Here’s Why Diesel Cars Suck

  • Published: 08 November 2019
  • Here’s Why This is the Worst BMW You Can Buy, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Illegal cars you should stay away from. BMW X5 diesel car review. Bad cars not to buy. Worst cars made by BMW. Diesel truck vs gas truck. Diesel car vs gasoline car. Why not to buy a diesel car. Should I buy a diesel car. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   1 weeks back

    Here's Why Ford is Better than Dodge, Chevy, and Toyota:

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool:
    3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool:
    4. Cheap Scan Tool:
    5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
    6. Professional Socket Set:
    7. Ratcheting Wrench Set:
    8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
    9. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. Common Sense
    2. 4k Camera:
    3. Camera Microphone:
    4. Camera Tripod:
    5. My computer for editing / uploading:
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    • Ka0re
      Ka0re  3 days back

      @S.C. Gordon It's great! handling/driving and loving the interior. i did get the AWD version because i live in RI and we do get our fair share of snow sometimes unfortunately i haven't been able to test it out yet as i've only had ownership for about a week and half now. But i must say you don't get the feeling in the steering like in other cars that you have AWD. the lighting on the interior and dash are definitly a plus and im very happy with the audio and Nav the mouse square takes a bit to get used to but after you use it for about 3 days it just becomes memory. i went from a 200k 2005 g35 coupe to this and im quite happy with the Lexus 3.5 v6 aswell tho i must say the ticking form the fuel injection does make you wary of the vehicle but is a normal sound that they all make just for a heads up.

    • S.C. Gordon
      S.C. Gordon  4 days back

      @Ka0re How r u liking ur GS? I'm looking to get 1 myself. From what I've read, n test-driving it, it's pretty awesome.

    • 4 gauge
      4 gauge  6 days back

      @Johnny Dickshot No,I'm not joking,the Ford's are much better in general and last alot longer,I own one and haven't had any issues with it.

    • Johnny Dickshot
      Johnny Dickshot  6 days back

      You have got to be joking, Ford's of today have made the car too complicated to work on in my opinion.

    • 4 gauge
      4 gauge  6 days back

      @mrpetehampson And Ford builds Ford diesel engines for Ford,so what??.

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown  5 hours back

    I have an X35D, requires an owner to pay attention to things. I use mine for very long highway trips around the USA and Canada. Great for that. I don't think I would be the same SUV for using in the city. If you need to bomb around the countryside on bad roads and in bad weather this is a great SUV though.

    • FCDB PCH
      FCDB PCH  9 hours back

      I saw diesel cars in: Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and South America. For Americans is a problem, not for world!

      • jorge gonzalez
        jorge gonzalez  11 hours back

        According to this guy every car sucks

        • thnderdownunder
          thnderdownunder  21 hours back

          Diesels get better MPG when under load than petrol engines, that’s why every commercial engine is diesel

          • OBJ.268 Bau5
            OBJ.268 Bau5  1 days back

            That motor is one of the most reliable motors every built by the Germans.

            • Fred Pilcher
              Fred Pilcher  1 days back

              My X5 Diesel is brilliant. :-) Powerful, reliable, and a delight to drive.

              • 12voltvids
                12voltvids  1 days back

                BMW = Bring Money Weekly. Diesel sucks. Had one once, turbo failed, went into runaway. Big bucks to fix.

                • 12voltvids
                  12voltvids  23 minutes back

                  @Conrad Jonas
                  Never had such luck. My dad had a Mercedes diesel that ran away when I was driving it and blew up. I had a 325 back in 10 for 18 months. In that time it suffered a transmission failure, failed hid leadlight and the straw that broke the camels back, rolled down drivers windows and it didn't go back up. After the 3rd break down I drove to a Chevy dealer and traded it in on a volt in 2011. Still have that car, not a wrench has had to touch it in 8 years. Oil changes 4 times in 8 years. 160000 miles on original brakes and still lots of life. Goes thought about 9 gallons of gas every 3 months.

                • Conrad Jonas
                  Conrad Jonas  58 minutes back

                  Had a runaway with my X5, shortly after purchasing it. Fortunately I was going up a steep hill, and it wasn't a complete seal failure, so it ran itself out after a minute or so, which felt longer, I tell you. Main cause was the previous owner hadn't maintained the breather system, and a bunch of oil accumulated in the intercooler. So in went new pcv valve set up and Provent 200 catch can. No further problems 14months and counting. BMWs are maintenance heavy. But kinda worth it if you like a nice drive.

              • harvey weinstein
                harvey weinstein  2 days back

                You don't want a diesel that has DEF, EGR, or DPF. There is reason truckers will pay extra for a new truck with a 20 year old rebuilt engine.

