Chopper crash-lands on top of NYC building


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  • TheBigHase
    TheBigHase  5 months back

    Pls delete all "comments" ! Once more it is unbelievable what kinda "persons" are out there and what they "think" - if they have any brains at all...

    • RageSlayer
      RageSlayer  5 months back

      9/11 part 2: Pilot Suicide

      • Yakav8r55m
        Yakav8r55m  5 months back

        None of the maneuvers performed after lift off from the helipad would be conducive to a positive transition from MVFR to IMC flight conditions. The one video shows his nose drop more than 45 degrees below the horizon as he dove down just above the river's surface and then he established a climb back into the clouds.

        • ABBSSVZ
          ABBSSVZ  5 months back

          Just 1nigga ded?

          • Patryk Slimak
            Patryk Slimak  5 months back

            This is New York buildings on fire

            • Tom Davis
              Tom Davis  5 months back

              7/11 was a part time job

            • Paul Christensen
              Paul Christensen  5 months back

              Flying in fog with skyscrapers.....makes no sense....why would they let him fly or why did he?

              • Yakav8r55m
                Yakav8r55m  5 months back

                @c: Methods Well, if that information is true, then he made a fatal yet preventable mistake. That makes this story all the more tragic.

              • c: Methods
                c: Methods  5 months back

                @Yakav8r55m I also HIGHLY doubt Laguardia tower gave him special vfr clearance considering he wasn't ifr rated

              • Yakav8r55m
                Yakav8r55m  5 months back

                @Paul Christensen - The Augusta A109E is a fine helicopter that can be used to fly in instrument conditions provided that the aircraft is properly equipped and the pilot proficient in actual IFR conditions with that equipment. Single pilot IFR operations are very demanding and even the US Coast Guard who also fly's the Augusta 109 conducts operations with 2 pilots. The helipad AWOS (weather reporting) called sky conditions at the time of the accident as 250ft scattered 500ft overcast with visibility 1-1/2 miles, rain, fog, mist all reported. With those conditions deteriorating, the decision to launch was extremely questionable at best. If he was planning to fly IFR to Linden they probably would not have positively identified him on radar till he got above 1,100 ft. So flying from 500ft to 1,100 would have to take play over the water to be assured obstacle clearance until you get to a safe altitude. He turned into the Manhattan skyline and towards a sensitive flight restriction area near Trump Tower (1/2 mile). So his departure strategy and IFR transition will probably be the focus here.

            • iHaveEverything
              iHaveEverything  5 months back

              does anyone actually have footage of him crashing?

              • Stephen
                Stephen  5 months back

                It was too foggy

            • Hummingbird 22
              Hummingbird 22  5 months back

              No one saw it crash. Could have been staged. Smoke could have been from something else . Until I see actual wreckage, I'm not buying what they're selling. Look at 911, we all bought what they told us at first.

              • Hummingbird 22
                Hummingbird 22  5 months back

                When the plane hit the Pentagon during 911, there was no debris of a plane. Also the plane that crashed into the field during 911, didn't have any debris of a plane either. Funny that suitcases and items from the passengers survived the impact, but there were no parts of the plane left anywhere. We live in an age now since 911, where everything must be questioned !

              • Jeppe Jemmari
                Jeppe Jemmari  5 months back

                Bush did thid

              • Alpaca God
                Alpaca God  5 months back

                You can see pictures of the wreck

            • 3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!

              Helicopter hit building

              Building caught fire

              Why didnt it fall like the Twin Towers did?

              • Yakav8r55m
                Yakav8r55m  5 months back

                @Mobius -1 I know it must be entertaining to dwell on the conspiracy aspects, but the fact that both tower strikes were filmed should make the point self explanatory. The closest anyone has come to simulating such an event is the testing of containment buildings a nuclear powerplants. No..I am satisfied that there was no complex weave of secret government agencies at work to give us an illusion of what happens that day. United 93 is the the one part which you couldn't fake and the people on board were they eyewitnesses through their calls from the plane.

              • Mobius -1
                Mobius -1  5 months back

                Yakav8r55m it feel at free fall speed. No american building has ever done that from a heat/fire structural damage. Remaining floors in the bottom that were not at all even affected from the above fire would have slowed this falling process down

              • Yakav8r55m
                Yakav8r55m  5 months back

                @Mobius -1 Fire weakens steel. The building mass above the impact point + the weakend steel that still remained upright = FAILURE due to unsupported shear loads

              • Mobius -1
                Mobius -1  5 months back

                Yakav8r55m jet fuel cant burn hot enough to melt steel tho.. 🤔

              • Yakav8r55m
                Yakav8r55m  5 months back

                About 380,000 lbs difference smashing into the corner/side of the building doing 315kts with about 2800 gallons of jet fuel

            • Dicking ton
              Dicking ton  5 months back


              • Yxng Wide
                Yxng Wide  5 months back

                That’s my friends dad 😭😭😭

                • Nwonknu 1
                  Nwonknu 1  5 months back

                  haha dumb new yorkers

                  • Just Another Random Bigfoot
                    Just Another Random Bigfoot  5 months back

                    Waldo New York is full of liberals? I think you fail to realize that New York City has 5 different sections and each section has it own set of political ideals. For example you’ll find that Manhattan has way more liberals than the rest of the other boroughs due to the ethnic and age background while of you compare to somewhere like the Bronx or Brooklyn you’ll find there are way less liberals and ppl are way less supportive of liberalistic ideals even though they are not open about due to how sensitive ppl r now a days

                  • Waldo
                    Waldo  5 months back

                    @Anonymous Liberals are braindead and New York is full of them so New Yorkers are dumb.

                  • BIGMONEYJEFFAFA
                    BIGMONEYJEFFAFA  5 months back

                    Nwonknu 1 Where u from ?

                  • Just Another Random Bigfoot
                    Just Another Random Bigfoot  5 months back

                    How are New Yorkers dumb? Just because he flew a helicopter in the rain doesn’t mean he’s dumb..or that New Yorkers are dumb.....and to become a pilot you have to be an individual with an above average education

                • Anon Person
                  Anon Person  5 months back

                  Time to bomb iran

                  • ThyGreek
                    ThyGreek  5 months back

                    If the US did that then the Russians would nuke America back to the stone age. Same for any allies.

                  • Anon Person
                    Anon Person  5 months back

                    I wasnt being funny. We all know that this is where they are leading to if you have been paying attention to the headlines

                  • Pik Osyris
                    Pik Osyris  5 months back

                    Yup, they've got their excuse

                  • MooPotPie
                    MooPotPie  5 months back


                • Jon sam
                  Jon sam  5 months back

                  My God look at that guys teeth what does he chew on nails for dinner

                  • E Kop
                    E Kop  5 months back

                    dude must be a deblazio supporter
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                  • 3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!
                    3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!  5 months back

                    You could be walking down the street and a car or truck tire will fling a rock right at your teeth..

                  • Waldo
                    Waldo  5 months back

                    It's a Democrat what do you expect?

                  • 123456 78910
                    123456 78910  5 months back

                    Probably a cigarette smoker