  Cleric: **HP BACK TO FULL** Thanks, God.

                                • Dont-be Evil
                                  Dont-be Evil  6 months back

                                  a mini karsus avatar?

                                  • DialatedPupils
                                    DialatedPupils  6 months back

                                    7 days!?!......try like 7 games!.....lol.

                                    • Jasar 88
                                      Jasar 88  6 months back

                                      Olá somebody like the video, I want to, but I can't be the six hundred sixty six one, the irony is to much

                                      • Josh Ricks
                                        Josh Ricks  6 months back

                                        5E is so nerfed. Divine intervention has been a feature in DnD forever. For instance, in Keep of the Borderlands one of the foes could plea for divine intervention and if he succeeded his god would "remove him from the threat the PCs pose" by killing him. How is that for divine intervention?

                                        • Topcats Lair
                                          Topcats Lair  6 months back

                                          Trickery domain clerics would be interesting to call upon

                                          • Lore 369
                                            Lore 369  5 months back

                                            @Topcats Lair Sounds Beautiful!

                                          • Topcats Lair
                                            Topcats Lair  5 months back

                                            @Lore 369 i kinda want to be a cleric of Loki now.
                                            Me: I cast Divine Intervention
                                            DM: Suddenly Tom Hiddleston appears and says "Kneel... kneel before your king"

                                          • Lore 369
                                            Lore 369  6 months back

                                            I agree. As some one who plays a trickery cleric who reluctantly worships Beshaba and tries to subvert/ignore her requests, it could get intresting.

                                        • Jonathan Campos
                                          Jonathan Campos  6 months back

                                          I find it funny that as these two talk they refer to "divine intervention" as a 10th level cleric ability. In two separate campaigns, I've played, in I have seen a 6th (or so) level, paladin "pray" to her God and with a natural 20 (because shut up) the party got a Deus ex machina to help out. And in a different game, a level 8 cleric similarly prayed to his god and (again with a high d20 roll) a legendary creature was teleport directly on top of us. Mine you these games had different DMs. Ultimately the players at my game group don't know how divine intervention is supposed to work or the significance of it, BUT that being said I can't lie and say I didn't have fun in those campaigns. Recently I did DM a game where a level 1 cleric prayed to his Patheon and I really liked how he did it. The player took the time to visit a Temple pay the fee and respects, didn't ask for anything specific only the safety of his new comrades. In response, I gave the low-level party a free bless spell that only one of them made use of before the eight hours were up. With MY opinion being that's how you should run clerical prayer, it feels more significant than a free get out of prison card (which is what happened in the paladin story).

                                          • Carlo Bissolotti
                                            Carlo Bissolotti  6 months back

                                            Remember to vote with your Johnson!

                                            • carlos santiago
                                              carlos santiago  6 months back

                                              Playing a hombrew adventure we were fighting a litch and losing, i brock was the las one standing (viking theme life domain cleric) i yell to the bard bottleneck wake up( healing word curing him 8hp ).
                                              I said to my dm I'll start praying to odin. What do u ask said the dm, i ask him to forgive this litch and grand him the honore to live in valhalla for all eternity. I roll successfully, he got banish to valhalla in an everlasting war between the litch and all of ancestors.

                                              • ShadowCoH316
                                                ShadowCoH316  6 months back

                                                Oh hey, new camera?

                                                • XoRandomGuyoX
                                                  XoRandomGuyoX  6 months back

                                                  So, "YMMV" is the main warning label for Divine Intervention. Because it's DM-controlled it might be underwhelming. E.g. the DM might just replicate a 5th level spell, turning what might be a once-or-twice-per-campaign moment into an extra spell slot for the day.

                                                  • Jason Kiesling
                                                    Jason Kiesling  6 months back

                                                    Im always glad to hear D&D luminaries talking shop. You go Big J. Wish I could run a game with guys and gals that are as into it as you are. I so badly want a job at Wizards

                                                    • Gyor Gyor
                                                      Gyor Gyor  6 months back

                                                      The best spells to cast with Divine Intervention are Planar Ally and Gate because you can make say an Angel or other Celestial/Fiend/Elemental appear as a messager from the God that is free to act out the Gods wishes in the scene, not the clerics.

