3rd Democratic Debate: Medicare for All as the Bogeyman? (1/3)


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  • Terri Ryan
    Terri Ryan  3 months back

    I would get rid of my private healthcare in a heart beat!

    • Jean-Luc Martel
      Jean-Luc Martel  3 months back

      every man woman and child has the right to be healthy and not held hostage by their class.

      • chickendinner2012
        chickendinner2012  3 months back

        Bernie is the real deal

        • Tracy K
          Tracy K  3 months back

          I refuse to watch if Tulsi is not present. She should at least be there. Such BS.

          • drhominidae
            drhominidae  3 months back

            The problem is that the MSM takes an adversarial or non-informational position and does not explain the entire program that Bernie is proposing. That leaves much confusion for people that are not following the candidates' positions closely. Especially since the other candidates are naming their programs Medicare-for-All-(add something here).

            • Jeffrey Cohen
              Jeffrey Cohen  3 months back

              "If you like your doctor you will keep your doctor" said La Charlatan Du Telemprompteur!

              • King Ifrit
                King Ifrit  3 months back

                12:15 Exactly what bothered me about Pete Bootygag. He says he trusts the Americans to do what exactly? Fall in a deep pit of debts like some people who aren't savy enough with stuff like this? Because i'm pretty sure more than half the population of the planet have no idea what to do with their insurances and medical stuff,certainly not administration wise,and that's exactly what he's banking on,literally.

                • Joe Hoang
                  Joe Hoang  3 months back

                  Why is Gregory Wilpert saying at the beginning that Warren supports Medicare for all? She clearly does not.

                  • Bruce Villa
                    Bruce Villa  3 months back

                    They all sound like republicans except for Bernie Sanders.

                    • Sandy Wilson
                      Sandy Wilson  3 months back

                      A pretty uptight bunch of people ,except for Bernie , he has the resolve to wade thru the muck regardless of what happens . He reminds me of an old professor , seasoned and wise , but most of all , patient and calm in the face of pandemonium .

                  • AuntiJen
                    AuntiJen  3 months back

                    FRAMING 4 DUMMIES
                    ATTN AMERICANS;
                    & *REPLACING IT* WITH 5G!
                    For less $$$!

                    • darthex0
                      darthex0  3 months back

                      Where's Tulsi?

                      • ThomasNSherrod
                        ThomasNSherrod  3 months back

                        No talk of climate destruction. ABC & DNC's "debate" is really just a pay-to-play corporate sea of losers. BERNIE * 2020

                        • Matthew Iverson
                          Matthew Iverson  3 months back

                          Some Democrats using republican talking points sound like idiots.

                          • earth ocean
                            earth ocean  3 months back

                            3:25 - FALSE. Warren is NOT pushing for M4A, she has backtracked on that initial position and is now towing the softer line for an easement of the existing broken system that only works for the elites.

                            • manumus11
                              manumus11  3 months back

                              pete buttigieg plan for giving ppl a choice is so stupid ..if u give ppl a choice to buy in to medicare .. the ppl who are not sick or young ppl go with the insurance co.cause the insurance companies will make sure that the young and the healthy pay less than what they would pay in the medicare buy in and only the sick and old will go in the medicare buy in .. that would bankrupt the system and cause even Medicare to be stopped ... its a dangerous path !!! pete buttigieg is a piece of shit and he knows exactly what hes doing thats why he is one of the biggest recipient of big donor money .. THATS WHY THEY LIKE THIS CREEP !!!

                              • Mike Barnes
                                Mike Barnes  3 months back

                                What's Tulsi's plan? Oh wait, the DNC made sure she wasn't there. Tulsi 2020

                                • ThomasNSherrod
                                  ThomasNSherrod  3 months back

                                  agree. Tulsi was polling higher than Harris in some "polls" But the DNC doesn't want the voters to know this.

                                • Matt Erbst
                                  Matt Erbst  3 months back


                              • AussieMaleTuber
                                AussieMaleTuber  3 months back

                                I really love The Real News and am a long term Subscriber. As a foriegn observer and not being in the Left or Right of any politics, and being a keen observer of current events and history, your endless discussion of Race in this panel and the lack of any discussion of the US Economy, political and Government employee criminality, border control or the historic public and private debt, makes an observer understand why all peoples in the US seem to be still moving towards Mr Trump and then a Republican Congress (as Democat Poleticians and Government employees face jail for treasonous activity) in a stated hope for a brighter, shared 'American' future. Even the Soviet Union protected it's borders... .!

