Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Episode 5 Review and Q&A


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  • Popistan Iuliu
    Popistan Iuliu  1 months back


    • Popistan Iuliu
      Popistan Iuliu  1 months back

      Regarding the Dragon hiding behind the sun tactic. Well, I think that a black dragon is harder to night ? Hmm...

      • Popistan Iuliu
        Popistan Iuliu  1 months back

        In the end, Jaime and Cersei died together in a broken tower. In the beginning, Bran saw them together in the broken tower of Winterfell. That's the only connection I see... There is no Valonqar in the show.
        Problem with Jaime is that he was on a quest/arc to learn to care about "the opinions of the sheep", to care about "the sheep" in general. And..."I never really care much for them". What ?
        So you killed the Mad King only because he threatened to kill your father along with thousands of "sheep" ? If it was only "the sheep" it would have been ok, right ???

        • PUEBLO DONNA
          PUEBLO DONNA  2 months back

          First they start the show with these big bad white walkers , known as the others in the book. The night king is supposed to be 8000 years old and you would think he is a experienced General.

          • Hypatia Ravenclaw Kovalevskaya Sklodowska

            I heard show Euron being called "hot topic pirate" and I am just non stop laughing for an hour already
            At least the memes are so good?

            • Lord Captain Commander Dunn Of the Queen’s Guard

              You guys you guys. Stop applying logic to David bennioff who comes up with snap decisions based manic episodes in the middle of the night. Random juvenile crap happens, things explode and people go nuts for or against it

              • Lord Captain Commander Dunn Of the Queen’s Guard

                Mary Ellen’s automatic “a 1” is perfect. Phenomenal delivery best thing to come out of this disaster

                • Yoga Dork
                  Yoga Dork  5 months back

                  It's not canon. It wasn't developed to make any sense at all. An easy fix would be if they had anti dragon weapons in the streets and she might've had a few casualties dispatching those, or cersei escaped into the city and hid behind some people. Or the bells were just a ruse and they tricked her and started attacking her again. Really anything besides she wins the battle, they surrender, and she targets only innocent civilians instead of going straight for cersei at the red keep. It's the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

                  • debra jenkins
                    debra jenkins  5 months back

                    Grey Worm was angry. That is why he spared Jon and Tyrion. The Unsullied did not sign up to serve another tyrant. Fallen soldiers are cremated, that is why he burnt the collar. It was all he had of Missandei

                    • Cheryl Williams-Elliston DC

                      I agree with this disappointment. Now we are watching all these interviews with D and D and cast to stand behind their theory and many Youtubers are jumping on the bandwagon. ".....A story we agree to tell each other over and over until we forget it's a lie."

                      • R G
                        R G  5 months back

                        Think about all the cute babies called after Daenerys

                        • Sydni Taylor
                          Sydni Taylor  6 months back

                          Really wished Jon would've just laid some pipe, that way Dany wouldn't have burned down Kings Landing. Geez, "you know nothing Jon Snow"!!!

                          • Sydni Taylor
                            Sydni Taylor  6 months back

                            1) So basically I guess Daenerys was destined to go insane just because her father was insane...YAWN!!!
                            2) It was stupid to have Dany burning innocent civilians for like 40 minutes like the Mad King only tried to burn the city when he knew for sure he was losing and that guy was legit insane. He had voices in his head, paranoia, his moods ranged from rage, to extreme laughter to sobbing (sounds like schizophrenia) and Daenerys has never had those signs like when she did "bad things" it was a precise decision not because some voices in her head said that it should be done. Even if GRRM has this in his books it will probably be a lot different and for some reason I bet it won't be her burning thousands of civilians for no reason just because she's grieving.
                            3) Dan and Dave didn't even have a smart explanation and I don't think they understand the why not say she snapped but no they didn't say that they say its because Jon rejected her, she lost people and Cersei betrayed her. A very dumb explanation IMO because Dany has had all those things happen to her before and didn't do this.
                            4) No other Targaryen has done this not even the worst ones. I think Aegon burned Dorne after Rhaenys died but not to this degree. Dan and Dave just thought it would be too lame to have her burning the Red Keep but actually it would've made more logical sense.

                            • Matt Burkholder
                              Matt Burkholder  6 months back

                              I'm torn between laughter and disgust.

                              Look at all the emotional uproar wasted on Make Believe.

                              Nominal adults reduced to childish rage because their asinine TV fairy tale failed to deliver whatever fantasies their sense of identity required. It would be genuinely hilarious if it wasn't so genuinely sad.

                              People used to care about things that are Real. Now we live in a Dystopia so horrible people discuss this idiocy as if it mattered. At all.

                              We're doomed. Save your tears for Mankind utterly lost in comic book emptiness.