                                                      • Quintin Steevessenior
                                                        Quintin Steevessenior  6 months back

                                                        Soooooo, for those types of players that don't like the clerics that believe in god, they use the "essence" of peace? In a game with as much supernatural lore as it has, devils, demons, dragons, vorpal magic, celestials, patrons, etc etc and some folks have a problem with gods existing? Lols. The irony is thick with that one

                                                        • Quintin Steevessenior
                                                          Quintin Steevessenior  6 months back

                                                          @Agilemind makes sense, but some folks take the game too seriously that way. However warlocks are still subservient to their patrons

                                                        • Agilemind
                                                          Agilemind  6 months back

                                                          People don't mind the existence of gods, so much as they dislike the idea of being dependent on the whims of a god or having to worship/be subservient of a god. It's why warlocks are more popular than clerics.

                                                        • Daniel B
                                                          Daniel B  6 months back

                                                          Nothing wrong with fictitious gods...

                                                      • Matthew O'Connor
                                                        Matthew O'Connor  6 months back

                                                        If my players tried every day to use Divine Intervention to revive someone, depending on how long and what diety, I'd probably consider bending towards reincarnation instead lol.

                                                        • Zachary Gadzinski
                                                          Zachary Gadzinski  6 months back

                                                          @Matthew Sidewater Ishavar's guide to Curses. It came out a week ago. From the article I read it allows Undead and a few others as a race option, nerfs remove curse, and delves deeper into curses. So if your party tries to cast remove curse on a lycanthrope who embraced their lycanthropy and it fails to remove the lycanthropy, then the DM could build a scenario around the backfire. Not to mention a god of death could bring back a player as an undead.

                                                        • JoaoG R
                                                          JoaoG R  6 months back

                                                          @Matthew Sidewater I think he's talking about a UA

                                                        • Matthew Sidewater
                                                          Matthew Sidewater  6 months back

                                                          Zachary Gadzinski what module is this?

                                                        • Zachary Gadzinski
                                                          Zachary Gadzinski  6 months back

                                                          I think it depends on the deity's domain. A trickery domain goddess may opt for reincarnation while a death domain god would have the player return as a revenant.

                                                          Yet the newest module covering curses and such makes revanats playable since players can choose undead as a race now.

                                                        • JoaoG R
                                                          JoaoG R  6 months back

                                                          or bring the revived character as a revenant

                                                      • Frank Zamary
                                                        Frank Zamary  6 months back

                                                        I have always ruled that Divine Intervention should be stronger than thr wish spell. Wish is at your command every single day once you hit 17th level. Divine Intervention has the seven day limitation and, prior to 20th level, you have less than a one in five chance of it working, less than one in ten when you get it. When Divine Intervention happens, it should be a huge moment for the cleric. Most clerics will never successfully pull this off in a campaign. If it happens, the players should remember that moment.

                                                        • Gyor Gyor
                                                          Gyor Gyor  6 months back

                                                          @Jhin Potion agreed it's for the DM to decide. And I don't remember saying anything about 10th level spells, but if I did it was an error.

                                                        • Jhin Potion
                                                          Jhin Potion  6 months back

                                                          @A s t r o Oh, wait, that makes a ton more sense. Right.

                                                        • A s t r o
                                                          A s t r o  6 months back

                                                          @Jhin Potion I think he meant class levels, not spell levels.

                                                        • Jhin Potion
                                                          Jhin Potion  6 months back

                                                          @Gyor Gyor Dude, what? There's no such thing as casting it at 10th level; that just isn't a thing. Second, "it can mimic ninth level spells." I mean, it might? But, like... that's not for the cleric to decide.

                                                        • Gyor Gyor
                                                          Gyor Gyor  6 months back

                                                          It might not seem like it, but Divine Intervention IS more powerful then wish because A you can use it at 10th level and B it make mimic 9th level spells and C its coming from the God not the cleric, so a God you gate in one of its most powerful servants to just wreck havoc or gate in a being that can cast wish, or true resurrect a dead bodiless Ancient Gold Dragon, or Planar shift every enemy off the battlefield, and more.

                                                      • Alan Schaub
                                                        Alan Schaub  6 months back

                                                        This conversation was actually quite profound even outside of the context of D&D.

                                                        • Gyor Gyor
                                                          Gyor Gyor  6 months back

                                                          The Cleric is probably the single most profound class in the game because the Cleric is going to be the party Theologian and/or Philosopher.