                                • AussieMaleTuber
                                  AussieMaleTuber  3 months back

                                  @Matt Erbst
                                  Does that mean that I'm 'Racist?'

                                • Matt Erbst
                                  Matt Erbst  3 months back

                                  Your other sources of information for your "observation" seem to include some dishonest right-wing propagandists.

                              • Jason Dayton
                                Jason Dayton  3 months back

                                Universal Health care is dangerous to the core. Canada's citizens come to America if they have the money if they are diagnosed with cancer. People have to wait for months sometimes years to be taken care of in Canada. Sweden is the same. Just ask yourself why we the people will get government Health care while the politicians keep their private providers. Then ask yourself who is going to pay the bill? We are taxed so much that this extra tax will make a lot of people homeless. You will be forced either to pay taxes or eventually face jail time or go homeless. Health care is not a right and never have been. How did people survive before the government decided to take over health care?

                                • #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot
                                  #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot  3 months back

                                  @Wes Charles. Why would you want to delete the truth?

                                • #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot
                                  #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot  3 months back

                                  @Jason Dayton. " How did people survive before the government decided to take over health care?"? Before Medicare was enacted, people died without any affordable insurance, or the means to pay medical costs!!!
                                  #TrumpTheInsaneRacistLyingFascistBigotPedophile loves you poorly educated fools.

                                • Wes Charles
                                  Wes Charles  3 months back

                                  I’m so sorry 😐 this is me with almost enough sleep. How do you delete

                                • Wes Charles
                                  Wes Charles  3 months back

                                  Jason Dayton 😯 you work for somebody that’s paying you enough to spread propaganda. I’ve lived in the USA most of my life now I’m in the uk 🇬🇧 you are clueless I love the USA but all my school friends are living with the stupid health care system that is a sick dog you can’t rely on it. I have sold insurance and guess what if you pay out on every claim you’re fired so USA health care is a lottery and the bet is your life. Now you’re either paid by the system or hopelessly misinformed or a complete moron. My advice is go to whatever candidates you like and read their health care policy. Then see who donated to their cause just in case you’re challenged if a pharmacist company or insurance company is giving them cash you can’t trust them. My good deed for the day is done ✅ lastly I don’t care if you’re dying and losing everything because you’re voting against your own interests that’s on you it will not happen to me of my family or friends over here. So if you’re going say anything dumb back I’m still much better off than you because we voted for our own interest 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧✊

                              • Mauri
                                Mauri  3 months back

                                Why is everyone ok with a pedophile being nominated?

                                • Krisin McIrvin
                                  Krisin McIrvin  3 months back

                                  There is a 4 year tier system in the bill Amy Boot cloud jar DID NOT reference.
                                  The 1st year people 55 and older would begin medicare coverage.
                                  The 2nd year people 45 years and older would be covered.
                                  The 3rd year 35 and older would be covered
                                  The 4th year ALL would be covered.
                                  During the transition and in Bernies bill NO ONE I repeat. ..NO ONE would not be covered unless they don't all ready have or have not insurance coverage. ..meaning people in the age groups that do or do not all ready HAD health insurance would be 100% covered with health care, dental, hearing,and vision care..
                                  No copy cats coverage allowed from private insurance company.
                                  Amy Cloud boot jar DID NOT READ Sanders bill....

                                  • Kurt8167
                                    Kurt8167  3 months back

                                    Most candidates are from higher class they have no idea what normal Americans have to go through.

                                    • Kurt8167
                                      Kurt8167  3 months back

                                      They need to get rid of private or there will always be discrimination by doctors and pharmacies.

                                      • Kurt8167
                                        Kurt8167  3 months back

                                        I have private insurance and i hate it. Most useful stuff is not covered need prior authorization of doctors visits and prescription then whatever they do cover has heavy copays and deductibles so private insurance barely cover anything.

