Will Smith's Gemini Man Isn't THAT Bad | Our Reaction


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  • CinemaBlend
    CinemaBlend   1 months back

    What did you think of Gemini Man?

    • billion billz_
      billion billz_  2 weeks back

      Cgi tears for fears

      • Fektthis
        Fektthis  4 weeks back

        Here's a thought. Will Smith isn't the draw he was 15 years ago. In fact, at this point it could be argued he hurts a movie more than he helps it. Why? I'm sure there are different reasons for different people. I personally just don't care for him myself. Mostly because of the nepotism. Which I do understand. Why wouldn't you want to help your kids? Then again, his kid is an unlikable asshat spoiled douche. So now I see Smith himself as a unlikable asshat rich douche.

        • JP1348
          JP1348  1 months back

          I will drunkenly start this later after i've exhausted all of my netflix browsing patience. I will watch 15 minutes, roll over go to sleep and say 'that lady was right,' this movie sucks.