                              • Adam Vee
                                Adam Vee  6 months back

                                "i dont understand, i dont understand" what do you understand? Why make a video about how confused you are...

                                • Comrade Commissar Yuri
                                  Comrade Commissar Yuri  6 months back

                                  You know what would have been better?!?!

                                  Jon: “Greyworm what are you doing?”

                                  Greyworm: “executing these men”

                                  Jon: “they surrendered they’re no threat now release them!!”

                                  Greyworm turns around stabbing Jon in the eye watching him die before twisting the dagger and pulling it out and advancing on the prisoners.

                                  The Northmen ensheath they’re swords as the Unsullied lower they’re spears at them.

                                  Davos runs to Jons body pleading to the old gods and the new and even the red god

                                  With the Unsullied advancing on the Northmen who are slowly backing off with swords raised.

                                  Suddenly there’s a loud “gasp” and gulping of air.

                                  Unsullied,Northmen and any Dothraki nearby turn to see Jon slowly standing his eye still bloody but the grievous wound healed.

                                  Jon: “ stabbed me.. wait who brought me back now!! The red woman died!!.!!”

                                  Davos is stood there looking sheepish.

                                  Jon: “Davos what did you do??!!”

                                  Random Unsullied character: “he came back from the dead!! Wait he had no blue eyes!! I’m following that guy!!”

                                  • jolima07
                                    jolima07  6 months back

                                    Watching two intelligent, attractive people logically process this episode is strangely cathartic.

                                    • jolima07
                                      jolima07  6 months back

                                      Watching two intelligent, attractive people logically process this episode is strangely cathartic.

                                      • Nmccarville
                                        Nmccarville  6 months back

                                        oh my poor salty summer children

                                        • MF
                                          MF  6 months back

                                          People of King's Landing would have never followed her, with or without Jon alive...

                                          • MF
                                            MF  6 months back

                                            I think a lot of people are not judging Daenerys fairly... She did things that were thought to be impossible for the good of the people and proved many times to be a person capable of great good where no one else cared. So to say that she is mad and irredeemably evil is very short-sighted, it's a terrible over-simplification. What she did is tragic, and evil, but if you are in a war for conquest and the people had rejected you and rose in arms against you, you have the right to accept your enemies surrender, or not. Maybe she thought that decimating King's Landing was necessary to consolidate her rule, to annihilate the people who refused her and refused the chance to live she gave them.
                                            Tywin did the same thing, when he did put the whole of King's Landing to the sword and when he set the Mountain loose in the Riverlands, and you don't call him irredeemably mad evil... Stannis and Olenna were just as ruthless as Daenerys (not to mention Roose or Joffrey, and still there was people who stood behind them)... they both wouldn't bat an eye to kill thousands of innocence if she thought it was necessary.
                                            Call me a psychopath if you want, but I think there are ways to rationalize or give a reason, if not a justification. The people she destroyed was not *her* people, they didn't delivered Cersei by the way, they sided with Cersei when they knew that Daenerys was coming to burn them all, Daenerys gave them a choice, and she followed through... The people rejected her and paid for it. She already is completely alone now, every single one of her council betrayed her, not to mention the majority of the small folk Westeros...

                                            • MF
                                              MF  6 months back

                                              There were plenty of extermination wars in the past, it wasn't uncommon...

                                          • Aeraya
                                            Aeraya  6 months back

                                            @TheOrderoftheGreenHand : Hi. Firstly, you guys are wonderful. Secondly, I remember hearing on one of the live chats that Mary is a psychologist. Is it possible to have a video from you guys about the portrayals of characters and their mental health on both the show and books?

                                            • James White
                                              James White  6 months back

                                              +Order of the green hand Did you see the petition to remake the final seasons of GOT with competent writers? It already has a million signatures.

                                              • Clicks by Klauss
                                                Clicks by Klauss  6 months back

                                                I dont think you guys know where the real world ends and the fantasy world starts because u guys keep trying to compare actual people and the way u think they would react to situations to these FAKE MADE UP CHARACTERS THAT ARE PART OF A FANTASY STORY.

                                                • Clicks by Klauss
                                                  Clicks by Klauss  6 months back

                                                  It's a TV show and shit happens! Enjoy it or dont! Dont watch it religiously and then complain about it after like it is your hobby. As for the people not fleeing the city u guys might not get that these people have never seen what extent of damage a dragon can do and also they are nieve enough to believe that the red keep is the safest place to be and there is no chance that the city and its army could EVER be defeated. Anyone with a 3rd of a brain would get that. IT IS NOT THE BOOKS!!! MAYBE HAVING READ THE BOOKS RUINED THE SHOW FOR U BECAUSE I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS AND I REALLY ENJOY THE SHOW.