                • Roger uk
                  Roger uk  2 days back

                  Money pit

                  • Kashyap Patel
                    Kashyap Patel  2 days back

                    Mercedes Diesels are much much better than BMWs

                    • GamingWithPets101
                      GamingWithPets101  3 days back

                      I loved my y2k tdi beetle, but everything you said here is true. (thankfully I only payed 3900 and got 6 years out of it)
                      Parts are super expensive, working on them is a PITA.
                      He died back in may and I replaced him with a 2000 tacoma 4wd. (super well maintained, low miles)
                      hoping to get him to 300k or more miles!

                      • Luke Becker
                        Luke Becker  3 days back

                        My 1982 Diesel Cadillac has no problems after i rebuilt the engine the guy i got it from used a lot of eather on the engine to start it

                        • Carlos Cedeño
                          Carlos Cedeño  3 days back

                          I recently buy a diesel poewered car ,now i am afraid

                          • FireFox
                            FireFox  3 days back

                            Bet if Toyota would have released a diesel vesrion of 94s Cellica this video wouldnt exist

                            • Qaz Aazx
                              Qaz Aazx  3 days back

                              i was always told diesel was for generators

                              • booring2
                                booring2  3 days back

                                I'm driving 2.4 JTD Italian 5 cylinder diesel, and it's amazing

                                • Not The Technician
                                  Not The Technician  3 days back

                                  Government is full of busy body morons who know mandating things benefits them and their job longevity and doesn't do a single thing to help anything.
                                  Twenty years ago in European countries they were touting diesels for many years about how economical they were and reliable. Due to EU governmental involvement and endless "green initiatives" claiming diesels were "better for the environment" and "polluted less" and had "less carbon dioxide emissions" driving a diesel was environmentally friendly.
                                  Bottom line is government meddles in places they don't belong to mandate things that don't help at all and they all keep their jobs because they're paid to be useless and meddling morons.

                                  Regardless of any governmental involvement diesels are absolutely necessary for over the road hauling.
                                  Over the road hauling has no other better alternative than diesel fuel.

                                  • Its Atekiar
                                    Its Atekiar  3 days back

                                    So this is a diesel car video, or a diesel suv video?

                                    • Johan Sahlin
                                      Johan Sahlin  3 days back

                                      My BMW 1-series diesel gets almost Prius mileage. I believe a 116d would get mileage even like the latest Prius.

                                      With US gas prices I would maybe drive petrol, but with European gas prices the difference is HUGE. Diesels are taxed higher in Sweden but are still way cheaper.

                                      • George Austers
                                        George Austers  3 days back

                                        Just remove the emission control devices and you're good to go!

                                        • praszu
                                          praszu  3 days back

                                          I'm in heaven - a car mechanic confirms my feelings about diesel cars !

                                          • FamilyExplores
                                            FamilyExplores  4 days back

                                            i would take diesel over benzin anyday

                                            • Doiteain
                                              Doiteain  4 days back

                                              Okay boomer

                                              • BigBawz VR Racing
                                                BigBawz VR Racing  4 days back

                                                Gas and diesel prices go up and down depending on aviation fuel demand.

                                                • Michael Hencher
                                                  Michael Hencher  4 days back

                                                  2004 Diesel S60 Volvo best car I’ve ever had. 100,000 miles is just getting broken in and never had a problem.

                                                  • Craig Weis
                                                    Craig Weis  4 days back

                                                    And Air Force guy/gal will tell ya ... "Resistance through Air Squares as Speed doubles" ... say it takes 4 hp to go 8 mph ... and it would take 16 hp to go 16 mph, ect.
                                                    It is not possible to cheat Mother Nature. This is why EVERY stinking vehicle in the same class comes out of a wind tunnel looking all alike.
                                                    I hate the government imposing their ridiculous standards for anything onto the general public and the products they buy. And why do we need a FEDERAL EPA when we already have 50 STATE EPA's~? WHY? WHY? Who gave these 'pencil necks' this much power? Are WE nuts~?

                                                    • jmurray01
                                                      jmurray01  4 days back

                                                      I'll never give up my diesel until they make a gasoline equivalent that gets the same MPG and puts out as much torque.

                                                      • Paul Thorwesten
                                                        Paul Thorwesten  4 days back

                                                        I love my M47 engine. No DPF, no problems.

                                                        • Miles From Extraordinary

                                                          I have a 2012 E70 BMW x5 35d Diesel like the one shown, with 97k miles. The only non-routine maintenance it has needed was a glow plug and glow plug driver, total cost was $325. I get an average of 22mpg and drive mostly city towing a trailer and have a rather heavy foot. On an 800 mile road trip with average speed of 85mph I got 25mpg.

