Quinceanera! *GONE WRONG*


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  • briana g
    briana g  11 months back

    I can't wait for my Quinceanera 16 more moths!!!!!!!!!

    • Ginalise Rivera
      Ginalise Rivera  3 months back

      briana g 5 more years:(

    • Peachy Tea
      Peachy Tea  3 months back

      good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar  1 years back

    Did u pay for copy right?

  • G & V
    G & V  2 years back

    She look so freakin pretty and her dress is like woah 😻😻😻😻💕

    • Gisselle Lopez
      Gisselle Lopez  2 years back

      Is her dress gold and white? Or blue and black? 🤨

      • Yourstruly. Fatima
        Yourstruly. Fatima  2 years back

        Love them edits

        • Kimberly Bautista
          Kimberly Bautista  2 years back

          your not cute when you curse

        • Angie Marie
          Angie Marie  2 years back

          Should've called uber smh

          • Films of alejandra
            Films of alejandra  2 years back

            I'm new I subbed

            • MRGC .X
              MRGC .X  2 years back

              What’s ur sc

            • natalies outlet fans
              natalies outlet fans  2 years back

              The girl is so ugly and the boy to. I don't like the dress the dress is so ugly

              • The Crystal Vlogs
                The Crystal Vlogs  2 years back

                Idk how it gone wrong that was amazing

                • Selena Solano
                  Selena Solano  2 years back

                  I like chicken nuggets

                  • Areli kimberly
                    Areli kimberly  2 years back

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                    • Kaelly Ruiz
                      Kaelly Ruiz  2 years back

                      I already subscribed to YouTube channel

                      • Kaelly Ruiz
                        Kaelly Ruiz  2 years back

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                        • Kaelly Ruiz
                          Kaelly Ruiz  2 years back

                          Brandon Vidal 2 you welcome and thank you can you go subscribe to my YouTube channel too I have one as well and thanks

                        • Unknxwn Wxnders
                          Unknxwn Wxnders   2 years back

                          Thank you. Welcome to the fam

                      • It’s your girl Arii
                        It’s your girl Arii  2 years back

                        Brandon bout cute asl 😩

                        • ana ibsi
                          ana ibsi  2 years back

                          i had my quince the same day wow!!!

                          • Leslie Cantu
                            Leslie Cantu  2 years back

                            The guys so cringe

                          • Gerardo Diaz
                            Gerardo Diaz  2 years back

                            mejor te haygan arreglado los putos dientes ke parecen como un elote. tambien el otro morro pendejo se los Hayden arreglado

                            • Irving playz
                              Irving playz  7 months back

                              Tu eres el pendejo aqui ablando chingaderas. Son niños deja los . Porque no te vas a limpiat el culo primero

                          • Emily Jasso
                            Emily Jasso  2 years back

                            Where’d did the girl with the burgundy short dress her her dress at???

                            • Norma Avila
                              Norma Avila  2 years back

                              her teeth are fucked up

                              • Alexandra Verdeja
                                Alexandra Verdeja  2 years back

                                But who cares and I love your dress I like

                              • Alexandra Verdeja
                                Alexandra Verdeja  2 years back

                                She is drinking Red Bull and she is 15

                                • garcia beckie
                                  garcia beckie  1 years back

                                  It’s really not good for young people caffeine can make your bones brittle and weak and your bones already get like that when your older so I don’t think kids should be ruining their bones at such a young age

                                • Pablo Escobar
                                  Pablo Escobar  1 years back

                                  So I'm 14 and i still do

                                • Yeah Whatever
                                  Yeah Whatever  2 years back

                                  I started drinking Red Bull when I was 11 lmaoooooo

                                • Grilled Fish and steak
                                  Grilled Fish and steak  2 years back

                                  Alexandra Verdeja yep.

                              • Ricky Skate
                                Ricky Skate  2 years back

                                2.2k views wow!!!

                                • Maria Rodriguez
                                  Maria Rodriguez  2 years back

                                  Did you have fun ?

                                  • Dany Rivas G.
                                    Dany Rivas G.  2 years back

                                    Maria Rodriguez lol when I was 10 I drink Ed red bull🤔