BREAKING NEWS: Ernesto Valverde steps down as Barcelona coach


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  • omar yahya
    omar yahya  3 days back

    He didn't step down man. He was sacked

      XIV_CHAMPION  6 days back


      • John Blessed
        John Blessed  6 days back

        Valverde sacked is good for Barça as a club and makes all fans happy 😃

        • die-eggo camaney
          die-eggo camaney  6 days back

          It was never Valverdes fault... Messi is a double edge sword, either his hands were tied with Messi or was afraid to do something because of retaliation.

        • Robin Park
          Robin Park  6 days back


          • Oeks Lohk
            Oeks Lohk  6 days back

            Stepped down or sacked?

            • Oeks Lohk
              Oeks Lohk  6 days back

              @beIN SPORTS USA okay, thank you!

            • beIN SPORTS USA
              beIN SPORTS USA   6 days back

              According to Barcelona's official press release it was a mutual agreement.

          • lil Lando
            lil Lando  6 days back

            Make it xavi

            • bouh1979nktt
              bouh1979nktt  6 days back

              best news this year

              • Gt Wolela
                Gt Wolela  6 days back

                Finely he got sacked , thanks god!

                • Rachid Makdad
                  Rachid Makdad  6 days back

                  He wasn’t the right coach from the beginning. Last year was the Barca champions league title I blame him for that

                  • OH YEAH YEAH
                    OH YEAH YEAH  6 days back

                    Bout time 🤷🏾‍♂️

                    • Michael St. Hill
                      Michael St. Hill  7 days back

                      Very disappointing start to the season:
                      only first in La Liga with most goals and best goal difference, and First in the CL group with a game to spare....

                      • Michael St. Hill
                        Michael St. Hill  6 days back

                        @John Blessed
                        What I know is that unless Setien wins la Liga by more than 10 points in the next two consecutive seasons and reaches the semi-final of the CL he will have failed to equal (far less improve upon) Ernesto Valverde....
                        (PS: and before you mention Suarez injury, Valverde started his first season with Neymar leaving for PSG)

                      • John Blessed
                        John Blessed  6 days back

                        It does not matter, Valverde needed to be sacked a long time ago, if you can't see that then you don't know Barça or football

                    • Lucas
                      Lucas  7 days back

                      Setién is just more of the same. Not an improvement

                      • jaywill4ever
                        jaywill4ever  2 days back

                        Maybe he's just temporary. They're probably waiting for Xavi to get more experience.

                    • sala sharif
                      sala sharif  7 days back

                      Finally 🙌🏽

                      • Max Guzman Lara
                        Max Guzman Lara  7 days back

                        I'm a Madridista and I don't like Valverde, although, the problems at Barça wasn't Valverde, it's the directive. They are not getting the players needed, financially they are a mess, they don't have a good plan for the future and they have been treating his manager (Valverde) like crap and they blamed him for everything, when he has been able to do a decent job with what he has been given

                        • Michael St. Hill
                          Michael St. Hill  6 days back

                          @Max Guzman Lara evidently not drunk enough to figure out how Barca could be more fucked up than Madrid.

                        • Max Guzman Lara
                          Max Guzman Lara  6 days back

                          @Michael St. Hill What?! What does that have to do with anything I said? Lmao.
                          Just go to sleep, you're probably drunk

                        • Michael St. Hill
                          Michael St. Hill  6 days back

                          Imagine that,
                          and they still beat the royal whites by 15 points in consecutive seasons and made them eat shit in the Clasico with or without Messi....

                      • GOLD3N KID
                        GOLD3N KID  7 days back

                        His record with Barcelona wasn't that bad it was just those 2 games against roma and liverpool that did the damage

                        • ahmed abd elazeem
                          ahmed abd elazeem  5 days back

                          Also under his coaching Barcelona was shit

                        • ahmed abd elazeem
                          ahmed abd elazeem  5 days back

                          The most 2 important matches

                        • Titto Paulson
                          Titto Paulson  5 days back

                          His team's playing style also made great damage

                        • Christina Joseph
                          Christina Joseph  6 days back

                          @beIN SPORTS USA To quote a great man "It is what it is"

                        • ZynXc
                          ZynXc  6 days back

                          beIN SPORTS USA Don’t forget Valencia, but even then, if you have been watching Barca for the past 2 and a half year you’ll know what we’ve had to deal with

                      • Giovanny Armenta
                        Giovanny Armenta  7 days back