Generations React To And MEET Lilly Singh


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  • FBE
    FBE   1 months back

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    • daren pm
      daren pm  1 months back

      you guys should do this with blackpink please ...........

    • fluffy foxo
      fluffy foxo  1 months back

      Malikai The Hokage What’s been going on with Vic? I’ve never met him but he seems so genuine in videos.

  • Manuel Apodaca
    Manuel Apodaca  3 days back

    Bro did you guys pay the the reactors?

  • Iliana Haddad
    Iliana Haddad  1 weeks back

    How Sweet

    • PixieTube !
      PixieTube !  1 weeks back

      I've never heard of her before this. Lol who tf is she -.-

    • Ahmed Sarkar
      Ahmed Sarkar  1 weeks back

      What is this?

      • ViciousKisses
        ViciousKisses  2 weeks back


        • Haseeba Syed
          Haseeba Syed  3 hours back

          Then why are you watching you ugly person

        • Hi There
          Hi There  5 hours back

          ViciousKisses you are

      • Kayla W.
        Kayla W.  2 weeks back

        This is the most wholesome and inspiring thing

        • Shannan Edith
          Shannan Edith  2 weeks back

          I love Lilly Singh

          • The Stranger at Night
            The Stranger at Night  2 weeks back

            Can she suck?

          • Rick Hand
            Rick Hand  2 weeks back


            • San Dong
              San Dong  2 weeks back

              Why didn’t anyone comment about her amazing singing

              • Tina Nickerson
                Tina Nickerson  3 weeks back

                We love you Lilly!!

                • Purple Dove
                  Purple Dove  3 weeks back

                  Awww this is so sweet watching her fans meet her and explain how her videos made them feel 😭😭, I watched her since I was 15 and now I'm 21.

                  • Toya Bedo
                    Toya Bedo  3 weeks back

                    She's a woman y'all

                    • Yo Rob
                      Yo Rob  3 weeks back

                      Brown Jokes get old fast

                    • Yo Rob
                      Yo Rob  3 weeks back

                      This chick blows. 🚫

                      • Ausrine Markeviciute
                        Ausrine Markeviciute  3 weeks back

                        CrYiNg :")

                        • Batgirl 24
                          Batgirl 24  3 weeks back

                          I am jealous

                        • Mikely Karmacharya
                          Mikely Karmacharya  3 weeks back

                          Did anyone noticed that Carlos was wearing Dolan twins merch ???😍♥️❤️

                          • Mikely Karmacharya
                            Mikely Karmacharya  4 days back

                            saja sharaf 😂😂

                          • saja sharaf
                            saja sharaf  4 days back

                            I actually almost commented that

                          • Kendall Mae
                            Kendall Mae  2 weeks back

                            Mikely Karmacharya yessss I have their original black hoodie but I wanted the purple one cuz it’s my favorite color besides black!😭😭

                        • Morgan Russell
                          Morgan Russell  3 weeks back

                          Yo lilly be flirting

                        • Izzy Mai xxx
                          Izzy Mai xxx  3 weeks back

                          Is she drunk? 😂

                        • Brianna Dyck
                          Brianna Dyck  3 weeks back

                          Wow, the fact that she genuinely enjoys being around her fans and interacting with them is the sweetest thing ever <3

                          • Voidaken
                            Voidaken  3 weeks back

                            Lol, that's cute.

                        • Fresh Richi
                          Fresh Richi  3 weeks back

                          Love This!!!

                          • TraceVandal
                            TraceVandal  3 weeks back

                            Came for the stunning, stayed for the brave.

                            • Liz P
                              Liz P  3 weeks back

                              But that's only bc you weren't yet aware that she's a bisexual👏💥 woman 👏💥of 👏💥color!👏💥😩

                          • truth hurts
                            truth hurts  3 weeks back


                            • Bdoor
                              Bdoor  3 weeks back

                              Dolan Twins?

                            • Soma Herani
                              Soma Herani  3 weeks back

                              Nobody:”. “

                              • Ramon Gonzalez
                                Ramon Gonzalez  1 weeks back

                                You can tell she was super excited about meeting her fans. I love it!

                            • Wrench Bench
                              Wrench Bench  3 weeks back

                              Lily was being creepy

                            • Angie Toramanian
                              Angie Toramanian  3 weeks back

                              She’s so humble ❤️

                              • Angie Toramanian
                                Angie Toramanian  2 weeks back

                                Isn’t she respectful and modest

                              • Joel H
                                Joel H  2 weeks back

                                Lol, I don't think you know what humble means my friend

                            • Fa heema
                              Fa heema  4 weeks back

                              I’m cryin.? No ur cryin 😭😭💜

                              • Fa heema
                                Fa heema  4 weeks back

                                Haters back off 😎🔥

                              • Theertha P
                                Theertha P  4 weeks back

                                I miss your ring😩

                                • Theertha P
                                  Theertha P  4 weeks back

                                  Can I switch with these people😩😩😩

                                  • redpoem_243 BTS OT7 ,ONCE and MORE

                                    7:38 ULGO SHIPJI ANA

                                    • Sammie R.
                                      Sammie R.  3 weeks back

                                      redpoem_243 BTS OT7 ,ONCE and MORE lol

                                  • Aka Al
                                    Aka Al  4 weeks back

                                    Lol lily acted soo drunk

                                  • neng thao
                                    neng thao  4 weeks back

                                    One love

                                    • Sophia Hillman
                                      Sophia Hillman  4 weeks back

                                      YES I LOVE THIS! She is SO GENUINE AND POWERFUL! 💙💙

                                      • Mary Hasaballa
                                        Mary Hasaballa  4 weeks back

                                        THIS IS THE SWEETEST FBE VIDEO EVER

                                        • im the rocket man
                                          im the rocket man  4 weeks back

                                          wtf bro

                                          • Joshua Hendricks
                                            Joshua Hendricks  4 weeks back

                                            This makes me so happy 🤗❤️

                                            • Ana Furjan
                                              Ana Furjan  4 weeks back

                                              I dont think i've ever been so jelous of someone.

                                              • Kariza Joan
                                                Kariza Joan  4 weeks back

                                                Her energy is phenomenal and so pure🤩❤❤

                                                • Stuti Joshi
                                                  Stuti Joshi  4 weeks back

                                                  She is puree love..a true inspiration..being brown too..I feel she rocks it and tops yaa xx

                                                  • Stuti Joshi
                                                    Stuti Joshi  4 days back

                                                    João Silva yeah coz we’ve got one mate:)...never invaded other’s lands but true natives u k..unlike..lmaoo

                                                • Nonjabulo Macu
                                                  Nonjabulo Macu  4 weeks back

                                                  I love Lilly Singh so much and I especially love what she does. #Unicorn #GirlLove #BrownGirls

                                                  • sweet dreams!!
                                                    sweet dreams!!  4 weeks back

                                                    Lily is so powerful and amazing! Not a flaw in her personality at all!

                                                    • Serafina Pereira
                                                      Serafina Pereira  4 weeks back

                                                      I'm just jealous of all the people in the video 😢 I just wish I could meet Lily

                                                      • Rachel T
                                                        Rachel T  4 weeks back


                                                      • stacey crowley
                                                        stacey crowley  4 weeks back

                                                        *this is-*

                                                        *so freakin cute* ^w^

                                                        • Love Benevolence
                                                          Love Benevolence  3 weeks back

                                                          And hot, Lily is hot I wish she would've hugged me.