                                        • freetobeme
                                          freetobeme  3 months back

                                          And where is this money going to come from to fund this. Are you actually speaking of pure socialism. No thanks.

                                          • Matt Erbst
                                            Matt Erbst  3 months back

                                            Or to state it most simply, the corporations that are currently required to pay for the health insurance of their employees will pay that into the Medicare for all program instead.

                                          • Syndicat
                                            Syndicat  3 months back

                                            The money is going to come from the same place that corporate welfare and the military budget comes from.

                                        • Sandy
                                          Sandy  3 months back

                                          Berne is the ONLY one who actually promises M4A. Warren has backed off. WHY? $$$ bullshit! Bernie is clear -
                                          the democrats may be playing but BERNIE isn't! Why do we need insurance companies??? Middle man bribing politicians. IF non -citizens work, they will pay the expanded payroll tax necessary to pay for M4A so they deserve coverage

                                          • MR IT409
                                            MR IT409  3 months back

                                            The Dems THINK that because Trump won (shocking most) they can put forward an old man who can't remember what he had for breakfast and a bunch of loony leftists

                                            • Syndicat
                                              Syndicat  3 months back

                                              They live in a metaphysical world of delusion and ultimately do not care who wins the election as long as the President does the bidding of the ruling elites. They just want to defeat Trump because he does not represent their team of elites.

                                          • Norm calman
                                            Norm calman  3 months back

                                            Bernie is the man America wants but all the corporate media and both parties are against him.

                                            • Syndicat
                                              Syndicat  3 months back

                                              @David Christoffer Stockman Bernie is afraid to criticize empire and goes along with the Washington consensus when it comes to foreign intervention and regime change programmes.

                                            • David Christoffer Stockman
                                              David Christoffer Stockman  3 months back

                                              @Syndicat How is he deeply flawed?

                                            • Syndicat
                                              Syndicat  3 months back

                                              Bernie is a deeply flawed, but well meaning politician and despite his flaws, the corporate State will crush him and ensure the American public will remain in bondage to the ruling elites (unfortunately).

                                            • Elron
                                              Elron  3 months back

                                              Bernie is NOT the man America wants. He is the Communist that dumbasses want.

                                          • Nonya Bizness
                                            Nonya Bizness  3 months back

                                            "The ship's aground on the shore of this
                                            uncharted desert isle
                                            with Gilligan, [pete]
                                            the Skipper too. [bern]
                                            The millionaire [yang]
                                            and his wife, [harris]
                                            the movie star, [biden]
                                            the professor [warren]
                                            and Mary Ann, [amy]
                                            here on Gilligan's Isle."

                                            my line-up, and my bet is on the professor to get us out of this mess. 😋

                                            • Matt Erbst
                                              Matt Erbst  3 months back

                                              @Syndicat The gates of hell say "abandon all hope, ye who enter here".
                                              Civil war is hell. Civil war is inevitable if Bernie doesn't win.
                                              Riley Freeman said "Hope is irrational."
                                              I don't want to lie to you, I hope Bernie wins.

                                            • Syndicat
                                              Syndicat  3 months back

                                              That's a losing bet because Warren is a weak, disingenuous, political opportunist, just like the rest of them. My bet is on the continued disintegration of the US empire and it couldn't happen soon enough. I just hope the working class can organize a revolution to overthrow this broken system befor it'ss too late.

                                          • 21's Change
                                            21's Change  3 months back

                                            Warren has changed so much since her years in the Senate.
                                            She is talking like Obama did and then followed the centrist Democrats and Republicans policies.

                                            • Sandy
                                              Sandy  3 months back

                                              Yep, Warren is Obama in drag

                                          • Glyne Martin
                                            Glyne Martin  3 months back

                                            Klobouchar is a joke.

                                            • Syndicat
                                              Syndicat  3 months back

                                              A truly sad and pathetic joke, like a rape, or dead baby joke.

                                            • Sandy
                                              Sandy  3 months back


                                          • Flossie Tube
                                            Flossie Tube  3 months back

                                            Bernie Sanders' Medicare for all is the only way to go!!! 150 million people loosing there insurance IS THE POINT!!!! You don't need health insurance. What you NEED is health CARE!!! And under a Medicare for all Health care system ALL CITIZENS HAVE FULL HEALTHCARE AS A RIGHT!!!!
                                            All these other candidates are Shills for the insurance companies! This is a LIFE or DEATH issue!!!!!! I'm SICK of the misinformation!!!

