Droid World (From "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Oga's Cantina"/Audio Only)


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  • Matthew 123456
    Matthew 123456  4 weeks back

    This came up under search for dj screw star wars

    • Isaac Zuniga
      Isaac Zuniga  4 weeks back

      These aren't the droids you're looking for

      • Isaac Zuniga
        Isaac Zuniga  4 weeks back

        Look sir droids.

        • Brandon Bailie
          Brandon Bailie  2 months back

          ill.Gates is the best! :D So glad you got to work on this dude!

          • illGatesmusic
            illGatesmusic  2 months back

            Hi everyone! I'm proud to say I wrote this song with my man Zain Effendi. Please follow my YouTube channel for more music stuff <3 See you at the Galaxy's Edge!

            • PLP :0
              PLP :0  2 months back

              The daft punk in star wars?!

              • Joseph Eastham
                Joseph Eastham  2 months back

                Sentient 7 and the Clankers performing Droid World

                • Wolfgang Lunar
                  Wolfgang Lunar  2 months back

                  Missed opportunity. They should of let Daft Punk produce this and sing it.

                  • Elder Steel
                    Elder Steel  2 months back

                    yeah and then let LMFAO do a song too litty bro

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                  • Joseph 47
                    Joseph 47  2 months back

                    The mouse droid😍

                    • Anett Arras
                      Anett Arras  2 months back

                      Sonamy comic 28 Amy y Sonic kiss cita come solos si 👍 novios si 👍 YouTube video sep,6 2019 mañana

                      • Diz Jake
                        Diz Jake  2 months back

                        Incredible music. Thanks for sharing!

                        • illGatesmusic
                          illGatesmusic  2 months back

                          glad you enjoyed it! i wrote this with my friend Zain Effendi. please subscribe to my youtube :D

                      • loli pop
                        loli pop  2 months back

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                          • Luis Ventura
                            Luis Ventura  2 months back


                            • Saphir Thorn :3
                              Saphir Thorn :3  2 months back