Ferrari 430 Scuderia versus Challenge Stradale - the ULTIMATE silver showdown!

  • Published: 08 November 2019
  • Ferrari 430 Scuderia versus Challenge Stradale - the ULTIMATE silver showdown!

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    What a day! This week’s episode is brought to you by TCG fan and subscriber, Steve, who invited us to visit his silver Ferrari collection.And drive his 430 Scuderia! At last, we get to drive this lightweight V8 legend.

    So this week it’s the Ferrari Challenge Stradale versus 430 Scuderia in a feature-length review on British roads. Damian has never driven a ‘Scud’ before, and this is the perfect opportunity to pitch the two cars against each other.

    Which car will win? Which sounds the best? Which is the more accomplished overall drive? Will TheCarGuys prefer the Scuderia and replace the Challenge Stradale? Will they ever give the 430 back to Steve? All these questions and more will be answered in this week’s episode.

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    In this episode, Mr Butt is wearing a 5164a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time.

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    Steve - @Ljrv
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    Jason Taylor

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Comments • 369

  • Raymond Yip
    Raymond Yip  3 days back

    Really great video and comparison.
    I have both CS and Scuderia and prefer the CS any day as it is so raw and direct.

    • Xander7777777777
      Xander7777777777  3 days back

      Excellent video and a day to remember you lucky things! Thanks for sharing!!

      • Usman Khan
        Usman Khan  3 days back

        The E46 M3s SMG was much better than ferraris F1 system at the time.

        • artz330
          artz330  4 days back

          430 Scuderia with a 6 Speed Manual and Clutch Pedal is Epic!

          • 997 dryvr
            997 dryvr  4 days back

            Epic video. One of the best car vids I've watched in a while. I love my German cars but would gladly add a Scud to my garage some day. But after watching this, I'm wondering. Seeing the CS and Scud side by side was great. As far as the 2 newer lightweights, pass. I prefer the looks, and more analogue instrument clusters and less nannied drive of the older stuff, hence my love of the 997 GT3 over the 991 and now 992. And I just don't know what I could do with 700 hp on a public road. The 460 ish of both my cars already gets me flirting with license losing speeds as it is.

            • Thomas Zay
              Thomas Zay  4 days back

              I just saw the new Ferrari Roma on youtube. I might be wrong in saying this, ever since the once exclusive company went public they have been pushing out models one after another. Is Ferrari going the way of the big car producers? I clearly recall when Ferrari started trading in New York the shareholders asked Ferrari to cut the price of their automobiles. I really feel for both of you, who must be wondering about the future.

              • Massimo Figna
                Massimo Figna  4 days back

                Great video. It would be epic to see the same gallery with V12 before the all get electric.

                • S. T.
                  S. T.  5 days back

                  Hey, any chance you guys were at the Ferrari Roma presentation today? I'd love to see a tour of this interesting new design by you two.

                  • TheCarGuys.TV
                    TheCarGuys.TV   3 days back

                    S. T. Thanks, dude

                  • S. T.
                    S. T.  4 days back

                    @TheCarGuys.TV I see! Keep up the amazing dedication, I really enjoy your stuff. Thanks for the quick reply here!

                  • TheCarGuys.TV
                    TheCarGuys.TV   4 days back

                    S. T. Sadly not - we weren’t invited - maybe because we slagged off the Portofino

                • Neil L
                  Neil L  6 days back

                  Greta Thurnburg approved 😂😂. We need to enjoy these beautiful machines while we still can because in 10yrs all cars will sound the same, drive the same, and go equally fast.

                  • OfficialHoneZtAbe
                    OfficialHoneZtAbe  6 days back

                    The pista keeps growing on me, it's fkn gorgeous. Could pass as a hyper car visually speaking

                    • Kriszt M
                      Kriszt M  6 days back

                      bucket seats, very good if you wearing the diaper.

                      • Kriszt M
                        Kriszt M  5 days back

                        @TheCarGuys.TV do not worry about it

                      • TheCarGuys.TV
                        TheCarGuys.TV   5 days back

                        That literally makes no sense. It's neither logical, nor a proper sentence.