                                                      • Bobby Baker
                                                        Bobby Baker  6 months back

                                                        I think it would require a good bit of investment in the knowledge of the particular god. I like the idea of the god having access to knowledge and wisdom to help in a way that might not seem to be directly useful. answering the call with a boon that might also be a test of faith.

                                                        Also perhaps tying in a level of effectiveness to reflect on the standing of the cleric with the god.

                                                        • Ashen Wuss
                                                          Ashen Wuss  6 months back

                                                          I had a character die at lvl10 while there were about 4 NPCs of the same level helping our party. I took up controlling the Life Cleric NPC after my character died. I ended up using the Intervention when the Cleric was being washed away and drowned by a raging stream of water. The Intervention failed completely. From there, he barely managed to survive on his own and I started roleplaying a nihilistic Life Cleric.

                                                          I love DnD

                                                          • Maxx
                                                            Maxx  6 months back

                                                            I love how Moradin is both the most and least likely god to just drop an anvil on someone as an answer.

                                                            • Goya Solidar
                                                              Goya Solidar  6 months back

                                                              R'hllor allowed Thoros of Myr to resurrect Beric Dondarrion six times. Just saying.

                                                              • JoaoG R
                                                                JoaoG R  6 months back

                                                                and Beric grew weirder everytime he came back

                                                              • Demonsthere
                                                                Demonsthere  6 months back

                                                                That was just revivify, didn't return him his eye

                                                            • Captain Pandabear
                                                              Captain Pandabear  6 months back

                                                              I hate this ability as a DM. The clerics always try to sell it as much more than it is: "Oh, my divine intervention should let me cast meteor swarm." Or "My tempest cleric god should let my lightning bolts all hit at once instead of over 10 minutes, that's only 100d10, no big deal!"

                                                              • Agilemind
                                                                Agilemind  6 months back

                                                                @Richard Clutterbuck IMO Divine Intervention should not have long lasting effects - no permanent feat, no cool item, etc.. - just a temporary intervention for an immediate situation. If a cleric asked for a better weapon or whatever I would have the god just tell them where in the world they could go to find such a weapon so they have to go an quest for it.

                                                              • Philip, John Ryan
                                                                Philip, John Ryan  6 months back

                                                                I guess that's the thing. The player can pray to the god; but it is ultimately up to the GM *how* the deity responds to the prayer. That might sound unfair but it's fairly accurate. Jesus coming back to his followers might be considered one effect of a divine intervention; it didn't bring him back from the dead but it allowed them some closure and to reaffirm their belief that Jesus's death was all part of the plan. For, reasons. I admit, I never got why a single man dying could be attributed to absolving us of all our sins. *Shrugs* but it is a good example of a divine intervention.

                                                                Another might be Hercules, he was a demi-god who sometimes received aid from members of his pantheon. They almost never accomplished the task for him but rather provided the tools to make the task possible. Either a weapon to aid in the task, a means to actually accomplish the task in a larger then life way. Like that time he shot an arrow at the sun in frustration.

                                                                "Why you shoot the sun?!"

                                                                "Too, HOT!"

                                                                "I like your bravery mortal, you can borrow my chariot to cross this dessert!"

                                                                Or even have an avatar of your god's will come crashing down to provide direct assistance. That avatar could even be a paladin from the order who *just happened to be there* by divine inspiration, providing a friendly NPC who can help the players and be the boon the party wouldn't usually have received. In a West Marshes campaign having someone arrive at a critical moment to provide aid is a really good boon. I think the key thing with a good divine intervention is that it should be tailored to the situation as typically, the God will likely want to stick as close to the guidelines as possible as to not violate rules in the cosmic game and thus would look to change as little as possible. In one scene, a timely intervention might be enough. In another? a epic thunderstorm and so fourth.

                                                                Unless your God is Thor, but then again knowing him, he is as much a liability to his patronage as the foes he faces. But that's another story entirely.

                                                                Either way, it's up to your game. Given it's weekly interventions due to distances involved, a 1/5 chance of generating and requiring a long rest to recover *if I recall correctly*, it should be spectacular, but it shouldn't necessarily bypass encounters.

                                                              • Captain Pandabear
                                                                Captain Pandabear  6 months back

                                                                @Klaus Garcia-Robles

                                                                I run a large west march campaign, so generally the characters have a lot of downtime. This ability causes problems if the DMs are expected to be generous in what it does what a cleric can use it reliably. Sometimes they use it out of combat to try to fix problems or get free stuff.

