AMD Next Horizon Gaming E3 2019

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • Join AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she unveils details about upcoming products and innovations that will shape the future of gaming.
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  • Jianto
    Jianto  2 weeks back

    AMD > Intel

    • One Eternal Ash
      One Eternal Ash  3 weeks back

      I already switched to AMD Since 2018, I will never buy an Intel CPU again.

      I love my Ryzen 7 2700x, Too good to let go..

      • youraveragedude
        youraveragedude  1 months back

        Rtx 2070 isnt 499
        Rtx super 2070 is.

        • Do Hoang Hanh
          Do Hoang Hanh  1 months back

          You should apply your cpu in all Mac products

          • Mago Atariegatendo
            Mago Atariegatendo  3 months back

            All i ask for is an msi stealth series with amd hardware......🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

            • 王沛晟
              王沛晟  3 months back

              AMD Yes

              • Злобный Лис
                Злобный Лис  3 months back

                2020 year..LS: my friends..i present to you 4000 series amd processors..5 nm
                2021..ballsripper 64 c/128 t..
                2022..5000 series..
                2035..first chip for buttle computer..
                2040..first world's president android from AMD
                War never changes...

                • Nguyen Do Quang Dat
                  Nguyen Do Quang Dat  3 months back

                  I hope you will put in your cpu in every Mac product

                  • ProAssassin84
                    ProAssassin84  4 months back

                    Next Gen consoles are going to be beasts.

                    • 이혁
                      이혁  4 months back

                      Due to the unfair distribution structure, Korea can not purchase Lysen 3 3900x 499 USD even if it is 740,000 won.

                      • Jellowed
                        Jellowed  4 months back

                        Do the gen 3 ryzen cpus work on a x470 chipset? Or does it only work on an x570 chipset?

                        • Jellowed
                          Jellowed  4 months back

                          30:30 this is when i realized, im gonna get an amd 3 3900x for sure

                          That thing is smooth as butter

                          • jhukevi Junior
                            jhukevi Junior  4 months back

                            good night,eu tenho um acer 3100 aspire com o socket m2 /s1/g1,o processador amd turion 64 x2 e compativel com ele?

                            • 자극남
                              자극남  4 months back

                              AMD 새로운 역사의 시작을 알린 영상

                              • Chew Huat Wai
                                Chew Huat Wai  4 months back

                                Why Amd Radeon RX 5700 XT no support Ray tracing ?

                                • Aarsh Parashar
                                  Aarsh Parashar  4 months back

                                  You guys at AMD need to talk something about Linux as well at such launch events.

                                  • Aarsh Parashar
                                    Aarsh Parashar  4 months back

                                    51:28 shortage of hairs at AMD.

                                    • MH Rajon
                                      MH Rajon  4 months back

                                      it is disappointing that the gpus arent coming cheap. 350+ bucks pretty high considering the fight with ryzen against intel. they should cut at least 100 for all the gpus shown so far.

                                      • Offical Extendoneck TM
                                        Offical Extendoneck TM  4 months back

                                        They already did 50 bucks and
                                        They’ll cut again soon. I think they’re
                                        Tryna to pull a price war with Nvidia

                                    • Răzvan Adrian
                                      Răzvan Adrian  4 months back

                                      I love you 3000 👍 👍 👍

                                      • 鉄浮屠
                                        鉄浮屠  4 months back

                                        MAKE AMD GREAT AGAIN

                                        • BattyBlu
                                          BattyBlu  4 months back

                                          28:55 no

                                          • Sami Hyppia
                                            Sami Hyppia  4 months back

                                            AMD please release Zen2 APU with decent specs 6C/12T and at least 25-30 Navi CU's.

                                            It is not fair that PS5 can get APU with 12-15TFlops performance and PC users only get itsy bitsy R5 3400G 1 year old architecture by now which is already obsolete -_-....

                                            Please give us a 6C/12T with 30 Navi CU's and onboard HBM2 or GDDR6 memory for a mid range build !!!

                                            You said you love gamers? Then give us an APU like this!! We will buy it off the shelves as soon as its released!!!

                                            • Sim Racing
                                              Sim Racing  4 months back

                                              I bought radeon 7 card last week and keep crashing and crashing in game!! Always give system error codes !! So today i change with asus rog strix 2070 OC .. i really want to use AMD card but in every game gives crashing :( .. i try everyting download software again and also delete all hard drives install win10 again .. even i took pc to IT but same problem .. also bios update and same problem contunie .. ERROR CODE : amidihk64.dll in division 2 .. shadow of tomb rider graphic card driver error.. assetto corsa competiozone freeze problem! I HOPE YOU GUYS READ AND FIX THIS PROBLEM .. i have 3 pc and i want to upgrade next card with AMD again i will try my chance

                                              • Chew Huat Wai
                                                Chew Huat Wai  4 months back

                                                Gaming Benchmark test FPS Same Level
                                                Nvidia VS AMD
                                                RTX 2060 = RX 5700
                                                RTX 2060 Super = RTX 2070 = RX 5700 XT
                                                RTX 2070 Super = RTX 2080 = Radeon VII
                                                RTX 2080 Super = RTX 2080 Ti = Radeon VII Crossfire

                                                • Juan DJ STATIC
                                                  Juan DJ STATIC  4 months back

                                                  I've always been an AMD fan and knew that one day they would dominate the market. It's coming, and this company is on fire and destroying everything in its path. They care about the customer, unlike Intel and Nvidia.