                                                  • LaQuisha Monique
                                                    LaQuisha Monique  6 months back

                                                    So negative geez

                                                    • Dooky
                                                      Dooky  6 months back

                                                      Do any of you remember the movie "Meet The Spartans"? It was a parody movie of 300. Game of Thrones is literally a parody of A Song of Ice and Fire.

                                                      • Coffee Manic
                                                        Coffee Manic  6 months back

                                                        Me: It doesn't matter now

                                                        Also me: No, it doesn't matter now

                                                        • Nikkisheers
                                                          Nikkisheers  6 months back

                                                          It makes more sense than you think, if you believe Bran warged Drogon in the past, similar to what he did with Hodor. His vision of the Dragon shadow flying over kings's Bran 's perspective. He is the Dragon. What if he warged the Dragon in the past an stayed too long? What if he drown inside the Dragon, and went full animal burning down the city?. He is a Stark/ice. Dragons are Fire. Fire Melts ice.

                                                          What if this whole time Bran was being used by the Lord of Light? Could be have been using the 3 eyed raven to manipulate Bran. It's everything that's bloody and horrible the Lord of Light's doing? We think Bran's a hero. But what if he's the villain?

                                                          • Old Red Dragon
                                                            Old Red Dragon  6 months back

                                                            I'm hoping we get Dany burning Kings Landing in Asoiaf too.

                                                            • AbroShow
                                                              AbroShow  6 months back

                                                              @The Order of the Green Hand I am a huge fan of yours. You guys are one of the channels that has inspired me to make my own videos to discuss these last couple episodes of Game of Thrones. I would love for you to watch my Season 8 Episode 5 discussion. I understand if you are way too busy, but if you have time check it out! Keep up your amazing work!

                                                              • YesItsMe
                                                                YesItsMe  6 months back

                                                                21:44 Also, wasn't a HUUUUGE chunk of Dannys army also destroyed in that "Euron teleportation crew" scandal when they killed the dragon also? Because in that scene you can easily see all of Dannys ships destroyed, and like 50 people all together survived, and when they come to talk to Cersei in the end of the episode, there's literally like 100 Unsulied standing beside her and NONE of the Dothrakis, because they clearly say "Jon and the Northmen will be here in 2 weeks" noone mentions if Dothraki are going with Jon. And if Dothrakis are going with Jon - well that's just stupid, cause like 10 Dothrakis alltogether survived the charge on the wrights in the beggining of Ep03

                                                                • YesItsMe
                                                                  YesItsMe  6 months back


                                                                  THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I SCREAMED during this episode lol
                                                                  My gf just looked at me at one point cause i was during the 45min of the ending saying "That's trash" to literally every fucking scene, why? Cause all of this could've been the other way around. How?

                                                                  They were at Dragonstone, if this Dumb and Dumber idiots thought : "Danny will just burn the Kings Landing in the end anyway", couldn't have they done it before the NK fight? Cause i get it, people say "It'S GaMe Of ThRoNeS, NoT GaMe Of FiGhTiNg ThE NiGhT kInG"! Yes, that's true, but isn't it more important for human population to actually live to see who sits on the fucking throne? And they just obliterated the whole NK storyline in 80mins of Ep03, and now this is important for some reason? Cause Danny could've burned down the fucking city in S7 or early S8, and now we could've had Dorne, Darioo comes over with his crew that stayed back on the other side of the world, Dannys army, Lannisters with Jaimie on their head as the leader and Jons Northmen all figting together NK in an epic battle, but noooooo, we have this stupid fucking batshit crazy shit happening.

                                                                  Dear Lord, i hope Martin writes this stuff better!

                                                                  • Ruth Ruthie
                                                                    Ruth Ruthie  6 months back

                                                                    Why did they show Strickland's death? Who the fuck cared about him?? He spoke about 2 words the whole time he was on screen.

                                                                    • Nosheen Majeed
                                                                      Nosheen Majeed  6 months back

                                                                      I believe that D & D have directed the last episode 💆🏻‍♀️

                                                                      • MoonGlow Simon
                                                                        MoonGlow Simon  6 months back

                                                                        Did you guys hear that there is a petition online that is demanding HBO redo the last season because they botched it so much?

                                                                        • The Order of the Green Hand
                                                                          The Order of the Green Hand   6 months back

                                                                          people have been sending it to us...I saw it last night, and a few hours looks like it's going to get over 1M people to sign it before the next episode airs

                                                                      • sinitassu
                                                                        sinitassu  6 months back

                                                                        If you want to make almost the exact same plot with Daenerys to work they could've just made the wildfire caches to explode from Daenerys' original assault and make Daeny's mental breakdown happen from the stress of killing innocent people by accident and then "making the lannisters pay" by burning their leftover army and the Red Keep. That would have been more consistent with the character.