                                                                Granted, might be more of a problem with the player than the ability, but still. It's an ill-defined ability.

                                                              • Klaus Garcia-Robles
                                                                Klaus Garcia-Robles  6 months back

                                                                @Captain Pandabear If you have a fight that persist across two sessions, the internal fight is just a couple of minutes or hours. Real life time does not affect game time. So, once it had been used, 7 game time days need to pass.

                                                              • Gyor Gyor
                                                                Gyor Gyor  6 months back

                                                                Make it clear it's the God casting the spell, not the cleric, for it's own agenda. Then have it say summon a Deva or other servant that you think is fitting (via Planar Ally or Gate), to act as a divine messager on behalf of the God, not as a servant to the cleric, unless that makes sense for the God or circumstances like the Cleric has served the Gods interests well. It's much better RP that way, then just having the God smite someone or raise them from dead. A representive of the God and be payed in sooooo many ways.

                                                            • Stephen Sommers
                                                              Stephen Sommers  6 months back

                                                              There should be a warlock equivalent of Devine Intervention. Let something evil grant your wish but at a serious cost.

                                                              • Eric Johnson
                                                                Eric Johnson  5 months back

                                                                “You saved the party, but at what cost?” taken to a whole new level with this version of intervention

                                                              • Zachary Gadzinski
                                                                Zachary Gadzinski  6 months back

                                                                Sounds like it should be part of a new pact. Yet making the pact focus on charms, curses, hexes, potion brewing and such could make it part of a ritual and in turn make the warlock more less lean towards a classic witch theme.

                                                                Yet any female PC or NPC who's a part of the warlock class are witches considering that in modern media and such warlocks and witches are the same. The Chilling adventures of Sabrina is an example of a witch whose part of the pact of the fiend subclass and is trying to break said pact with her patron.

                                                              • GNerd
                                                                GNerd  6 months back

                                                                Thanks for the idea! I'm totally going to homebrew that to my campaign

                                                            • SIC & CHIPS
                                                              SIC & CHIPS  6 months back

                                                              I'm waiting for Lord of Madness adaptation for 5e, that is my kind favorite of God intervention. I mean, we need villain for new good stories.

                                                              • Nick Williams
                                                                Nick Williams  6 months back

                                                                One thing I like about the Divine Intervention ability is that it deals with the inevitable request, "Can't I just pray to my god?" It's a more serious question than it might first appear, since - by the mid-levels - a Cleric PC is among the most prominent of their deity's servants.

                                                                Divine Intervention provides an actual mechanic to address this: "Yes, you _can_ directly ask your god for aid. Roll percentile dice."

                                                                • DerryltheHero
                                                                  DerryltheHero  6 months back

                                                                  I played a post curse of strahd one shot where the cleric of the original game we played rallied a group of clerics to take strahd out once and for all. By the end of the session the area around strahd's coffin was warded from undead so he couldnt actually return. Each cleric in line attempted their divine intervention and the last person had a tempest cleric and succeeded saying "deal with strahd however you see fit". I described it as these massive thick "worms" crashing through the wall of ravenloft and wrapping around the misty form of him and pulling him out from the castle and as the "worms" pulled away, everyone realised they weren't worms, but fingers of a divine hand attached to this massive arm that had arose from the sea (ravenloft was flooded at this point to changed the tone) and with one massive motion, the arm tensed as the hand clutched its fist and strahd was destroyed forever. The shockwave of the hand clenching strahd rippled out and hit the castle and it started to crumble and everyone had to race out of it before it collapsed into the sea. One of my favorite one shots.

                                                                  • mike A
                                                                    mike A  2 weeks back

                                                                    @Al Bogus Which wouldn't be kinda creative

                                                                  • Al Bogus
                                                                    Al Bogus  5 months back

                                                                    DerryltheHero That’s actually kinda creative. Might do something similar

                                                                • Theo Thomas
                                                                  Theo Thomas  6 months back

                                                                  Looking forward to using this with my cleric

                                                                  • Fallenmonk d20
                                                                    Fallenmonk d20  6 months back

                                                                    I've only divine intervention work in one of my games once so I've never got to experience it much. It seems like a really cool power though!!