Irene Kim Breaks Down Her Travel Skincare Routine


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  • 성미나
    성미나  5 months back

    목걸이 어디 브랜드껀지 아시는 분 ㅠㅠ !!

    • slime gal
      slime gal  1 years back


      • Mikeé Garzon
        Mikeé Garzon  1 years back

        Why is her voice like that?

        • Julianna Lozano
          Julianna Lozano  1 years back

          Peel your face mask from top to bottom not the way she did it in the video

          • hvniozaur
            hvniozaur  1 years back

            I have different question, what size is your t-shirt?

            • Marisa LaBlue
              Marisa LaBlue  1 years back

              You have some serious talent, I believe in you! :) I hope we can support each other <3

              • besschan8
                besschan8  1 years back

                Those are Rose Quartz rollers. Jade Rollers are green.

                • jofina smith
                  jofina smith  1 years back

                  She looks. Like she is iN her late 20s but voice sounds like early 20s

                  • Jayna Аidarkhan
                    Jayna Аidarkhan  1 years back

                    Chanel? ....Pfff....

                    • Mana Ch
                      Mana Ch  1 years back

                      She is the face of Chanel beauty so it’s not weird all her products are Chanel. You guys don’t need expensive as hell skincare to have flawless skin, do your research invest in good products (look into k beauty there are so many high end for such an inexpensive price) also her jade rollers are my best guess rose quartz. If it IS jade however, it is an impure jade which beats the purpose of the jade in skincare anyways. The reason they’re supposed to help is because since ancient China, jade was said to be the “Kings Jewel”. It represented amongst many other things purity and its energy is supposed to help you have “royal beauty” to put it simply. At that time the jade was nephrite Jade (almost all resources have been depleted) so nowadays we have the jadeite jade. It can be pink, but it is then as I said impure and would counter it’s true purpose. What you can get out of this video is what she uses , she uses face masks and serums and moisturizer etc. remember to find out your skin type, and educate yourself on what ingredients will work best on you! You deserve the best but you also don’t deserve to pay too much for the same product ♥️

                      • Vernon's Middle Parting

                        Half of all these products are channel 😂

                        • MinSuga Kookie
                          MinSuga Kookie  1 years back

                          Vernon's Middle Parting she is the face of chanel soooooo

                      • Polo4213
                        Polo4213  1 years back

                        Those are rose quartz not jade rollers, just FYI

                      • Melika
                        Melika  1 years back

                        irene’s voice is really soothing

                        • yeahjuzupark
                          yeahjuzupark  1 years back

                          언니 사랑해여 ㅠ💗

                          • nuzkhat nazarbek
                            nuzkhat nazarbek  1 years back

                            She is sooooo beautiful 😻😻😻

                            • Leya
                              Leya  1 years back

                              her skin products look so expensive ;-;

                            • J Mond0
                              J Mond0  1 years back

                              Hey HypeBae wusss papppinnn


                              • Catalina Maria
                                Catalina Maria  1 years back

                                this skin care looks expensive af

                                • Christy_ 180
                                  Christy_ 180  8 months back

                                  She's an ambassador for Chanel so...

                                • Ponyo Popi
                                  Ponyo Popi  1 years back

                                  Catalina Maria its all channel yeah she part of channel so... hahaha

                                • Ponyo Popi
                                  Ponyo Popi  1 years back

                                  Catalina Maria yeah xD

                                • stylebybling
                                  stylebybling  1 years back

                                  it is... haha

                              • Ilman
                                Ilman  1 years back

                                Idk why but watching this make me feel so relax 😄