                    • Tu Ho
                      Tu Ho  6 days back

                      Thank you for a very thorough review from someone who have driven both back to back. It appears the CS is more raw. I’m surprised the brakes are better on the CS.

                    • Otavio Ferrante
                      Otavio Ferrante  6 days back

                      Please get a Scuddddddd

                      • Paolo
                        Paolo  7 days back

                        you need "only" the 16 M, with the pista spider arriving you could have all 4 of them!!! and all together have even more value........ why should you ever sell the stradale??? you also said that has the BEST SOUND of all the ferrari you drove! :D and they are so rare.

                        • Augustin Fabre
                          Augustin Fabre  7 days back

                          That's great to see these 4 together. Tbh... i hate the silver. It's really the last colour I want to see for a Ferrari. Who cares if it's rare or not. I can't get over the traditional red/yellow/black. Just like an aston looks terrible in red or a rolls in yellow.

                          • caymanblack
                            caymanblack  1 weeks back

                            Sorry guys but i really do not like these in Silver, all great cars though.

                            • Joe W
                              Joe W  1 weeks back

                              Cracking video, big fan of the wristwear on show too...

                            • george fourtinas
                              george fourtinas  1 weeks back

                              now go drive that pister !!! great video

                              • 4 Smoking Tailpipes
                                4 Smoking Tailpipes  1 weeks back

                                Fantastic Vid Damian! What an awesome day to see them all together!

                              • Richard Jones
                                Richard Jones  1 weeks back

                                Really enjoyed that, spot on chaps, great video

                              • tdgeorgestl
                                tdgeorgestl  1 weeks back

                                Awesome job on the side by side

                              • SpeedLife301
                                SpeedLife301  1 weeks back

                                The 458 is my favorite car they made next to the f40

                                • Lantelot
                                  Lantelot  1 weeks back

                                  Silver is such a rare color and is stunning 😍😍

                                  • Alan Hunt
                                    Alan Hunt  1 weeks back

                                    To top this video of with the Grand Master you needed a 288 GTO on Centre Stage.. but I loved it no matter what.... nobody has or will get this lot together in the same colour... just no chance... :-)

                                    • Martin Getliffe
                                      Martin Getliffe  1 weeks back

                                      As ever another fantastic Video.

                                      The CS sounds animalistic.

                                      I’d have the noise as my ringtone. That’s an idea for you create an app with car sounds you have to be used as ringtones?

                                      All the best.........


                                    • Go Key Inspections
                                      Go Key Inspections  1 weeks back

                                      gotta love a challenge stradale

                                      • jamiedb69
                                        jamiedb69  1 weeks back

                                        What an incredible video! I'm not sure I've seen a more absorbing 20 mins of content on YouTube. One question for you... have you seriously considered or ever been close to buying an Enzo?

                                        • jamiedb69
                                          jamiedb69  1 weeks back

                                          It has to be the ultimate F series car in my view. Oh and I recently did the Fiorano and factory tour... very envious of he fact you've been able to take to the track! Loving the channel and looking forward to the next vid.

                                        • TheCarGuys.TV
                                          TheCarGuys.TV   1 weeks back

                                          Thank you, Jamie - very kind. I have considered an Enzo - never been close though

                                      • Peter H
                                        Peter H  1 weeks back

                                        What’s about the yearly service / maintenance costs for a stradale? (to compare with 996 GT3 RS) 🤔😎

                                      • Graham Tricker
                                        Graham Tricker  1 weeks back

                                        FFS Damian, don't sell the CS! 😉 Looks like you were driving near Virginia Water... Nice video BTW

                                      • henryhol8538
                                        henryhol8538  1 weeks back

                                        Its wondefull seeing all these V8 road racers in one video. Now we know why you and STG value the Challenge Stradale so much. This proves you never know how good anything is till you have tested its rival. (Best not to do that with partners though).

                                        • Jeffery Furness
                                          Jeffery Furness  1 weeks back

                                          Bored of this channel's obsession for Ferrari content call your selves car guys more varied content covering different manufacturer's

                                        • Janusha
                                          Janusha  1 weeks back

                                          Its worth noting that the 488 Pista is built on a continuation of the 458 Italia. They share the same core, kinda. Which is going on 10 years now.