                                            • Flossie Tube
                                              Flossie Tube  3 months back

                                              @Militant KANE, also.... You're out numbered! So get use to the sound of: President Bernie Sanders! And Medicare for All!! That's your new health plan fool! And guess what, it's damn better than what you have now. AND it's going to cost you less!! Your WELCOME!!!!

                                              Mic Drop AGAIN!!!!🎤⤵

                                            • Flossie Tube
                                              Flossie Tube  3 months back

                                              @Militant KANE, sorry bro. But the needs of the many out weigh to wants of the few! The United States of America is the wealthiest (Empire) Country in the history of Earth! It is, therefore, IMMORAL for her to treat her citizens the way she has done. It's NOT about you! It's about US.

                                            • Militant KANE
                                              Militant KANE  3 months back

                                              @Flossie Tube life better for who? Not me. I dont want to raise my taxes for more government giveaways. There is more to life than paying taxes

                                            • Flossie Tube
                                              Flossie Tube  3 months back

                                              @Militant KANE, and here's a second point. Your already spending money on Healthcare. Thru insurance companies who, you guessed it. MAKE A PROFIT off of selling YOU insurance!!! Any CAPITALIST with HALF a brain knows that your going to SAVE MONEY if you....
                                              ......wait for it........

                                              ............CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN!!!!!!!!! It's only the BIGGEST NO-BRAINER in the history of NO-BRAINERS!!!!! And PLEASE don't bring up "quality" of care. Because EVERY other 1st world Country has a Single payer type Healthcare system that BOTH: has better health outcomes for there citizens. AND: Cost LESS per-capita then our current system with WORSE health outcomes.

                                              MIC DROP!!!🎤⤵

                                            • Flossie Tube
                                              Flossie Tube  3 months back

                                              @Militant KANE, you already hand over money to the government fool! The point is: should your money (taxes) be spent on War (killing poor people all over the world including here in the U.S.) or should your tax dollars be spent on something else? IDK, like on making life BETTER here in the good ol U. S. of A.??? I know it's a difficult choice. But think really hard on it! 😒

                                          • Jack Jammen
                                            Jack Jammen  3 months back


                                            Sorry. Bernie might not be saying it, but I will.
                                            Warren is not the progressive she claims to be.
                                            She’s admitted already that she is a capitalist to the bone. And though she will not accept corporate cash in the primaries, she will absolutely in the general election. This is what is being fought! Eliminating corporate influence on our elections and legislatures!
                                            This will be what loses to trump! If she or Biden is nominated the Democratic candidate, it’s a guaranteed win for trump. Trump ran on lies denying he was bought. THATS what got him the win, along with election fraud. 23yrs ago she didn’t even believe in the progressive values the American people are for.
                                            Now, She’s standing on Bernie’s shoulders with MSM’s and the DNC’s help, as the one with HIS platform he’s been fighting for his whole life?
                                            Say no to Joe and the rest of the status quo and all the Johnny and Jane come latelys.
                                            Sanders/Gabbard 2020
                                            Middle of the ground didn’t work in 2016 and it’s not going to work now.

                                            • Pollical Verdancy aka kelly
                                              Pollical Verdancy aka kelly  3 months back

                                              @Sandy I upvote you and im happy to hope that bernie would potentially appoint Tulsi as secretary of defense if not VP, but in a counterpoint, MANY Republicans support Tulsi, and while they would rather have trump than the establishment dem pick, Tulsi would not only be a thoughtful and competent VP, she would open waaaaay more voters to the sanders campaign. Love Nina. Sec of state?

                                            • Sandy
                                              Sandy  3 months back

                                              I agree tho I do prefer Nina Turner as VP - she is a strong black woman who will bring in the black vote that Bernie needs plus I love Nina! Who doesn't? She is fierce

                                          • Guze Spiteri
                                            Guze Spiteri  3 months back

                                            ❤️. 🇲🇹❤️☘XIXXA

                                            • Mary Walters
                                              Mary Walters  3 months back

                                              Warren's position is not universal healthcare, single payer. Look at the plan she put up on her website yesterday. Talks about "access" and "holding insurance companies accountable." She's Obama 2.0.

