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  • Jawthath farhan
    Jawthath farhan  3 weeks back

    Hollywood actress

    • Md Squraishi
      Md Squraishi  3 weeks back


      • Md Squraishi
        Md Squraishi  3 weeks back


        • Winston_Eventing9719
          Winston_Eventing9719  1 months back

          Alex is better with Logan...

          • Amiro Vargas
            Amiro Vargas  3 months back

            Aww 🥰 I Love 💖💛🖤💙💜🧡💚♥️❤️🏳️‍🌈🌈 Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddairo are cute and awesome 😎 together in baywatch kissing each other passionately scene from baywatch their Kings 🤴👑🎩 4Life.

            • George Koretski
              George Koretski  4 months back

              They need to just shagg each other and get it over with cause you know that is what they are thinking of but will not say!!

              • Don Abeyta
                Don Abeyta  3 months back

                Im sure they already have

            • Nandi Mitall
              Nandi Mitall  4 months back

              3:36 I’m deeeeeeaaaaaaaddd😂😂😂

              • Hasin Khan
                Hasin Khan  5 months back

                Alexandra Daddario's Personal Photos


                • Hasin Khan
                  Hasin Khan  5 months back

                  Alexandra Daddario's Personal Photos


                  • DS -Share Your Pet's Stories

                    The titanic flute part cracked me up😂😂

                    • toothless nightfury
                      toothless nightfury  6 months back

                      she's thinking "oh they will ship us together, and that's too predictable and it's a turn off".

                      • Ronand Abella
                        Ronand Abella  7 months back

                        I like how the flute played gets me everytime

                        • Jodi Carzano
                          Jodi Carzano  7 months back

                          Zac and alex eyes😍😍

                          • Q Tech HD
                            Q Tech HD  7 months back


                            • Richard Metzger
                              Richard Metzger  7 months back

                              why does everyone and their monther only talk about zac here and the other videos lol.
                              she is clearly as much interested in him as he is in her! open yours people!
                              fomr some odd reason neither of them both seems to be able to step out and make it happen.
                              im thinking the refused kiss in the movie triggered that....

                              • toothless nightfury
                                toothless nightfury  6 months back

                                there must be a poor girl out there who is trying to get rid of you nicely but she's failing lmao.

                            • alixd rifay
                              alixd rifay  8 months back

                              Estos dos pegan como esposos no mames 😍😍😍

                              • JayDee Van Loggenberg
                                JayDee Van Loggenberg  8 months back

                                She is hot I wish I could date her

                                • Madeleine Jennings
                                  Madeleine Jennings  8 months back


                                  • Karol Młot
                                    Karol Młot  8 months back

                                    Sorry for Language mistakes. When i listen to her voice 1:03 i can imagine when she yelling at him ... " why did not you clean up kitchen, why you did not take out the trash again ...."

                                    • dcss
                                      dcss  6 months back

                                      Yea but i dont mid girl doing that if shes alexandra level pretty

                                  • skooly nugenator
                                    skooly nugenator  8 months back

                                    The off key titanic flute song is amazing

                                    • mahendran M
                                      mahendran M  9 months back

                                      1.20 she caught my mind thought.....

                                      • Juri Das Choudhury
                                        Juri Das Choudhury  10 months back

                                        The 'my heart will go on' parts killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                        • Cutee
                                          Cutee  10 months back

                                          Alexandra is sooo pretty.....

                                        • S S
                                          S S  11 months back


                                          • Hermelinda San Juan
                                            Hermelinda San Juan  12 months back

                                            I'm loving this

                                            • erzebeth cavanaugh
                                              erzebeth cavanaugh  12 months back

                                              This is funny. 😂

                                              • KP
                                                KP  1 years back

                                                100% one sided from Zac's side

                                                • Nur Batrisya Mohd Shahrul Nizam

                                                  3.18 zac is blushing

                                                  • Ciara mw
                                                    Ciara mw  2 years back

                                                    Love this vid but he doesn’t say love that girl he said like quote or part I couldn’t hear it x

                                                    • insta terezamh
                                                      insta terezamh  2 years back

                                                      Love this😍