                                                          They do not smell like a Cummins or a 7.3. The fuel efficiency is far better than other vehicles in this performance category, like an Audi/VW etc, and they cost considerably less to buy than anything else I was shopping for. A similar mileage tahoe/suburban/pilot/highlander etc etc costs more than a diesel X5 to buy by at least 20%

                                                          • Jesse Headman
                                                            Jesse Headman  4 days back

                                                            Who do I talk to about getting the 1 minute of my life I spent watching this? I hope it wasn't enough time spent watching that you actually generated revenue.

                                                            • iulian olariu
                                                              iulian olariu  4 days back

                                                              I think is the people's choice what they want to drive and not to be dictated to them by dictators.

                                                              • Throat Butter
                                                                Throat Butter  5 days back

                                                                Here where I live, we get the DPF and EGR mapped out of the ecu and take them out of the car, problems solved.

                                                                • Winston Charleston
                                                                  Winston Charleston  5 days back

                                                                  Are you a mechanic? Or just ignorant? You said diesels have no fueling system, can you explain

                                                                  • hamster639
                                                                    hamster639  5 days back

                                                                    Scotty, in UK bmw dealers can sell dpf cleaner, you use a pressure machine to fill dpf. I don't know if USA dealers sell it but I highly recommend it, we save many dpfs with it

                                                                    • fisheyebrick
                                                                      fisheyebrick  5 days back

                                                                      My Skoda Octavia 2013 runs on diesel and haves 800k miles on it and still runs like a dream
                                                                      Maybe it's a bit loud but yeah I will try to get it to 1mil then scrap it

                                                                      • Julio Bressan
                                                                        Julio Bressan  5 days back

                                                                        The plastic hose connectors, engine head cover and a lot of plastic pieces are sure a piece of crap, always cracking 👍👍

                                                                        • DRiiFTdesignes
                                                                          DRiiFTdesignes  5 days back

                                                                          It's easy for you to say that diesel cars suck when in your country 1 liter of gas is around €O.50, and in europe it's €1.2 minimum. And our payments aren't good as in America...

                                                                          • Jason Sejkora
                                                                            Jason Sejkora  5 days back

                                                                            Still gonna drive my 06 Jetta BRM till I hit a million miles... 51mpg plus way more fun to drive than a Prius... My 335d gets closer to 30ish.. once I tune it probably 40.. 18 is far lower than actual mpg. Hell the eco diesel in the ram 1500 gets 30 bone stock.
                                                                            Lolz. Scotty, with respect.youre wrong.

                                                                            • Stabbs _
                                                                              Stabbs _  5 days back

                                                                              Sorry, still going to use my -88 190D 2.0 diesel :)

                                                                              • Ben Mrowka
                                                                                Ben Mrowka  5 days back

                                                                                In California diesel is cheaper than gas by 10 cents at most gas stations

                                                                                • peace-it-is
                                                                                  peace-it-is  5 days back

                                                                                  Pleqse review mitwubushi outlander mivec 2010 model...
                                                                                  A fan of you from another country

                                                                                  • AndrewOrrNah
                                                                                    AndrewOrrNah  5 days back

                                                                                    Damn, I guess 42 MPG in my 335d is terrible and I should sell it Even though I’ve had no problems with it

                                                                                    Thanks Scotty!

                                                                                    • Rihards Barkovskis
                                                                                      Rihards Barkovskis  5 days back

                                                                                      IDK, We in europe dont have any problems with diesels, and if i remember correctly you had smog, and not us, modern diesels are much better than they used to be, so stop giving false information.

                                                                                      • sonyvegasproductions
                                                                                        sonyvegasproductions  5 days back


                                                                                        • Ads_lad
                                                                                          Ads_lad  5 days back

                                                                                          Sorry Scotty, you are ill informed on diesels. I know that americans like big 4, 5 L petrol engines, and there an anti-diesel agenda in the US. However, research suggests that diesel cars are better for the environment, you only mentioned the NOx emissions, but you forgot to mention the CO2 which is always much higher in petrol engines. I had a few petrol and diesel cars, I would love a petrol car but I can't let go to the diesel, the fuel economy and the torque are just not there in petrol cars.

                                                                                          • J Karra
                                                                                            J Karra  5 days back

                                                                                            This old fart is so out if reality....

                                                                                            • DIY Basic Builder
                                                                                              DIY Basic Builder  5 days back

                                                                                              Mama ti da eva laino pleshivo da umresh v kofa