                                              • Bob Rolander
                                                Bob Rolander  3 months back

                                                @Syndicat At this point, bringing the argument home that the "holy" private insurance that "so many people don't want to lose", are sucking the living daylights out of the middleclass and the poor, is the right thing to do. And Liz' is calling it what it is: CORRUPTION. Neither Obama, nor Hillary, nor anyone else besides her or Sanders have called it that.

                                                 Please, you all. Save your Bernie vs. Lizzy for AFTER we defeated BIDEN.
                                                We can of course discuss specific points, and disagree. But this whole cancel "culture" will only hurt Bernie et Al.

                                                Every totalitarian argument against Elizabeth Warren = JOE BIDEN WINS.
                                                Every totalitarian argument against Bernie Sanders = JOE BIDEN WINS.
                                                Every totalitarian argument against Andrew Yang = JOE BIDEN WINS.
                                                Every totalitarian argument against Tulsi Gabbard = JOE BIDEN WINS.

                                                Anyone who continues to get all totalitarian, instead having a healthy conversation about policies, is feeding bad faith trolls.

                                              • Bob Rolander
                                                Bob Rolander  3 months back

                                                I wouldn't call Lizzy a second Obama. But her dedication to Medicare For All is not as solid as Bernie's. But besides Bernie she is still the most progressive candidate of all.

                                              • Keith Warner
                                                Keith Warner  3 months back

                                                Warren is lying to someone. It's either the voters or the donors/owners.

                                              • Kevin Trye
                                                Kevin Trye  3 months back

                                                @mrfuzztone The problem with Tulsi, is we're unlikely to get a fair poll and really know the level of her support....

                                              • mrfuzztone
                                                mrfuzztone  3 months back

                                                @Syndicat I support Bernie Sanders for president, not Elizabeth Warren
                                                Warren has been talking many progressive ideas. That does get the ideas promoted to more people irregardless of how Warren follows through.
                                                Bernie will need Elizabeth's followers to join him to win. I would be for Warren as VP. Sanders delivers inspiration, Warren provides explanations.
                                                I realize that a lot of progressives like Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi doesn't have the mass appeal of Warren for this election. We need Sanders to win.

                                            • JR concerned
                                              JR concerned  3 months back

                                              This is my argument for non-citizens receiving medical services here in the United States. If you as an American citizen who is visiting another country who practices a type of M4A system as a human right and you need medical care , large or small, you are taken care of without a medical bankruptcy hardship.

                                              • Elron
                                                Elron  3 months back

                                                What? Millions of illegal aliens will flood in here on TOP of the millions already here while the government STEALS our money to pay for those 3rd world invaders? Fuck you. Stay out of our country.

                                            • Fluffy Bunny
                                              Fluffy Bunny  3 months back

                                              Warren is lying she takes more money from the healthcare industry than Kamala. Warren’s daughter works for a healthcare insurance company. So Warren has no plans to enact her 'plans' and no policy for Medicare For All.

                                              • Fluffy Bunny
                                                Fluffy Bunny  3 months back

                                                #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot, yes it’s up to Congress, but there’s only one candidate that will actually get out there and fight for their policies and Bernie’s the only candidate who will fight for their policies. I’m with the real fighter and that’s Bernie. Everyone else is a Bernie copy especially Warren!

                                              • #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot
                                                #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot  3 months back

                                                Rashad Robinson pointed out, in a Democracy Now! discussion, that no candidate can promise any of their policies will be enacted, because it's still up to Congress to enact the legislation. With an anti-American, Retropublican-controlled Senate, no Democrat's policies will pass, unless they are totally pro-corporation and super rich.

                                              • Sandy
                                                Sandy  3 months back

                                                @Leticia Cortez gone downhill since Paul Jay left & who knows why?

                                              • Jerzen
                                                Jerzen  3 months back

                                                Warren has already stated that she would accept donations from corporate and special interests during the General. Bernie is the only candidate that can be trusted to deliver Medicare For All! Bernie 2020!