                                          • TheCarGuys.TV
                                            TheCarGuys.TV   1 weeks back

                                            Janusha agreed - they are near identical in many ways

                                          • Janusha
                                            Janusha  1 weeks back

                                            Nothing wrong with that, but there will be similarities.

                                          • TheCarGuys.TV
                                            TheCarGuys.TV   1 weeks back


                                        • Rob C
                                          Rob C  1 weeks back

                                          Ill swap my manual 360 for your CS.. how bout that? :)

                                        • Dane Whaley
                                          Dane Whaley  1 weeks back

                                          And this is magic... the best of the best from the best

                                        • dan hug hes
                                          dan hug hes  1 weeks back

                                          Damo, thanks properly presenting the C.Stadale, had no idea why so wonderful no idea what everyone was on about. From a former 4200GT Cambiocorsa 'F1' rubbish gearbox Maserati owner

                                          • Consigliere Egidio
                                            Consigliere Egidio  1 weeks back

                                            Interestingly, Chris Harris has chosen Scud over CS or 458 S.

                                            • Carlo P
                                              Carlo P  1 weeks back

                                              CS very undervalued

                                              • spdrcrj
                                                spdrcrj  1 weeks back

                                                Having owned two of each of those, I agree with you. The performance difference isn’t much different for the Scud and it’s nowhere near as beautiful. The Scud is a fantastic car but the CS is just so special.

                                                • John T
                                                  John T  1 weeks back

                                                  Epic. Great Video.

                                                  • Kaki Wayne
                                                    Kaki Wayne  1 weeks back

                                                    Amazing lineup together at once and same colour. 😆

                                                    • Simon Cross
                                                      Simon Cross  1 weeks back

                                                      Love the video, love the channel, pity you spoilt it with the dickish Greta comment. The request for respectful comments goes both ways and she’s a kid for goodness sake trying to do the right thing for us all.

                                                      I also agree that blanket legislation is unfortunate but however much we all love Ferrari’s the question of where do you draw the line? 1000 different people would draw it in 1000 different places.

                                                      I guess the answer is to buy a classic Ferrari. 😀👍🏻

                                                      • The Corvette King
                                                        The Corvette King  1 weeks back

                                                        Great reviews. Had the same sensation today. I drove behind a buddies UGR Gallardo. And lord, the sound of that twin turbo V10? But I did enjoy my measly 20k mile C6. Great car day.

                                                        • strangebrutoo
                                                          strangebrutoo  1 weeks back

                                                          Why did you set the Scuderia on the least performance setting for the entire ride (13:05 to at least 16:12) ? Why not at least use sport or race like you had the Challenge on ? I'm not sure but it might effect throttle response and exhaust note.

                                                          • strangebrutoo
                                                            strangebrutoo  1 weeks back

                                                            TheCarGuys.TV haha. Ok, good :)

                                                          • TheCarGuys.TV
                                                            TheCarGuys.TV   1 weeks back

                                                            That footage was not taken at those times, rest assured it was in race

                                                        • Tullio Andreis
                                                          Tullio Andreis  1 weeks back

                                                          The 430 Scuderia is a far superior to CS. I know you own CS but I would rather the Scuderia as my track car.

                                                          • asfdadfgdasfh
                                                            asfdadfgdasfh  1 weeks back

                                                            @17:00 you suck, Greta!

                                                            • Ferrari Fred
                                                              Ferrari Fred  1 weeks back

                                                              I'd have the CS or (preferably and) Scud over any modern car. They're my dream 2 car garage and hopefully I'll be able to get them both before we inevitably only drive electric cars and the price of modern classics will skyrocket.

                                                              Sidenote: "Thunberg" is pronounced with a hard "t" (=not "th") and hard "g". You also came off as a bit nonchalant to her work... I'm all for electric cars, but obviously I think sports cars can stay petrol-fuelled.

                                                              • Adrian Hurley
                                                                Adrian Hurley  1 weeks back

                                                                I'd gone off this channel but I couldn't resist checking this vid out.....very good, pleased I did as I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.

                                                              • concretec0w
                                                                concretec0w  1 weeks back

                                                                Wonderful stuff. You just can’t find quality info on these legends anymore. Thanks for sharing bro!