                                                  • Bi11y
                                                    Bi11y  4 months back

                                                    If they ever surpass Nvidia's flagship 2080ti in performance, then I'll switch.

                                                    • dr. whet farts
                                                      dr. whet farts  4 months back

                                                      by that time, nvidia will have much faster cards than 2080 ti...

                                                  • Yiroooo
                                                    Yiroooo  4 months back

                                                    Why is she shouting?

                                                    • Kusuma Yogi
                                                      Kusuma Yogi  4 months back

                                                      Nvidia DLSS vs AMD CAS
                                                      nvidia dlss = lowering the resolution, cover and fix it with AI so it will look blurry, even the performance fps is not match with actual 1440p and still call it 4k.
                                                      AMD CAS = Enhance 1440p quality pixel and sharping it, give better contrast so can macth 4k resolution without lie and give us fake 4k. no blurry, no performance hit, better contrast. also if we use it on 4k, so we can get 4k enhance quality.
                                                      conclusion = nvidia is lie🤞and amd is enhance👍!!!

                                                      • 적도
                                                        적도  4 months back

                                                        갓이고 ㄷㄷ

                                                        • kozmikus
                                                          kozmikus  5 months back

                                                          AMD BEST!!!

                                                          • TRUST P.
                                                            TRUST P.  5 months back

                                                            I hope in the future AMD will can override motion blur to any game
                                                            If you can do it before your rival you will be change games industry.

                                                            • David Comito
                                                              David Comito  5 months back

                                                              Lisa Su: Dose this action figure look like it fits with my corporate ass kicking attitude? Get rid of this mess.

                                                              • LOS3R
                                                                LOS3R  5 months back

                                                                Go blue

                                                                • Henry Xu
                                                                  Henry Xu  5 months back

                                                                  Heck yeah, AMD, YES!

                                                                  • tjeon1
                                                                    tjeon1  5 months back

                                                                    3600x and Radeon 5700 is what I'm aiming for

                                                                  • The Mobile Gamer
                                                                    The Mobile Gamer  5 months back

                                                                    120hz : P

                                                                    • PHOTOGRAPHER G
                                                                      PHOTOGRAPHER G  5 months back

                                                                      I'm From India and... I Want to build a pc with cpu3900X And gpu5700XT ..And I Converted my mind from i9 9900K And RTX 2600.. So please make available all these things on my Country.. Thank You

                                                                      • PHOTOGRAPHER G
                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHER G  5 months back

                                                                        BEST OF LUCK

                                                                        • Northern Trek
                                                                          Northern Trek  5 months back

                                                                          Great presentation. Been a AMD for as long I can remember.

                                                                          • dani
                                                                            dani  5 months back

                                                                            I turned my self into a 12 core 16 thread cpu Morty

                                                                            WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT!

                                                                            • TheGhostik
                                                                              TheGhostik  5 months back

                                                                              Amazing, I will just wait for my RX 5800

                                                                              • Rafael Hens
                                                                                Rafael Hens  5 months back

                                                                                I really hate what you and Nvidia are doing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, but I can't understand how is it good for us the consumers that you show a high ending hardware for the CURRENT generation. Honestly, neither this or the RTX from Nvidia will be enough for the next generation, and you keep launching these super expensive products instead of showing what the next generation hardware will be like and how much it will cost (and NO, we won't accept that you launch harwdare with the same power that the hardware you provide to XBOX Scarlett and PS 5 but for us the PC consumers, it will be much more expensive).

                                                                                Yeah, I know why you do this. You make PC hardware super expensive because we the PC gamers represent the 15% or so of the overall gamers community and you make way more profit by releasing hardware at super expensive price. I really hate what you and Nvida are doing to the PC community. They will soon release RTX 2060s, 2070s and 2080s, just the same stuff you release and also for the current generation.

                                                                                • InfiDiamond
                                                                                  InfiDiamond  5 months back

                                                                                  my gaming laptop is not detecting discrete GPU in windows 10 settings, please help!

                                                                                  Here are my specs:

                                                                                  Model: Dell Inspiron 15 5576 Gaming
                                                                                  CPU: AMD 7TH GEN FX 9830P
                                                                                  GPU: Primary: AMD Radeon R7
                                                                                  Discrete: AMD Radeon RX 560

                                                                                  PLEASE HELP!

                                                                                  • Daniel
                                                                                    Daniel  5 months back

                                                                                    AMD, please release the GPU control panel also for Linux!
                                                                                    We are waiting for too much time and we definitely need it.

                                                                                    • Héctor Torres
                                                                                      Héctor Torres  5 months back

                                                                                      1:07:19 HDR sucks

                                                                                      • Oscar Nuttall
                                                                                        Oscar Nuttall  5 months back

                                                                                        saying this now the next card will be the 5800

                                                                                        • Princess Scarlet
                                                                                          Princess Scarlet  5 months back

                                                                                          I'm making the switch to the red team now...

                                                                                          • athebeast 17
                                                                                            athebeast 17  5 months back

                                                                                            Will cyberpunk 2077 have fidelity fx