                                                                        • TheBaron AmaruPhoenix
                                                                          TheBaron AmaruPhoenix  6 months back

                                                                          They basically made cersei more strategically tywin than tyrion in the show it was just bullshit they have ruined it and I'm just waiting on the books and why was done ruined and they never showed dang having more troops than just her dothraki and unsullied it was just weird

                                                                          • MMM HHH
                                                                            MMM HHH  6 months back

                                                                            Only way to save season:  Bran went into Dany's mind and told her to "Burn Them All" so that Jon kills Dany, Drogon kills Jon and Bran and Sansa do a No-more-Targaryen Stark High Five.

                                                                            • Theon Greyjoy
                                                                              Theon Greyjoy  6 months back

                                                                              I’m so disappointed in the show I’ve started reading the books and by god they are far better looking forward to being able to view your book content soon!

                                                                              • busaracerx
                                                                                busaracerx  6 months back

                                                                                Is it all a sorry dream ?Did she destroy everything so her and jon wont have to make the decision of who.? While they showed the scene she looked as if she was seeing something from up high that others couldn't.1. Bells never meant surrender. 2.Cersi this is what she did to marsala locked together kissed her daughter was poison for her to die while marsala couldn't do anything but watched so cersi can't help jaime 3 Jon has to kill daney he has to do the deed

                                                                                • Yang-It-Yin
                                                                                  Yang-It-Yin  6 months back

                                                                                  Book one of Song of Ice & Fire "A Game of Thrones" final Eddard POV chapter; Varys tells Ned: " Lord Eddard tell me why is it always the Innocent who suffer the most when you high lords play your Game of Thrones, hmm"
                                                                                  And that's the point! The common people (smallfolk) accross history and circumstance have always been pawns in the hands of the powerful and have been on the ones who have suffered. GRRM has masterfully illustrated the various forms of power and its effects on the powerless. Daenerys represents the most dangerous form of power: The Entitled Birthright Narcissist! A self proclaimed Savior, who will take what is hers, who has never claimed she was in favor of what is best for the small folk or the realm. Consumed with Submission (bend the knee) to her Absolute Authority! And failure to do so becomes a death sentance! Hmm sounds horrific! A different form of slavery.

                                                                                • Yang-It-Yin
                                                                                  Yang-It-Yin  6 months back

                                                                                  GRRM hinted some time ago that it might not be a good idea be naming your kids Daenerys! Now you know why!

                                                                                  • The Order of the Green Hand
                                                                                    The Order of the Green Hand   6 months back

                                                                                    do you know where we can find that quote? We've seen several where he joked about how much trouble kindergarten teachers are probably hating him for all these unpronounceable names people are giving their children from his books, but can't find that one

                                                                                • Alchemist1330
                                                                                  Alchemist1330  6 months back

                                                                                  Second worst. Beyond the wall made absolutely no sense. This episode only had dany make no sense but she didn't break the laws of physics and space time.

                                                                                  • The Order of the Green Hand
                                                                                    The Order of the Green Hand   6 months back

                                                                                    they're both so bad it's hard to choose...I think this one takes the cake because it was not only asininely stupid, but completely destroyed a main character for shock purposes

                                                                                • Zana Mason
                                                                                  Zana Mason  6 months back

                                                                                  Isn't it odd that you have a stray horse standing calmly....horses are terrified of fire....stupid....

                                                                                  • Zana Mason
                                                                                    Zana Mason  6 months back

                                                                                    What were the Green explosions about....dragons don't breathe green fire,,,,,,,,,,

                                                                                    • The Order of the Green Hand
                                                                                      The Order of the Green Hand   6 months back

                                                                                      those seemed to be random caches of wildfire that blew up...probably left over hidden wildfire from Aerys' time

                                                                                  • Zana Mason
                                                                                    Zana Mason  6 months back

                                                                                    It was stupid...everyone is dissing on Dany as the "mad queen" when Cersi was the mad queen all along...she burned the city also , she has done a lot worse than Dany...also, I won't believe Cersi is dead until I see her squashed, sneering body amongst the ruble...remember the dingy. When they deviated away from the books it went downhill...for me, it is not worth reading the rest of the books.....

                                                                                    • Yang-It-Yin
                                                                                      Yang-It-Yin  6 months back

                                                                                      The Drive-by Gangster Extraordinaire her Majesty Master of Disaster and Queen of Sore Winners - A few more Titles for the Narcissist ruler of Ash & Bones. Now she just needs to find another kiss ass Royal Herald like her last MC Missandie to rap all of her 32 thousands narcissistic kiss ass string of titles.